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Souvenirs from Walt Disney World

I took my seemingly annual trip to Walt Disney World last week and wow it was a blast! I have been planning this trip for months and I got to check off everything on my to do list. Here are some interesting souvenirs from Walt Disney World.

Hector Sketch

First off and probably the coolest thing I brought back is this sketch of Hector from Coco. I kind of pregame for Disney and watched Coco the night before. Hands down, Coco is one the best movies ever. The music, the characters, the bright, vibrant world… just amazing. I also have to admit I cried a bit.

Donald Duck Art Print

I also got this art print of Donald Duck for my room. It was a pain to carry back but I love that I went through all the trouble now.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Cards

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite things to do in the Magic Kingdom. I got a ton more cards including four copies of the promo card they hand out during the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I should be getting close to completing the whole set.

Disney Fidget Spinners

Finally I got into the fidget spinner craze late but that is a good thing since I can get them now for ridiculously cheap (like less than a dollar). I got these two light up fidget spinners from Disney for pretty cheap too ($5 each). One is of the Haunted Mansion which is my favorite ride and one is of random Mickey merchandise.


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Comics and More from the Five Points Festival

There is a new comic con within walking distance from me and I had to check it out. It is actually a festival for comics, designer toys, street art and food! It was a lot of fun and I picked up a few things.

Five Points Festival Haul

Of course I had to pick up a bunch of comics but I have to admit I haven’t even read the comics I got from last year’s New York Comic Con. I also got a mystery box and there was a bunch of interesting prints and postcards. The one thing I am most excited about is a custom pop doll of stormtrooper. I am not sure whether I should keep in its packaging or take it out and display it on my shelf.

Overall I am glad I went and I’ll keep an eye for it next year.

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My New York Comic Con 2016 Haul!

New York Comic Con is easily one of my favorite times of year. I go every year and I am always looking for fun and interesting things to add to my collection…

One of my first purchases was a mini painting of BB-8 by Brendan Shaw. I love it and I have a place for it right next to my computer.

BB 8 Mini Painting

Also got this convention exclusive Batman with Bomb Heroclix figure. The bomb is a like a game of hot potato so this seems like a fun figure to play with. I am going to try it out the next time I get to play Heroclix.

Batman with Bomb Heroclix

I also got Carcassonne: Gold Rush. Carcasonne is one of my favorite board games of all time but I played it a ton this summer so I was looking for something a little different. There were actually a bunch of board games I kind of wanted but I am running out of room on my shelf so I have to be more picky.

Carcassonne Gold Rush

Every year I pick up a mystery box and this year I picked up one centered around comics. This mystery box has a pack of 10 random comics, a graphic novel and two random items which can be Pop dolls, toys, valuable comics, trading cards etc. They claimed the items are valued at $60- $100.

Comics Mystery Box

I got a couple of interesting comics in my bundle (Doctor Who, Shadow of the Bat, Marvel Tales Starring Spider-Man, X-Factor, Fear Itself & more) and a Buffy graphic novel. My two random items are World of Krypton #1 (which has a $12 price tag) and a Batman metal business card holder which I now use to hold a game of Love Letter.

Another awesome comic I got was this Lucha Underground one I got from their panel.

Lucha Underground Comic

One of my favorite vendors in New York Comic Con sells sealed boxes of trading cards and I think I buy something from them every year too. This year I got a box of 2016 Leaf Signature Series Wrestling. I couldn’t resist eight autographs for $99.

Wrestling Autographs
Wrestling Autographs

And I got a great box! The eight autographs are of Lita, Al Snow, X- Pac, Chris Masters 3/50, Nick Bockwinkel, Nikita Koloff, Kama/Tatanka 4/15 and Ric Flair.


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New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 4

I got three more Doctor Who autographs in my quest to collect all 11 actor’s who played the Doctor.

Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor

Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor

Sylvester McCoy, the Seventh Doctor

So I am 5/11 of the way there.

First Doctor – William Hartnell
Second Doctor – Patrick Troughton
Third Doctor – Jon Pertwee
Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker – Check
Fifth Doctor – Peter Davison – Check
Sixth Doctor – Colin Baker – Check
Seventh Doctor – Sylvester McCoy – Check
Eighth Doctor – Paul McGann – Check
Ninth Doctor – Christopher Eccleston
Tenth Doctor – David Tennant
Eleventh Doctor – Matt Smith

The last six may be more difficult to pick up. If I am not mistake the first three Doctors have unfortunately passed, Christopher Eccleston doesn’t sign much and David Tennant & Matt Smith autographs go for about $75.

Also I bought this awesome painted magnet of Galactus by Lauren Perry just as New York Comic Con was about to close.

New York Comic Con is easily my favorite time of the year and this year was no different. I spent a ton of money but I got a lot of magic cards, autographs and art that you can’t get anywhere else in New York City. With a 4 Day pass, I got to go to the Ben Folds Five concert and with the extra time, I also got to attend more panels than I ever have. I probably say this every year but this year’s comic con was the best ever!


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New York Comic Con 2012 – Day 2

I took a look around Artist Alley in Day 2 of New York Comic Con and picked up a couple of things.

A Signed Copy of G-Man: Coming Home #1 which is a NYCC exclusive according the website.

I love these two watercolor sketches (one of the Tardis and one of Aang) by Shane Michael Vidaurri.

I suspect I may pick up a couple more sweet sketches the next two days.

Also I attended three panels, most notably the Robot Chicken panel which I think year after year is the most popular panel. The line is always ridiculously long and I finally made it in (barely). It was a lot of fun and everyone on the panel was hilarious.

I was like the 3rd row from the back

Food and Comics Panel

There is a chance I won’t get any of the more popular autographs this year. : ( The lines go for miles and miles. Saturday is traditionally the most crowded day so my best shot is Sunday to pick one up. I really, really want to get Peter Davison’s auto (the 5th Doctor on Doctor Who) so fingers crossed.


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A Box Break of Inkworks Jericho Season One & Super Awesome Sketches from New York Comic Con – Day 2

I lied when I said New York Comic Con Day 2 would be a chill day. We did a ton of walking and my feet are pulsating and my legs are super sore. It doesn’t help that my backpack always seems to weigh a ton. I did go to a couple of Adult Swim panels though and they were hilarious (while serving as a welcomed break). Anyways on to my haul. I got a couple of sketches including one from…

Chris Giarrusso

It is a sketch of probably the most famous Captain America cover.

I also picked up the comic Giarrusso is probably best known for Mini- Marvels signed.

The second sketch is from Andrew Charipar.

Of course it is a sketch of Lois Griffin from Family Guy as Star Sapphire. I think it is pretty cool.

Also I have never watched the show Jericho but I bought a box of Inkworks Jericho Season One today because A)- it was cheap and B)- it was guaranteed an autograph and pieceworks card.

The base cards:

Inkworks guaranteed a complete set so give the number of cards I have 2 or at least close to 2 complete sets.

The inserts:

And the hits:

Brad Beyer and Ashley Scott don’t ring a bell so they are probably going to be trade bait. Anyways I noticed that the whole Jericho season is on Netflix so for all who have seen it, is it worth the time?


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Autographs and More from New York Comic Con – Day 1

New York Comic Con was super, super awesome and I am super, super tired. My feet are killing me and I have two more days to go. But I did get a ton done and I did everything I wanted/ planned to do and see. I got a bunch of autographs including…

Ron English

This is probably the coolest piece in my haul today. It is super cool of Ron English to draw a little sketch on the Mighty Wallets he was selling. I am kind of jealous that the sketch came out better in my brother’s wallet. English is probably one of the more successful street artist out there and I am a huge fan. You might not know the name but you probably seen his work like this one.

Blair Butler

She is one of the host on Attack of Show, which is like easily one of my favorite shows. If I am not mistaken, I missed her signing last year and I really wanted to get this comic signed. It took me all night to find it but I can’t be more happy on how it turned out.

Ian McNeice

McNeice played Winston Churchill in the Doctor Who series which is by far my favorite show. I just can’t have enough Doctor Who autos!

Gail Kim

OK Gail Kim wasn’t at Comic Con but I bought it from one of the autograph dealers there. Her autograph is one I wanted for some time and it was what I hope to pull from all the TNA products I busted. I was actually considered buying a case of the first Tristar TNA set but it is so much cheaper and easier to just buy the signed photo right there and then. I hope she comes back to TNA soon.

Finally while watching the IEM New York Starcraft 2 tournament…

I won this top of the line Intel Core i7 Processor which retails for like $300 $1000. I actually don’t really need it and for what it retails for I mine as well sell it to get a new computer. I could also try to build a computer around it. We’ll see.

I think Day 2 is going to be more of a chill day for me. I am planning to attend as many panels and movie showings as I can and maybe join a Magic tournament if time permits.


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