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Random Pokemon TCG Repack: 20 Cards, 2 Foils and 2 Online Codes

I found this Pokemon TCG repack in my backpack. I must have bought it awhile ago and totally forgot about it. This repack has 20 cards plus 2 foil cards and 2 online codes. These repacks are usually about $5 so I am not expected much.

Nice! I pulled 2 Pokemon League promos cards, Celesteela and Empoleon. As for the rest of the cards, you can find the most random cards in these Pokemon repacks and this one is no different. There were old cards, new cards, energy cards and world championship cards (which aren’t tournament legal) but honestly there wasn’t anything else of note.

I also checked and claimed the Pokemon online codes. They are Regigigas and Rowlet promos from blister packs.

All in all, I am just happy to pull two Pokemon League promos cards. I have opened a lot worst in these types of repacks.

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Random Pack Break: Yu-Gi-Oh Invasion of Chaos

I having been finding these packs of Yu-Gi-Oh Invasion of Chaos from Yu-Gi-Oh repacks. It is of course a much older set but they are definitely not first edition but instead from a recent reprint of the set. I have 7 of these packs, each with 9 cards.

I know I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh when this set first came out but I don’t remember anything about it. Opening these packs, it is so weird to me to have so little text on each card but as expected there isn’t many cards worth putting in a deck anymore due to power creep. The only two I think that still sees play is Heart of the Underdog and Gren Maju Da Eiza (both in fringe decks). I actually have a Heart of the Underdog deck with Exodia and Igknights and one of my Heart of the Underdog is badly damaged so now I can replace that.

Also one card I am excited to pull (and I pulled two of them) is Mad Dog of Darkness. It is part of series of cards that tells the tragic story of Outstanding Dog Marron and I always wanted to build a that deck.

Overall I love these throwback packs and it was a fun break.

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Thrift Store Hauls: Star Wars RPG, Beyblade and More!

I check the thrift stores near me maybe once or twice a week and I have gotten quite lucky the last couple of weeks.

First up I found this Star Wars RPG: The Force Awakens Beginner Game from Fantasy Flight for $10 sealed. I actually ran a months long campaign in the Star Wars universe but I used the Fate system. I have finally gotten back to meeting in person for RPGs and I am definitely looking forward to check out the official Star Wars RPG system.

One thing I have always kept an eye out for in thrift stores but couldn’t find until now was Beyblade stuff. I got this arena, two Beyblades, one broken knockoff top (that I threw away) and two launchers for only $5. It is probably one of the best deals yet! I thought I was only going to get one or two Beyblades when I first started just to check it out and now I have quite the growing collection.

Finally I also always take a look at the books section and in the past, I have gotten a lot of random books. One of my favorite finds lately has been the 5th and 6th book of the Enola Holmes series. I wasn’t expecting much but I really enjoyed it and read both books in one day. I hope to find the rest of the series in thrift stores or used bookstores some time soon.

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Pokemon TCG Galarian Rapidash V Box Break

The Great Pokemon Card Shortage of 2021 is in full swing. Local card shops have marked up Pokemon TCG boxes and packs by 50%- 75% (scalpers on eBay and the like even more), big box stores have move what little Pokemon cards they do have to locked cabinets and some have even stop selling any cards altogether due to “troublemakers”. I have been buying trading card games here and there for decades and I have never seen anything like this before.

I actually went to the Nintendo store on release day to see if they have some of the new products. I went to the usual card section and they only had old theme decks on the shelves. Luckily as I was walking out, I noticed they had a few of the new products behind the counter and I got this Galarian Rapidash V box.

I have been looking to open more Sword and Shield Battle Styles packs and this box has two of them. The other two packs are Darkness Ablaze and Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion.

I didn’t pull any GX, V or V Maxes so that is a bit disappointing. The Galarian Rapidash V is not a bad card though and I think the card is exclusive to this box. The only card I need from the packs was Dedenne for my Mad Party deck. I wish they will stop adding a random pack from a really old set in these products. Darkness Ablaze makes sense to include but Crimson Invasion does not and it is a really weak set in general in my opinion.

I hope the Pokemon Company will finally get around to printing more cards soon but from what I heard the next set Chilling Reign would also be hard to get…

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Awesomely, Awesome TCGs: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Dragon Ball Super Card Game seemed like a lot fun so I scrapped two decks together just to check it out. One of my friends had two demo decks from past comic cons which can be combined to one full deck and I got a bunch of freebie packs from Game Trade Magazines. It is Jackie Chun vs Future Trunks.

What drew me to the game the most is its simplicity. You basically just want to have a higher power than your opponent to win battles. I also like that there are no dead cards in your hand since all cards can be used as energy and most cards can be used as additional attackers or combat boosts. So the real trick of this game is using your resources as efficiently as possible. Card advantage is really, really important in this game. This game also has an interesting catch up mechanic (for most characters) where if you take enough damage you get to use the more powerful version of the character, gaining more attack and better abilities. Also this game sort of has prizes like Pokemon TCG (you set aside 8 cards in the beginning of the game to track how much life you have) but when your opponent wins a battle against your leader and deals damage, you get the card(s) and not him or her. When I think about it, I like this mechanic way better.

All in all, this game is easy to learn, plays fast (about 15 minutes a game) and has a great theme. I highly recommend it.

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Sword & Shield Battle Styles Pokemon TCG 3 Pack Blister

There has been a Pokemon TCG card shortage so it is rare to find any Pokemon cards for retail price and it is even rarer to find any packs for under retail price. There are tons Magic cards but no Pokemon cards in all the usual places. I have never seen anything like this before. In fact, I haven’t open any Pokemon packs since shortly after Christmas (excluding the McDonalds or General Mills cereal packs) but today I found this Sword & Shield Battle Styles Pokemon TCG 3 pack blister for 20% off. I would have gotten more but there was only one left on the shelf.

It is always nice to pull a V or V Max in a 3 pack blister and I got a Necrozma V. I am also pretty excited about the foil Rapid Strike Energy. Because of the Pokemon cards shortage, I actually haven’t been following the Pokemon TCG news as closely as I have in the past so I don’t know what are the good cards in the set. But Necrozma V seems pretty strong since it can deal 220 for only 3 energy without that big of a drawback. Orbeetle also seem pretty strong and it should some powerful combos possible. At the very least, Orbeetle should be the glue for a fun deck revolving around underutilized Stage 2s.

As exciting as finding this blister pack is, the set I am really excited for is Shining Fates. It really feels like that set doesn’t exist at all…

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Does Anyone Remember the WWE Tag Team Deuce ‘n Domino? | 1/1 Card?

Wrestlemania weekend is right around the corner again! I was going through my WWE cards and I found this buried in my drawer.

It is, in my mind, the rarest Deuce ‘n Domino card ever… but I am getting ahead of myself.

Deuce ‘n Domino was a short lived tag team in the WWE. They had a greaser gimmick and even won the WWE Tag Team Championship once. But their career trajectory was like in fast forward for the 1.5 years they were there. They debuted against jobbers, had their first feud against Brian Kendrick and Paul London, won the tag team championship, lost the championship against MVP and Matt Hardy (in which they weren’t even the focus of the story line), became jobbers, broke up and then released. Again all this happened in less than 2 years.

Anyways I think every wrestling fan has a weird favorite wrestler and Deuce ‘n Domino were mines. I watched wrestling only sporadically as a kid and a random Deuce ‘n Domino match was my first match that got me hooked years later when I was in high school. I was just randomly looking for something to watch on TV and their “cool” entrance and brawling style caught my attention. I absolutely love Deuce, Domino and their valet Cherry’s throwback gimmick. I always thought they were super underrated and WWE gave up on them way too soon.

So as I was saying, I was in high school, was a huge fan of Deuce ‘n Domino, wanted to get some cool memorabilia of theirs and didn’t have a lot of money. Deuce ‘n Domino only had one card as a tag team and I have the 1/1 Topps Vault blank back variant of it. I also know it isn’t a good picture of them since they look like they were about to lose the match.

Topps Vault is their ebay store and it sold whatever they had laying around. I don’t know if they still do it anymore but they use to sell blank back cards that I believe were test prints and they were 1/1. I don’t think are many other 1/1 of Deuce ‘n Domino cards especially with both of them on it so that is why to me I have to rarest Deuce ‘n Domino card ever!

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Thrift Store Hauls: R.L. Stine Signed Book, Lego Ninjago Set & More!

I go thrifting at least once a week and every once in awhile I come across something that really excites me!

Goosebumps Slappy Birthday to You

So I have been picking up whatever Goosebumps books I can find lately. I had a ton of them when I was a child and I like to collect and read them again. I was super surprised to find one of the books I picked up was actually signed by R.L. Stine! He has a very inconsistent autograph but when comparing it to other signed books on eBay it looks legit in my opinion.

RL Stine Autograph

I recently found a huge box of Lego with at least 5 sets and 8 minifigs for only $10. It was probably my best thrift store find in a very long time (well up until I found the R.L. Stine signed book). I found another Lego set just this week, the Lego Ninjago Spinjitzu Training. It is not as big of find but I love the Ninjago theme and it is always exciting to come across Legos while thrifting. Again Lego usually sells quick in any thrift store so it is rare to find.

Lego Ninjago Spinjitzu Training

I also got a bunch of books, DVDs and minis for Dungeon & Dragons including this “ugly” goblin from TSR in the 80’s.

TSR Goblin Figure

Finally I found this fake/ bootleg/ knockoff Ninjago minifigure. I was curious how it differs from a real Lego minifigure and it was cheap enough to check it out. I compared it with the Ninjago figures I just got.

Lego Bootleg Pin Ba Ninjago Minifigure

Real vs Fake Ninjago Minifigure

The minifigure feels like it is made with a cheaper plastic and doesn’t have all the Lego logos. The arms and the hands are the easily thing to spot being different when building it and there are some flaws with the paint. But I can easily see someone mistaking this for a real Lego piece if they are not careful or don’t know what to look out for. Also with the name Pin Ba I wonder if it is a bootleg of another famous Lego bootleg, Lepin.

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Random Pack Break: General Mills Cereal Pokemon TCG Pack

More and more Pokemon products and promos are coming out in celebration of their 25th anniversary. I have picked up a couple of Pokemon TCG packs from McDonald’s Happy Meals already (I am 17/25 in completing the set and no foil Pikachu yet). I have been also looking at the cereal aisle for the General Mills cereal Pokemon TCG packs and I finally found one supermarket that had it. They only had Cinnamon Toast Crunch though and I honestly have never tried it.

General Mills Cereal Pokemon TCG Pack

The pack comes with 3 cards and one of them is guarantee to be a foil Pikachu with the 25th anniversary logo which is a great thing, saving me from having to buy boxes and boxes of cereal I don’t really want. Also a Galarian Ponyta in the set is exclusive to Cinnamon Toast Crunch boxes.

General Mills Cereal Pokemon TCG Pack Pulls

So in my pack I got a Pikachu, a promo Gossifleur and a Yamper. I actually own a couple of copies of the Gossifleur promo and the Gossifleur in this set has a slightly different foil pattern. Pikachu is the only card in the set with the 25th anniversary promo and you can’t tell the reprints apart other than the foil pattern. (Non foil cards are identical to cards from the original sets.)

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My Rapidly Growing Lego Collection

With the lockdown restrictions extending to almost a year, one hobby I have been picking up is collecting Lego sets. It is the perfect hobby when you are stuck indoors and have a lot of time to kill. Best of all, I have gotten most of my sets for really cheap!

One of the best advice I got about starting a Lego collection is to have a focus since there are so many tempting sets out there. I decided to go for a Harry Potter theme and I have gotten the 2020 Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar for $12 and the Fantastic Beasts Lego Dimensions for $10. I also picked up a few Harry Potter minifigs here and there.

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Lego Minifig Collection

Another Lego theme I have been collecting is Lego Spinjitzu Slam. They remind me of Beyblades. You can definitely make a little game out of these sets. The Jay Tornado set (which I got for $4 each) even has a little launcher so you can battle with two of these minifigures and have a third party control the launcher as sort of a hazard for the arena. I also admit I have used the Harry Potter minifigs with the Spinjitzu launchers to have a little wizard battle!

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Slam Jay Tornando

Finally I still like to check thrift stores here and there and I was very excited to find a huge box of legos for only $10. There are at least 5 sets in the box but there are also definitely a lot of missing pieces. Still I got 8 minifigs, 2 base plates and 1 lego box which to me is already worth it. I have spent over a week cleaning, sorting and seeing what I can build from these lego bricks.

Lego Thrift Haul

I also picked up a couple of Mega Construx sets for really cheap so maybe that is a post for another time.

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