Pokemon TCG Repack: 2 Packs and EX Card

I got this Pokemon TCG repack that has 2 packs and 1 EX card for $10. Like so many TCG/ CCGs I played (Keyforge, Magic, Star Wars: Destiny, Game of Thrones LCG etc, etc), it is hard to find someone to play with. I have a couple of decks but I also have a binder of super shiny cards and the one thing Pokemon TCG does extremely well is super shiny cards!

Black Kyurem Ex and Chesnaught Break

The repack had one pack of Breakthrough and one pack of Sun & Moon. The guaranteed EX card is Black Kyurem EX. I also pulled a Chesnaught Break and a foil Octillery which I think saw some play when it was Standard legal.

Overall not bad for a $10 repack and I added two cards to my shiny cards binder.

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Disney Movie Rewards Mystery DVD

I am running a Star Wars RPG campaign (using Fate Accelerated system) and I had to get some Star Wars DVDs for “research”. Anyways I just happen to get enough Disney movie reward points for a mystery DVD. It could be anything!

Million Dollar Arm DVD

And my DVD is Million Dollar Arm. Honestly I never heard of the movie but I remember seeing the story that inspired it on SportsCenter (cricket players being scouted for baseball). I always find the business side of sports fascinating so it should be right in my wheelhouse…

The movie is meh. It is kind of slow paced and super predictable. Every good underdog sports movie needs a good rival and the rival in this movie is kind of abstract (coming to America or maybe time?). Also it is kind of hard to care about the main character. He not big enough of jerk to hate him and he is not interesting enough of a character to root for. The real life story that inspired this movie is really not interesting enough for a whole movie. This movie could have easily been a made for TV movie or an ESPN special.

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Another Baseball Collector’s Storage Cube Repack

Some repacks show a bit of what’s inside so you at the very minimum you know what you will get. I saw this baseball collector’s storage cube repack with a Rod Carew card #110/299 and I picked it up. These repacks promises a bunch of stuff. 100 total cards, 2 packs, 4 star cards, 1 hall of fame card, 5 cards (1 from each of the past 5 decades) and a storage cube.

The two packs are a 2018 Topps Baseball Series One and 1988 Donruss Baseball.

As you may expect from baseball card repacks there are A LOT of junky 80’s and 90’s cards. But here are some of the cards I found interesting.

Storage Cube Baseball Card Repack Pulls

I did get an Ichiro for my PC and a Michael Conforto rookie card that has a slightly bent corner. These repacks are $5 so you can’t expect much from it. Honestly 2 baseball packs and the storage cube is probably worth $5 alone.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Repack: 2 Packs, 15 Cards, 1 Foil Card and 1 Rare Card

I have been rewatching a lot of the old Yu-Gi-Oh anime. I haven’t watched it since I was back in high school (which seems like such a long time ago) and I remember everyone in my group playing the game. Anyways I saw this Yu-Gi-Oh repack and since it was so cheap, $6 it piqued my interest. It has 2 packs, 15 cards, 1 foil card and 1 rare card.

My packs are:
Duelist Pack Dimensional Guardians
Extreme Force

YuGiOh Cards

It seems that I got lucky and got 2 rare cards, Karate Man and Performapal U Go Golem and 2 foil cards Fire Formation – Yoko and Planckton from the loose cards. I got an Altergeist Hexstia, Spiral Flame Strike, Ritual Beast Ulti- Kimunfalcos and Red Resonator as my pulls from the packs.

I haven’t played Yu-Gi-Oh in years so I don’t which cards are powerful or valuable so I looked it up. It seems like just the Spiral Flame Strike ultra rare is worth anything. Everything else is bulk. But it was still a fun repack to open. A lot of the cards are kind of foreign to me like link and pendulum monsters.

I am on a dangerous path of learning how to play again…

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The Brooklyn Cyclones Team Set and Rocky Bobblehead

I go to Coney Island for the Brooklyn Cyclones once a year for Bark in the Park. You really can’t beat watching a baseball game with your dog. Most years were super hot and humid but this year was actually kind of nice! Anyways this year I got a bunch of souvenirs.

Brooklyn Cyclones Team Set and Rocky Bobblehead

I bought the 2019 Brooklyn Cyclones team set and got a Rocky bobblehead and a Brooklyn Cyclones dog bowl (which my dog is using already). I actually like the design of this year’s cards. I only could find the 2011 team set to compare it with and 2019’s cards are a huge improvement. I can’t even read the font in the 2011 cards. As for the Rocky bobblehead, unfortunately it isn’t the best quality. I had to glue one of his hands back and the paint job is really bad. I heard this was a common problem with this particular bobblehead. But it is a freebie so I guess I can’t complain too much.

Anyways the game was actually a double header and Cyclones won both, the last with a walk off home run!

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What’s Inside a Flying Tiger Copenhagen Surprise Bag

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a quirky store that is kind of hard to describe. They sell a bit of everything including games, office stuff, kitchen stuff, party stuff etc. They sell these surprise bags for $4 and you know I just can’t resist a good mystery bag or box. So what’s inside a Flying Tiger Copenhagen surprise bag?

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Surprise Bag

What's Inside a Flying Tiger Copenhagen Surprise Bag

I got a 1st place medal which I can definitely give away in my next Catan tournament at Bryant Park, a tentacle finger thing, a way to strap your smartphone to your arm and THE ugliest phone case for an iPhone case.

So it is a bunch of things you don’t need… but are definitely conversation starters which honestly describes almost everything for sale at Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

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2019 Topps WWE SummerSlam Blaster Break

SummerSlam is this Sunday so I figured to take a chance on a blaster of 2019 Topps WWE SummerSlam. This blaster promises 10 packs, 1 relic card and 4 exclusive Intercontinental Championship 40th Anniversary cards.

2019 Topps WWE Summerslam Other Cards

So this set is basically another Road to WrestleMania (I hate that set). It is mostly a mix of the greatest moments in SummerSlam history and recent WWE matches & moments. It should be a good thing seeing the past and present side by side but I can’t help to think when I was going through the cards it really highlighted how pointless and inconsequential recent matches are. Maybe it is just me…

2019 Topps WWE Summerslam Ronda Rousey Tribute Cards

It is also interesting to so Ronda Rousey is getting the legends treatment already. She retired like only a few months ago. I guess you can only do so many Hulk Hogan, Rock and Ultimate Warrior tribute cards.

2019 Topps WWE Summerslam Blaster Hits

I am honestly really disappointed with the Alexander Wolfe shirt card 10/180 as my hit. Is this a card that really needed to exist? Alexander Wolfe and the Sanity are worst than jobbers in that they are completely forgotten about. They made their debut and then nothing. I can’t even remember a single match they were in and I didn’t even know Sanity broke up until I looked it up. To be fair, the Sanity idea sounded interesting on paper (if not a little cliché) but it is really tough for a tag team nowadays. Off the top my head, the Sanity, the Ascension, the Club, Authors of Pain, the Viking Raiders, Heavy Machinery and the Street Profits all had rough debuts.

Despite all that I am still excited for SummerSlam. Some of the matches are kind meh to me but it is also fun to see Goldberg and Trish Stratus back.

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