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USA Olympic Curling Team Signed Hat

The USA Olympic curling team is the ultimate underdog story and it is hard not to root for them. I was actually curious about curling a few Winter Olympics ago and I always look out for it during Winter Olympics broadcast. I would also have at least tried to play it if there was a curling rink nearby. It seems like a ton of fun and it is my kind of game. Anyways I found out about a last minute meet and greet with the USA Olympic curling team and I just had go.

USA Curling Team Signed Hat

As you can see the event was sponsored by Cheetos. I am very excited that my schedule worked out so that I can attend the event.

I hope the inevitable feel good sports movie about this curling team will be awesome! Maybe in the same class as Cool Runnings!


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404 Not Found Coloring Book Signed by The Oatmeal

I found this 404 Not Found coloring book signed by The Oatmeal (or is it just Oatmeal) in the bargain bin at Barnes & Noble. It was only $3.75!

404 Not Found Coloring Book

The Oatmeal Autograph

I am a big fan of The Oatmeal’s webcomics and I was actually very pleasantly surprised that his game Exploding Kittens was actually a lot of fun. So this is a big find for me and it shows how you just never know what you can find in the bargain bins!

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My New York Comic Con 2016 Haul!

New York Comic Con is easily one of my favorite times of year. I go every year and I am always looking for fun and interesting things to add to my collection…

One of my first purchases was a mini painting of BB-8 by Brendan Shaw. I love it and I have a place for it right next to my computer.

BB 8 Mini Painting

Also got this convention exclusive Batman with Bomb Heroclix figure. The bomb is a like a game of hot potato so this seems like a fun figure to play with. I am going to try it out the next time I get to play Heroclix.

Batman with Bomb Heroclix

I also got Carcassonne: Gold Rush. Carcasonne is one of my favorite board games of all time but I played it a ton this summer so I was looking for something a little different. There were actually a bunch of board games I kind of wanted but I am running out of room on my shelf so I have to be more picky.

Carcassonne Gold Rush

Every year I pick up a mystery box and this year I picked up one centered around comics. This mystery box has a pack of 10 random comics, a graphic novel and two random items which can be Pop dolls, toys, valuable comics, trading cards etc. They claimed the items are valued at $60- $100.

Comics Mystery Box

I got a couple of interesting comics in my bundle (Doctor Who, Shadow of the Bat, Marvel Tales Starring Spider-Man, X-Factor, Fear Itself & more) and a Buffy graphic novel. My two random items are World of Krypton #1 (which has a $12 price tag) and a Batman metal business card holder which I now use to hold a game of Love Letter.

Another awesome comic I got was this Lucha Underground one I got from their panel.

Lucha Underground Comic

One of my favorite vendors in New York Comic Con sells sealed boxes of trading cards and I think I buy something from them every year too. This year I got a box of 2016 Leaf Signature Series Wrestling. I couldn’t resist eight autographs for $99.

Wrestling Autographs
Wrestling Autographs

And I got a great box! The eight autographs are of Lita, Al Snow, X- Pac, Chris Masters 3/50, Nick Bockwinkel, Nikita Koloff, Kama/Tatanka 4/15 and Ric Flair.


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Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand Signed Books for $1!

I don’t really collect politicians’ autographs but I recently got this Elizabeth Warren book signed and this Kirsten Gillibrand book signed for only $1! I figured they have to be worth more than that.

Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand Signed Books

Elizabeth Warren Autograph

Kirsten Gillibrand Autograph

I got the Elizabeth Warren signed book by helping out a friend donate a ton of books and I stumbled upon the Kirsten Gillibrand signed book in the $1 section of a used bookstore near where I work.

Anyways, New York Comic Con is right around the corner and I got my tickets! I hope to pick up some interesting autographs this year to add to my collection. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will be signing but their autographs will definitely cost more than a dollar…

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2014 Panini Golden Age Blaster Break

I saw a 2014 Panini Golden Age blaster for sale at K-Mart and it was a no brainer. Panini Golden Age follows the Allen & Ginter formula by having an eclectic mix of cards so it seems like a box break would be a lot fun. Here are my pulls.

2014 Panini Golden Age Cards

2014 Panini Golden Age Minis

Panini Golden Hits

This was a really good blaster with two hits. Every blaster is guaranteed an exclusive Legends of Music relic card and I pulled Liberace. Weird. I love the fact Joey Ramone got a card in the set and with a little digging I found out I could have pull of relic of his in the same insert set. I was surprised I actually pulled an autograph out of this blaster too. I am not too familiar with Jorge Velasquez career but he seems to have a storied history. The sticker stamps inserts are seem like a neat idea but it not really something I collect.

Finally there seems like a millions different backs for the mini cards. I think the Smith’s Mello- Mint parallel is one of the rarest of the bunch and I got one with Mark Koenig. The rest of the top row are Hindu backs and the bottom rows are Mono backs.

I wished I knew more about Panini Golden Age when it first came out. I like Panini Americana and this set is way better. It looks like Panini actually put some effort in it. All in all, this set is right up my alley and I would definitely pick up more blasters or boxes if I ever come across it.

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Comics, Cards, Collectibles and More from Atlantic City Boardwalk Con 2016

I made my way to Atlantic City this weekend for the 2nd annual Atlantic City Boardwalk Con and I picked up a few things along the way.

First I got a stack of comics and graphic novels. Most notable in the stack are a Charmed trade paperback signed by the writer and an indie comic signed by the writer and oddly enough Gary Sohmers from Antique Roadshow.

Comics from ACBC

I am most excited about picking up this booster box of The X-Files CCG. I played a quick game with two starter decks not too long ago and I was looking to pick up more booster packs. Best of all, this booster box was only $5!

The XFiles CCG Booster Box

Finally I love mystery boxes and this is what I got out of mines. I love the Doctor Who bag and the Fallout bobblehead.

Mystery Box from ACBC

There is also an awesome beef jerky store in Atlantic City and I have a whole stash to last me throughout the summer!

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I Picked Up a Rack Pack of 2016 Topps Road to Wrestlemania and

I picked up a rack pack of 2016 Topps Road to Wrestlemania and…

Kevin Von Erich Autograph

I pulled a Kevin Von Erich autograph!!

It is an autograph from a rack pack.
The Von Erichs are a legendary wrestling family.
The autograph is on card which never happens especially in a Topps WWE product.
It is 1/50!

One of the cons of an on card autograph is that one of corners of the card is slightly dented straight out of the pack.

Still the pull of just one rack pack of Road to Wrestlemania has beaten all the pulls of boxes of past years’ Road to Wrestlemania.


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