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What’s Inside the Pokemon TCG 2 Packs + 1 Bonus Item Mystery Box?

I was looking for something interesting to open the other day and my eyes locked in on this Pokemon TCG 2 pack + 1 bonus item (can be a pin or a EX/ GX card) mystery box. I know it isn’t worth it (it was $14 I think) but my curiosity got the better of me.

I got 2 packs of Chilling Reign and a nice pin of Litten, Rowlet and Popplio.

The best pulls from those packs are a holo Path to the Peak (which sees a lot of play) and a holo Malamar so not the best pulls but definitely not the worst I have gotten. I was really hoping to pull a Rapid Strike Inteleon. I have opened a bunch of Chilling Reign packs already and haven’t pull one yet. The pin is a nice one. I don’t collect Pokemon pins but I have a friend who does so maybe I can trade the pin for something else.

In the end, if you say the packs are worth $4.50 each and the pin is $5 then maybe you can justify the $14 price point. You definitely can find better deals for packs but it is still fun to open mystery boxes. You just never you what you might get!

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Another Pokemon TCG Galarian Rapidash V Box

I guess the Pokemon TCG Galarian Rapidash V Box was not very popular because I got it for slightly under retail at Pax Unplugged. That rarely happens to any Pokemon TCG product nowadays especially at a convention.

This box has four packs, 2 Sword & Shield Battle Styles (one of my favorite sets), 1 Darkness Ablaze and 1 Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion pack.

From those four packs, I pulled one hit, a Single Strike Tyranitar V and one card I needed in case I wanted to build the ball deck, Galarian Mr Rime. Of course the box also comes with the Galarian Rapidash V promo. It is a card I really want to try to fit in a deck but I can’t seem to find the right cards to pair it with. It’s first attack is very strong at taking out VMaxes but the cost is awkward since you can’t use Turbo Energy with it. Maybe the best bet is a gimmicky Rapid Strike Urshifu VMax / Galarian Rapidash V deck.

Also I was putting these cards in my trade binder and I came across my other Tyranitar V that I pulled and wow when comparing the two, it is crazy how much better one is compare to the other. Boring cards like these are why I don’t really like the Fusion Strike set.

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Pokemon TCG: Celebrations Collector Chest/ Lunchbox Break

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

For Christmas, I got a Pokemon TCG: Celebrations Collector Chest/ Lunchbox. I love opening Celebration packs so it was definitely something I wanted! It has promos of Mimikyu Delta Species, Light Toxtricity and Hydreigon C, 6 Celebrations packs, 1 Battle Styles pack, 1 Vivid Voltage pack, a big 25th Anniversary Pokemon coin, stickers, a little binder and a Pokemon notepad.

The promos are all fun cards and I believe the collector chest is the only way to get them.

I also got another Stoutland V, 2 Flying Pikachu V’s, Zekrom, base set Venusaur, Shiny Magikarp and few cards I needed to finish some of my decks namely, a Single Strike Energy, Charizard, an alternate art Professor’s Research, Kyogre and Mew from my packs. The Shiny Magikarp is one of the more expensive cards in the set and now I have two. I was also thinking if I can build a fun Stoutland V deck paired with Flaffy now that I have 3 of them.

Of all the extras, I like the Pokemon notepad the best and probably the one I would use the most.

Finally sort of related, my gift to myself this year was a bunch singles to build a fun Single Strike Snorlax deck. It is not going to be a great deck but I always wanted to build a deck around my favorite Pokemon.

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My Board Game Haul from Pax Unplugged 2021

I was back and forth on whether to go Pax Unplugged this year. It is my favorite convention by far so I am so glad I decided to go in the end. In fact, I went all three days for the first time. Pax Unplugged was smaller than the last two Paxes but it still had all the features that makes it stand out: board game demos, tournaments and a huge library of games that you can borrow from. I got to try a ton of games and of course I got a few games. Here is my board game haul from Pax Unplugged 2021.

First up, my gaming group has been playing a lot of deck building games lately so I got one of the classics in the genre with all the character packs, Hero Realms. I love Star Realms already so I predict we will be playing a lot of Hero Realms.

The other game I got as an early Christmas gift was Marvel Splendor. If I had to pick my favorite board game of all time, it would have to be Splendor. At Pax Unplugged, I got to try Marvel Splendor for the first time. I like the new changes to the game and I love the theme so much more so I am very happy to add this to my collection.

I say it time and time again but I can’t resist a mystery box and this year I got another Board Game Booster Box. It comes with 4 games with a value of $120 for $50. The games I got this year (ranked from most likely to be played to most likely to be given away) are 1)- a take that tile laying game, Bad Doctor, 2)- a very weird deck building game, As You Love It, 3)- an abstract strategy game, Troll Hunt and 3)- a party game in the Dice Tower essentials line, Speechless.

I also learned about the Pax Pokemon League shortly before I left for Pax Unplugged. They called it an ARG where you can challenge Gym Leaders to a game of Pokemon TCG to earn badges and to win prizes. I came prepared with my Mad Party Deck and it was fun to finally play the Pokemon card game in person, something I haven’t done in probably five plus years. I also got some Pokemon singles and packs from various vendors. I am getting close to finishing the Pikachu theme deck I have been wanting to build.

Of course you can’t go to a convention without getting some freebies and promos and I am most excited to pick up some RPG books that I missed out on during Free RPG Day.

All in all, Pax Unplugged remains as my favorite convention and so much so that I am thinking about skipping New York Comic Con next year so I can do more at Pax Unplugged.

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Thrift Store Haul: Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game & More!

I was very excited to find the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game from Knight Models at a thrift store for only $6 recently. I checked it out and almost everything is there (the only I notice missing is a leg) but the person who own the game before didn’t have too much experience with minis. Most of the minis are in rough shape: missing limbs, huge globs of glue, terrible paint jobs etc. I also don’t have too much experience with gluing and painting minis either but I’ll see what I can do to fix them and whatever I can’t fix I will have to ask a friend to help.

I looked up the game and from what I read, the game failed because the game was too expensive, the minis were too hard to put together, the minis were fragile even if you did put it together correctly and the game was too simple. I remember seeing the Harry Potter minis for 50% off at my local gaming shop and even at that price I thought they were too expensive. All of this is a shame because the idea of a Harry Potter minis game sounds awesome.

Whether I can fix the minis or not, it is worth the $6 for the passable minis and the maps alone. I doubt I will ever get to try the actual game out but I may be able to use minis and maps for D&D or even a Harry Potter Fate RPG adventure. Oddly enough if I do try out the game, it would probably be easy for me to replace the Harry Potter minis with the prepainted D&D minis that I have already.

I also found a few comics and graphic novels that I found at various thrift shops and used bookstores for about $1 each. My favorite of the bunch has to be Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. I wasn’t expecting much but I really enjoy it. It reminds me a bit of Ms Marvel which is one of the very few comics I get every month.

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My Black Friday Haul: Pikachu V Pokemon TCG Tins

I haven’t found too many good Black Friday deals for board games or cards this year but one that did catch my eye were the Pokemon TCG tins at Target for 50% off. They were actually on sale all week but I couldn’t find them in stock at any Targets near me until Friday. I picked up 2 Pikachu V tins since I still want to build a fun Pikachu themed deck in Standard.

Each tin has a promo card and 4 Pokemon TCG packs (Battle Styles, Vivid Voltage, Darkness Ablaze and Rebel Clash). I got pretty luck with my pulls. From my eight packs, I got a Rillaboom V, Rillaboom VMax, Centiskorch VMax secret rare, Zacian amazing rare and Tapu Koko V. I also got holos of Charizard, Turffield Stadium, Tower of Darkness and Toxtricity.

I also bought a Celebrations mini tin and my best pulls from those packs were a full art Professor’s Research and a Shining Magikarp (surprisingly worth $30).

All in all, I am very happy with my Black Friday haul. I am so happy I decided to check all my Targets near me again since you can rarely find Pokemon TCG products for sale or even for the suggested retail price these days.

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Random Pack Break: Pokemon TCG Celebrations Mini Tin

It seemed like Target had a small restock of Pokemon TCG cards but I was a bit late to the party. I did manage to find a few Pokemon TCG Celebrations mini tins and I picked up one of them. My tin has 2 packs of Celebrations, 1 pack of Darkness Ablaze and a giant Pikachu 25th anniversary coin.

I pulled 4 hits from the 2 packs of Celebrations: a fat Pikachu full art, a Reshiram throwback from Black & White, a Zamazenta V and a Rocket’s Admin. I still find it exciting and fun to open Celebrations packs and there are still so many cards I want from the set. I also just realized that the fat Pikachu full art card has an E designation so I can play it in the Standard format. I kind of want to build a bad Pikachu theme deck, with the Pikachu full art (maybe with Raichu from Evolving Skies), Flying Pikachu V/ Vmax and Pikachu V Union. I might even add Surfing Pikachu V/ Vmax if I can make the energies work.

I only pulled a holo Tyranitar from the Darkness Ablaze pack.

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Thrift Store Haul: Escape Room in a Box, Arch Rival Board Game & More

I am back with another thrift store haul. I just can’t resist a good deal!

I find escape rooms in a box fun but I honestly have a couple still sealed, waiting for the right time to be play. I saw this box from Escape the Crate at a thrift store and I really tried to talk myself out of it but I couldn’t put it down. Everything in the box was like new and I really like the Camelot theme. I figure if I get this box maybe solve it myself, it can inspire some dungeon traps or puzzles for a new D&D campaign I am planning. It would be a bit heavier on puzzle solving rather than combat so I am open to any new ideas. Plus the box comes with a little dragon mini I can use at the very least.

At another thrift store, I found two board games that caught my eye. I used to own Quiddler and it was probably my favorite word game. I have no idea what happen to that copy but I got this Quiddler Junior for $2. The rules seems to be the same but it has chips to keep score, offers suggestion for words on each card and the spread of letters might be different from non- junior version of the game. Also I love collecting weird board games and I just had to get Arch Rival. It is a Jenga like game where you are adding all sorts of objects on an arch and hope that it doesn’t fall on your turn. This game probably came out in the early 90’s and it is definitely long out of print. I have heard Zee Garia of the Dice Tower say good things about this game so I can’t wait to try it.

Finally I am a fan of the Enola Holmes series and I saw this graphic novel of the second book and I had to get it. I had no idea this existed and the art and the story are both top notch.

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My Haul from My Local Board Game Store’s Ding and Dent Sale

My local board game store has an annual ding and dent sale where you can get some great deals. Everything is from 50% to 90% off! I got there early so there were a lot of tempting games. I had to talk myself out of so many games but here were what I was most excited about.

All that in the picture above only costed me about $40. I have been getting back into Dungeons & Dragons and have some new players who never played before so I was very happy to find the Starter Set for 80%. They also had a couple of DnD books and I got the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount solely because it had the best discount (70%). My friend got a ton of DnD/ RPG minis and I was able to only find one blind pack. But it is from a set I really wanted and I pulled the Death Tyrant which is probably the mini I wanted most from the set.

I also found a board game, Ricochet Robots that a friend really wanted for some time now and I also got more escape room type games including the Star Wars themed Unlock games which I was always kind of interested in.

Overall I am very happy with what I got!

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Pikachu V Union Pokemon TCG Celebrations Box Break

I was so lucky to find Pikachu V Union Pokemon TCG Celebrations boxes (Premium Playmat Collection) in stock. In fact when I saw them in Target, they were just about to be on put on their shelves and I knew that if I waited, it will sell out. (Then the only way to get them is at a significant markup from scalpers.) Anyways I got two boxes but I think I will open one and keep one sealed for now.

This box came with a 25th anniversary themed playmat, 6 packs of Celebrations, 1 pack of Vivid Voltage, 1 pack of Battle Styles, 1 pack of Chilling Reign, Pikachu V Union promos, a Pikachu V Union oversize card and a promo of Professor Burnet. The Pikachu V Union card has 25 Pikachus on it for Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. I normally give away my oversized cards but I might make an exception here. I also love the playmat and it is already my favorite playmat in my small collection.

I pulled a lot of fun cards from the Celebrations packs. Two cards that stood out to me immediately is the Surfing Pikachu V and the chubby Pikachu full art card. I love nostalgic sets like Celebrations and I just wish they were easier to get a hold of. I have to take a closer look at all the others cards later since I am so excited about all the Pikachu stuff. I didn’t get anything of note from the other packs.

The Pikachu V Union box is definitely a fun break if you can get your hands on one. I am so tempted to build a Pikachu theme deck now.

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