2021-22 Wild Alumination Basketball Edition Blaster Break

I picked up this blaster of 2021-22 Wild Alumination Basketball Edition from the Marshall’s after holiday sale. I probably could have waited longer for deeper discounts but I got for $10 so half off retail. It has 4 packs with 8 cards each. You can pull a bunch of inserts including the Blue Comix super short print retail exclusive and you can also pull a red chase pack (1:5 boxes).

Nice I got the chase red pack! Here’s what’s in the red chase pack.

So all the cards in the chase packs are parallels of what you can usually get in a regular pack.

And here all the other inserts from the regular pack. There are so many parallels of every cars so it is hard to keep track which one is which. The Jonathan Kuminga Dead Aim card might be a blaster exclusive since it has silver foil but can’t be 100% sure, all the parallels have only a very slight change. But one thing I did look for is numbered parallels and sadly, I didn’t pull any.

I am kind of mixed on this product. It is cool to have an alternative in the market but without guaranteed autographs and other hits there isn’t much appeal unfortunately. I doubt you can pulled anything too valuable from a blaster and the lack of logos really hurt. You can pull cards of players like Scottie Barnes, Josh Giddey or Jonathan Kuminga but in general the checklist of players also isn’t that strong.

The cards remind a lot of the late 90’s, early 00’s sets (eg Topps Finest Basketball), very flashy but it is just not my thing. In fact, I think they are kind of ugly and forgettable. The back of the cards are also really lazy. Each card has the same blurb (a random definition). For example, the base cards all have “Alumination: To shine light upon, the state of the being aluminated. To shine brightly”. Also they used the same photos for all for the player’s base cards and inserts.

With all that being said, I just love opening packs and if you can pick this up for real cheap it can be a fun blaster to break.

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