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Awesomely Awesome Comics: Did You Know Jeremy Lin was a Marvel Comics Superhero?

The Totally Awesome Hulk #13 & #14.



Oh and Brook Lopez makes a cameo appearance too!


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Awesomely Awesome Comics: Abadazad

In my opinion, Abadazad is the greatest story never finished. Big words I know. It is a whimsical Wizard of Oz/ Alice in Wonderland like tale by JM DeMatteis. With giving away too much, it tells the story of a girl, Kate in an epic adventure to find her missing brother, kidnapped by the Lanky Man. She journeys though a weird and magical land, Abadazad facing all sort of hurdles along the way. It seems like a fantasy cliche but DeMatteis really weaves a wonderful world with characters that really captures your imagination. The story is memorizing and addictive and it pains me to known that there will never be a resolution.

Abadazad Master Wix

Abadazad came in two forms, the comics published by Crossgen and the “children’s” book/ comic hybrid produced after they were bought out. Both are excellent.

Crossgen Abadazad 3

Abadazad The Dream Thief

As I was saying, Abadazad was never completed with Crossgen and when Disney bought out Crossgen, there was big plans for Abadazad, including talks about a movie but unfortunately only the first and second book came out in the US and the third book was only released in the UK. If I am not mistaken, it was supposed to be a seven book series. The third book is worth a pretty penny nowadays and I suspect it too will end in a cliffhanger. I am really debating whether to spent the $30+ to pick up book 3 since there is like 0% that the story will ever be finished.

For all the Abadazad fans out there, this is probably the closest we ever going to have to a resolution.

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Awesomely Awesome Comics: The Sandman Overture #1

In case you missed the big news. There is a new Sandman comic out! It is the first Sandman comic in I believe 10 years and it has been 25 years since the first Sandman comic was released. Best of all it is written by Neil Gaiman so it is not like the new series of Watchman comics which had no input from Alan Moore.

The Sandman Overture 1

I don’t want to spoil anything but it is epic and worthy to be part of the legendary Sandman collection. The art is stunning and it is great to see the whole gang back again (for a short limited series).

Going on a huge tangent who would have thought this comic is worth a pretty penny.

Saga #1 Signed

It is a first printing of Saga #1 signed by Brian K Vaughan. I had some idea Saga was big because I saw a bunch of stands at New York Comic Con selling the first issues and they were asking for a quite a lot for a modern comic. I decided to dig up my copy from my closet. It is really tough really pinpoint a value on comic books anymore but I suspect it can go for more than $50 maybe more than $100 on a good day. If you want my two cents on the comic, I only read one issue and it really isn’t my cup of tea but I can understand why this comic quite beloved.


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Awesomely Awesome Comics: DC Comics Villains Month 3D Covers

If you haven’t checked out the DC Comics Villains Month 3D Covers in person, you are really missing out because they are wicked cool. A lot of collectors are turned off such gimmicks (because the 90’s comic gimmicks burnout) but when done right and when it is not done like every month they can be something special and something to spark excitement. I also love reading about some of the more obscure characters so Villains Month is right in my wheelhouse. There is only so many Superman and Batman stories you can take. There are 52 Villains Month comics and here are the ones that stand out so far.

The Best Cover: Deadshot

Deadshot 3D Cover

Honestly some of the covers don’t really take advantage of the 3D technology as well as others. One that really pops is Deadshot. Deadshot really stands out in the forefront of his cover and you can see the bullet coming right at you. Also all the 3D covers have the theme of the defeated heroes in the background and in my opinion none of the covers do it as well as Deadshot’s. For some of the covers it seems like the background is just an afterthought.

The Worst Story: Joker

Joker 3D Cover

I haven’t gotten the chance to read all the Villains Month comics yet so I have going to hold off with my favorite story (most have been pretty good) but right now Joker’s comic has to be the worst story. For the record, it is not bad per se but it is just so random and just so weird. I won’t spoil it but I know Joker is insane but this story doesn’t really add anything positive whether it is to Joker’s character development or to the Forever Evil crossover.

The Most Valuable: Harley Quinn

Harley Quin 3D Cover

Despite DC Comics having to ration out the supply of 3D covers among retailers, there are a ton of 3D cover variants going around so the comics are probably not worth a whole lot especially short time. My office is close to probably one of the biggest comic book stores in the country so I can almost certainly get my hands on whatever 3D cover I want if I shop before I head to work. I also can keep and eye out on what sells and the 3D covers usually sells out the first day. This is a guesstimate and it from my observations but it seems that Harley Quinn’s comic sold out faster than the rest so that would be my pick for the most valuable comic. Harley Quinn is a popular character, she is getting her own series soon and wow she is quite evil.

Update: The Dial E comic was sold out before 11:30 AM today, making that the fastest selling 3D cover so far (again from my observations).


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Awesomely Awesome Comic Books: Malibu Comics Prime

The 90’s was not a good time for comic books. Sure more comic books probably have been sold in that decade compared to any other and it started the indy comic book boom but most 90’s comics haven’t aged well. They were cheesey, over the top and cringe- worthy in more ways than I can count. Yet there is at least one 90’s comic book series I liked.

Prime is kind of a guilty pleasure for me. It shares a lot of flaws of the 90’s comics. Let’s look at the random page of Prime #23.

Prime 23

Ridiculous over the top superheros and villains? Check. Cheesey, cringe-worthy dialogue? Check. Questionable female characters (to put it in a nice way)? Check. But the beauty of it all is that the 90’s style actually worked with Prime. Prime is just a kid (Kevin) who can use liquid flesh to create Prime and the whole gist of the series is Kevin/ Prime is put into a lot of adult situations which he is not mature enough to handle yet since no one knows is true identity including his mom. The teenage years can be awkward and cringe-worthy time so the flaws of 90’s writing is actually a strength (in fact most 90’s characters talk like they were eight years old despite them being some of the most powerful adults in the universe). Also the 90’s is known for the super muscular, total ridiculous superhero look (made most famous of course by Rob Liefeld) but Prime is a product of Kevin’s sub-conscience/ imagination so a kid would imagine himself to be the biggest, the baddest, the strongest superhero possible, defying anatomy and physics.

Looking back, Prime is a fun read and a rare comic that made the 90’s style comics work. The premise is a good one and I actually think if Prime was written today, during the comic book movie boom, it would be made into a movie. Unfortunately it is now an obscure comic book character that Marvel now owns but probably will never use.

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Awesomely Awesome Comics – Injustice: Gods Among Us #5

Fun Fact: Green Arrow and Harley Quinn are some my favorite characters in the DC Universe.

I never thought I would see a comic starring these two and sure enough Injustice: Gods Among Us #5 does just that. Unfortunately it currently only available as a digital comic now (but will come out as a physical comic book and a trade at a later date the physical comic book came out this week as Injustice #2) but as expected, it was awesomely, awesome! (Also as always, there will be spoilers.)

Injustice #5 cover

I didn’t read Injustice: Gods Among Us 1-4 but it has something to do with the videogame. It seems to be a non- canon Superman has gone crazy (and killing everyone) story. There have been like a million of those but as I said before this particular issue focuses on Green Arrow and Harley Quinn which is rare (or maybe even the first time ever). These two characters have been misused the last few years in my opinion. Harley Quinn in particular I feel is a stronger character when she is not with the Joker. I loved the Gotham City Sirens series up until the reboot. As for Green Arrow, I have no idea what happened. Anyways in this issue, it feels like the real Green Arrow and Harley Quinn.

I love the little moments in this issue. This comic has a panel that has been going around the Internets and it perfectly reflects the issue as a whole. In fact, I would have overlooked this issue (especially since it is a digital comic) if my friend didn’t forwarded me this panel.

Injustice #5

They go back and forth like this pretty much the whole issue. I don’t want to spoil too much but here is the last panel.

Injustice #5 panel

I guess I tend to like the lighthearted stories more than the doom and gloom ones. All in all, it is probably the best buck I spend in a long, long time.

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Awesomely Awesome Comics: Star Wars Tales #19

I did a couple of awesomely bad comics posts so it is time to do an awesomely awesome comic. Like so many comics that I want to collect, this comic was quite difficult to find. I suspect Star Wars Tales #19 had a low print run. The trade it was reprinted in was also quite hard to find. But it just all adds to the thrill of the hunt.

Star Wars Tales 19

So what makes this an awesomely awesome comic book? From the cover, it is billed with the Han Solo story you thought you’d never see and it has somewhat become a comic urban legend. The Han Solo story, Into the Great Unknown is sort of a (non- cannon) Indiana Jones/ Star Wars crossover.

Crossovers are usually kind of cheesey and formulaic but this crossover is in my opinion, ingenious. So the story starts with Han Solo and Chewbacca in the Millenium Falcon is quite a hairy situation and they were forced to go into hyperspace blind. They ended up time traveling back and crashing into Earth only to be attacked by American Indians. Han Solo dies in the attack but Chewbacca lives and became the Sasquatch aka Bigfoot.

Star Wars Into the Great Unknown

126 years later, Indiana Jones is tracking down this monster, only to stumble upon the crash landing of the Millenium Falcon and the body of Han Solo.

Star Wars Into the Great Unknown 2

This would have been a way better story than the last Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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