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What’s Inside the Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Toolkit?

Since I can’t meet up in person for board games anymore I have been doing a lot of gaming online. Board Game Arena has been an invaluable resource and I highly recommend it. But I have been also playing a lot of Pokemon TCG online and Yugioh Duel Links. One product I have been eyeing to help with my Pokemon TCG decks both online and with physical cards is the Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Toolkit.

Pokemon TCG Trainers Toolkit

Pokemon TCG Trainers Toolkit Contents

The Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Toolkit comes with x2 of most staple cards in the Standard format. The biggest inclusions include Dedenne-GX and Boss’s Orders. Basically every deck plays them. It also has a nice box for decks, counters, dice, sleeves, some alternate art cards, 4 packs and a code to have all this stuff on Pokemon TCG Online.

Pokemon TCG Trainer Toolkit Cards

Here is what I pulled from the packs.

Pokemon TCG Pack Pulls

I didn’t pull anything too exciting. I did get two Ninetales and I can now build the gimmicky deck that plays Burning Scarf, Arcanine and Ninetales. But it definitely not a strong deck but it could be fun.

All in all, I play a bunch of different TCGs and I have never seen a product that includes so much for playing competitively!

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What’s Inside the Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin?

I picked up this Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin along with my groceries the other day. Yamper and Boltund are among my favorite pokemons in the newest generation. Here is what is inside the tin.

Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin

What's Inside Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin

It comes with a coin, an art card of the Yamper and Morpeko and two Pokemon packs, Sword and Shield and Evolutions. The art card is a little bent at the corner since the tin has rounded corners and if you collect all five Galar pal tins you can complete the big picture.

Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin Pulls

Here are my pulls. I am pretty happy with the Torkoal V and I pulled a couple of useful cards to build decks with. As for the tin, I wouldn’t use it for Pokemon cards (because I can worried the rounded corner can damage the cards) but it may be useful to repackage a smaller card game like say No Thanks.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Manga Promos

I have had some more free time lately so I have been trying to read more. One thing on my reading list has been the Yu-Gi-Oh mangas. I got all of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal and most of Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V. One cool thing about these mangas is they all come with a promo card. You just have to be careful. People often take these promos so you have to double check that the manga is sealed. One shop near me though sells most of these mangas for like $1 without the promos so I can get those to read and buy rest to fill the holes. Here are the Yu-Gi-Oh promos cards that I have gotten recently.

Yu-Gi-Oh Manga Promos

Most of them are boss monsters for a deck and seem fun to play. I wonder I can build a deck that plays all of them…

Anyways, I finished reading Zexal. It was a fun read. It was fast paced and there were bunch of weird duelists that kept the story from being too serious. I am slogging through Arc-V though. I am about half way through and it is just not clicking with me. It is a bit confusing and it has a lot of themes I have seen elsewhere in other Yu-Gi-Oh story lines. Maybe I have to read something else and get back to it to give it a fair shot.

Also on a side note, I just started the Arc-V anime and I find it a bit slow too. But I would love to see Konami try to bring action dueling to real life. I can just imagine people running all over the place to get action cards in a tournament.

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Random Pack Break: DC Comics HeroClix Justice League Unlimited

I have been visiting my favorite shops across New York City and trying to support them by picking up a few things whenever I can. Next up for me was Compleat Strategist, a board game store in Midtown. This shop was right by where I worked so I used to go there a lot. Anyways I picked up a few things including this pack of DC Comics HeroClix Justice League Unlimited.

I love, love Justice League Unlimited. You just never know which superhero would be featured in the episode. I know basically everything about Batman’s origins but how about the Shining Knight? One group that I was a huge fan of (and I don’t quite know why) is the Seven Soldiers of Victory and they starred in one of my favorite episodes. Thus even though I haven’t really collected Heroclix for quite some time, I wanted to check out this set. There aren’t many products that advertised the Seven Soldiers of Victory on the box!

DC Comics HeroClix Justice League Unlimited

I pulled a Lex Luther, Jonah Hex, Dr Emil Hamilton and two Wonder Woman figures. I didn’t pull any of the Seven Soldiers of Victory but the Wonder Woman from the future seems like a start of fun team. It is so hard to get a game of Heroclix in especially nowadays but I really want to try to test some of the new figures I got.

All in all from what little I have seen, I am surprised Wizkids didn’t make this set earlier.

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My Book Haul from Strand Books and Forbidden Planet

So today was a big day for New York City inching back to normalcy. It is the start of phase 2 which means most businesses like bookstores and comic book shops can finally reopen. Still as I was walking around NYC today, I saw many shops and restaurants are closed and the ones that are are open don’t really have much foot traffic. It was sad to see but I wanted to help out some of many favorite shops and picked up some new books.

Artemis Fowl Signed Book

Eoin Colfer Autograph

I picked up a signed copy of book one of Artemis Fowl. The movie was so bad that I wanted to read the book to get the “real” story. I was quite pleased to find a copy autographed by the author Eoin Colfer at Strand Books.

Comic Book Blind Bag and Yugioh Manga

Comics from Blind Bag

I was also so happy to see Forbidden Planet reopen. I used go there easily once a week. I picked up Yugioh Arc-V volume 6 and a comic book blind bag which has 13 comics including one limited variant.

I love my book haul and expect to pick up even more later this week. So I have a lot of reading to do!

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Haven’t Open Any Baseball Cards Packs Lately So I Picked Up a Random Repack

For me, buying trading cards whether baseball, basketball, wrestling or non- sport is kind of spontaneous thing. I go to the shop and see what catches my eye. Unfortunately every shop near me that sold trading cards went out of business the last couple of years. Buying online is not the same. There are still a few comic book and card shops but they mostly sell trading card games like Magic, Pokemon and Yugioh so that is what I have been buying. But I missed opening baseball cards so I picked up a repack while picking up groceries. This repack has 100 random cards, 1 pack and 1 in 4 chance I get a hit. You can find these repacks everywhere.

Rookies Cards from a Repack

My pack was a 2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball. I didn’t get lucky and pull any hits but I did pull a couple of cards for my personal collection. I pulled a fairly obscure Kazuhito Tadano card, a Michael Conforto insert , a Gavin Cecchini Bowman rookie card (I remember seeing him play with the Brooklyn Cyclones) and a Walker Buehler prospects card. There were a few interesting inserts and rookie cards sprinkled in but nothing too exciting.

Fingers crossed for some sort of baseball season this year…

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Random Box Break: Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box

It honestly has been a weird last couple of months and it was kind of hard to find time and energy to blog about anything. Anyways the card store closest to me finally reopen and I wanted to support them. This card store unfortunately doesn’t sell baseball, basketball, wrestling etc trading cards but has a lot of trading card games. One thing I got back to is Pokemon TCG Online so the Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box caught my eye.

Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box

Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box Contents

It comes with a card box, sleeves, dice, damage counters (which are a lot nicer the ones that come with the theme decks), a player guide, a couple other extras and most importantly 8 Rebel Clash packs. I played with the cards online and Rebel Clash seems to be a powerful and impactful set. Here are my pulls.

Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box Pulls

I pulled one V card, Copperajah V, few foil rares and a couple cards I see play in the format. Honestly didn’t get the cards I really wanted but do have the codes for packs to trade online to build my decks there.

The two decks I have been playing around with on Pokemon TCG online is a Rillaboom/ Snorlax Vmax deck and a fun Falinks deck. Pokemon TCG online is a lot of fun and free-ish. You can play in the theme deck format without dropping a dime but if you want to play the other formats you will need to trade for cards.

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Pokemon TCG: Toxtricity V Box Break

I probably paid a little too much for this but I was looking for something fun to do. All the non essential shops are still closed in New York City and there are still a ton of delays getting anything shipped. But I did find this Pokemon TCG: Toxtricity V box at a neighborhood discount store and I couldn’t resist. It has 1 foil promo of Toxtricity V, 1 oversized version of the promo, 4 Pokemon TCG packs and a code card.

Pokemon TCG Toxtricity V Box

The packs I got were 2 packs of Sword & Shield, 1 Cosmic Eclipse and 1 Evolutions. The Evolutions pack is kind of bummer. It is a much older set and I don’t think it is even Standard legal. I see the Evolutions packs a lot in bundles so there must be a ton of these packs lying around.

Pokemon TCG Toxtricity V Box Pulls

Anyways I love the art of Toxtricity V. He looks so over it and Toxtricity is probably my favorite new pokemon from Sword & Shield. I didn’t pull any other EXs, GXs or Vs and the best card of the bunch is the Charizard foil from the Evolutions pack. It is a remake of the classic Charizard card from the base set. I looked it up and it worth a lot more than I was expecting!

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New Disney Pins in My Collection

I am a huge Disney fan and sadly I probably won’t be able to go Disney World anytime soon. One of my favorite things to do in Disney World was pin trading. So I was bored the other day and I was browsing around looking at some Disney pins…

Mickey Mouse Brooklyn Nets Pin

Oh My Disneys 90s Pin Set

and I ended up buying a couple from the Disney store! I got the Mickey Mouse NBA Experience – Brooklyn Nets pin and the Oh My Disney Pin Set – 1990s. I saw the Brooklyn Nets Mickey Mouse pin the last time I was in Disney World (it was at the new NBA Experience in Disney Springs) and I kind of wanted then but only got it now. The real reason though I bought some pins (along a bunch of other Disney stuff) was the 90’s pin set. When I saw it, I had to have it! Bonus points to anyone who can name all the characters in this set. It features characters from some of my favorite movies from the era.

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Another Collector’s Mystery Box | 15+ Collectible Items

I got this collector’s mystery box a long time ago and it was sitting at my desk ever since. This mystery box has 15+ collectible items that has over $50 in value for $16. I remembered there was also a bigger box which has a bunch of stuff for $35 (that’s too much) and there was also a smaller version I have seen for $6 (which I have gotten a couple of times). You just never know what you can find in these boxes.

15 Item Collectors Mystery Box

My box has:
Paw Patrol Mashems
PJ Masks Mashems
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Zuru Capsule
The Nightmare Before Christmas Domez Jack Skellington figurine
Fortnite Domez The Visitor figurine
3x Jurassic World Dog Tags
Harry Potter Collector’s Bag Clip
2x Paw Patrol Light Ups
Minion Slap Bracelet
2x MLB TeenyMates
Super Mario K’nex

This was actually a better mix of stuff compared to other collector’s mystery boxes I got in the past.

Collectors Mystery Box Figurines and Dog Tags

I was really only excited about the Super Mario K’nex figurine. I was part of a Mario RPG campaign so I may be able to use the Mario figure one way or another whenever we meet again. I also opened the Domez figures, Ultimate Spider-Man capsule and the Jurassic World Dog Tags. The Spider-Man capsule was really hard to open and I think I got one of Ultimate Spider-Mans. I was hoping to get a dog tag with a piece of an authentic costume from the Jurassic packs (I didn’t). Everything else I am probably going to keep sealed and maybe use them as giveaways during my board game nights in Bryant Park (again whenever we can meet again).

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