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Barnes & Noble Mystery Box Break

Today I got a Barnes & Noble exclusive mystery box! I got for 75% off (only $7.50) and it has pop dolls, pocket pop keychains and random mystery minis. So in my box, I got…

Barnes & Noble Mystery Box

Killer Croc Pop! Heroes (A Barnes & Noble Exclusive)
Oscar the Grouch Pop! Sesame Street
Hulk Avengers Pocket Pop! Keychain
Olaf Pokemon Pop! Keychain
Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Mystery Minis Box

Wow that was a lot better than I was expecting. I don’t really collect pop dolls but I love the Oscar the Grouch one.


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Think Geek Warcraft Epic Box Break

I am going to be honest. I never played World of Warcraft and I haven’t even seen the movie (but I heard it was pretty bad). I have however played a lot of Hearthstone so I am somewhat familiar with the lore. I got this Think Geek Warcraft Epic Box Break for two reason. 1) – I got for really, really cheap. 2) – I think it can be a fun box break. Each box is guaranteed 5 collectibles. A mini poster, a Horde or Alliance patch, a coin, a lanyard and a mystery item.

Think Geek Warcraft Epic Box

Think Geek Warcraft Epic Box Contents

The only thing in the box that I left out in the picture above is a little pouch that the coin comes in. Going to be honest again and this box is closer to meh than epic. I would be pretty let down if I paid the full retail price of $20. The poster is like something they give out for free in comic cons and the like. The lanyard is super, super random. I don’t really collect or use patches but I can see it being more exciting to someone else. The coin is pretty cool though and I may or may not use for seeing who goes first on board game night. The best item by far though is the doomhammer??? keychain but I probably won’t use it because it is a bit heavy to put in my pocket with my keys.

Overall I can see why these haven’t sold well…

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Pikachu Ex Legendary Collection Box Break

Today is Pokemon’s 20th anniversary! I really, really wanted to get my hands on some Generations packs but they seem to be very, very hard to find at the moment so instead I got a Pikachu Ex Legendary Collection Box.

It stars Pikachu Ex of course!

Pikachu EX

It also has 5 other promos and 5 Pokemon packs, (1 Primal Clash, 1 Roaring Skies, 1 Ancient Origins and 2 Breakthrough).

Pokemon Promos and Secret Rare

My pulls from my packs weren’t great. I just pulled a secret rare Weakness Policy.

Anyways, I wished I still had my old gameboy and my old Pokemon Red game. I never did catch them all…

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Cryptozoic Adventure Time Trading Cards & Adventure Time Love Letter

I am a huge fan of Adventure Time and I recently picked up a box of Cryptozoic Adventure Time trading cards. Here are my pulls.

Adventure Time Trading Cards

Adventure Time Sketch and Autograph

I love the Finn sketch card and I have like 2 complete sets of the base cards.

I also picked up the AEG Black Box 2015 for 50% off recently and in it is Adventure Time Love Letter.

Adventure Time Love Letter

Love Letter is one of my favorite games and this version seems to have some interesting twists to the base game. I can’t wait to try it!

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2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Box Break

So I saw the latest Star Wars movie and I know it has mixed reviews but I thought it was awesome! I also saw boxes of 2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens on sale for $80 in my local hobby stores so it was a no brainer that this should be my first box break of 2016!

I should have enough cards in one box to complete the base set. I need to find the time to organize it. There were also a ton of parallels and inserts but a bunch of the inserts were doubles and even triples. For example, I pulled 3 of the Flametrooper foil insert cards. Anyways here are the pulls and the hits.

2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens

I got a numbered foil parallel /150 of Yoda and autographs of Bai Ling (didn’t know she was in Star Wars) and of Nika Futterman.

Not bad. Can’t complain about pulling two autographs in a box. I was sure after pulling the first autograph that the other hit was going to be a manufactured patch card.

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My 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Box Break

Wow times flies. I remember when I bought a box of Allen & Ginter when first came out and it has been 10 years since. After all these years, Allen & Ginter is still one of the most fun sets to break. I am not going to stop this year so I have a hobby box of 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter 10th Anniversary Issue.

First off the box topper.

2015 Allen & Ginter Jorge Soler Box Topper

Jorge Soler, not bad. Here are a bunch of cards from the box.

2015 Allen & Ginter Base Cards

2015 Allen & Ginter Non Baseball Base

A fun set as usual. I especially dig the Rocky cards. Another staple of Allen & Ginter sets is the tons of different inserts, variations and minis.

2015 Allen & Ginter Inserts

2015 Allen & Ginter Inserts 2

2015 Allen & Ginter Mini

2015 Allen & Ginter Mini Inserts

I have to double check but I don’t think I got any super rare variations or parallels and my buyback cards are pretty lame.

Each box has three hits and I got

2015 Allen & Ginter Josh Hamilton Relic Card

a jersey card of Josh Hamiliton

2015 Allen & Ginter Bryce Harper Relic Card

a jersey card of Bryce Harper

2015 Allen & Ginter Archie Bradley Auto

and the big hit of the box, an autograph of Archie Bradley. The hits aren’t bad but I was hoping to pull some oddball cards.

All in all, another home run by Topps. Before I throw anything away do I need to know about anything about the set like random cards hidden in the box, unannounced super rare inserts, random wrapper redemptions, etc?

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Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD Box Break

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is one of my favorite TV shows on the air right now. It started off very strong got slow but I have been hooked since then. So this box of Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD is a no brainer.

Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD

Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD Base Cards

Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD Inserts

The base cards are pretty much what you would expect from non- sports cards. The gold parallel is SOOOO easy to miss. In fact, I sorted it in with base cards cards until I read about a one per box gold parallel. I then had to go through all the base cards again to find it. The insert cards are also what to come to expect from non- sport or comics cards. Although I thought the SHIELD ID inserts are a neat idea.

Each box comes with a costume card and an autograph. My relic card is of

Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD Agent Jasper Sitwell Relic Card

Agent Jasper Sitwell, 140/350. I honestly forgot who he was in the show. And my autograph is of

Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD Patton Oswalt Autograph

Patton Oswalt!!! He is one of the autographs I was looking to pull in the box.

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