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MTG Brewer: Fun Budget Aether Revolt Standard Deck – R/W Artificers

Looking for a fun budget deck for Aether Revolt Standard? Aggro decks have been in the backburner in this format and the ones that do have some success like G/B Aggro, G/W Tokens and Mardu Vehicles all cost a pretty penny. With that in mind, here is R/W Artificers.

4 Inventor’s Apprentice
4 Toolcraft Exemplar
4 Stoneforge Acolyte
4 Weapons Trainer
4 Stone Haven Outfitter
2 Aether Chaser
2 Reckless Bushwacker
2 Pia Nalaar

4 Inventor’s Goggles
2 Captain’s Claws
2 Stoneforge Masterwork

4 Shock
2 Declaration in Stone

4 Inspiring Vantage
2 Needle Spires
8 Plains
6 Mountains

artificers deck

This deck plays powerful one drops like Inventor’s Apprentice and Toolcraft Exemplar and equipment to enable it instead of vehicles like Heart of Kiran. It also plays 8 powerful 2 drops lords in Weapons Trainer and Stone Haven Outfitter. Inventor’s Goggles and Stoneforge Masterwork tie in the Artificers synergies. Inspiring Vantage is the most expensive card in the deck but it is a necessity to make the mana work. Every other card are commons, uncommons or bulk rares so the deck should cost no more than $30 to make.

All in all, this could be a good deck for someone looking to try something a little different. One thing is for sure none of these cards are in danger of being banned in the next wave of bannings!


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MTG Pauper Brew: Mono Green Eldrazi Ramp

I have a deck for pretty much every format out there. In Standard, I have a bunch but my go to deck is probably G/U Turbo Infect, Modern I have Melira Pod (my decklist is a bit outdated), Legacy I am currently playing Reanimator, for Vintage I have a Belcher deck, for Commander I got a dragon deck etc. One format I have not tried out until now is pauper, where you can only use commons. You would think the format is a bunch of vanilla creature decks smashing against other but you can do some broken things in Pauper.

Anyways, brainstorming decks I can build, I settle on something with Eldrazis. I came back to Magic around Innistrad block so I totally missed the Rise of Eldrazi set and it is a shame because drafting it and brewing with it seems to be a lot of fun. I don’t have many Rise of Eldrazi cards but I do have a lot of commons from the set from collections and lots I have acquired. Perfect.

Mono Green Eldrazi Ramp:

4 Ulamog’s Crusher
4 Hand of Emrakul

4 Arbor Elf (I cut Wild Growths & too lazy to switch them for Llanowar Elves)
4 Ranger’s Path
4 Reap and Sow
4 Krosan Drover

4 Ancient Stirrings
4 Gift of Gargantuan
1 Fierce Empath
3 Spider Umbra

16 Forest
4 Cloudposts
4 Glimmerposts

There are two common Eldrazis, Ulamog’s Crusher and Hand of Emrakul. Most would probably use all the Eldrazis spawn cards to ramp to the Eldrazis especially for the Hand of Emrakul but I am not too impressed by the green selection and in fact I would probably have to add red. Instead I decided to just use some of the best ramp green has to offer and just ignore the Eldrazi spawn mechanic. I play around with Rampant Growths and Wild Growths but I stuck with Arbor Elves and Ranger’s Path in the end. Krosan Drover makes the Eldrazi cost two less to play which can lead to multiple Eldrazi cast in a single turn. I also decided to throw in the Cloudposts/ Glimmerpost for more acceleration. Reap and Sow works great with Cloudposts or to destroy your opponent’s land which actually is a big deal in Pauper.

Finally I add a couple of cards to cycle through the deck and they are Ancient Stirrings, Gift of the Gargantuan and Fierce Empath. Spider Umbra is in the deck for value, pumping and protecting the Eldrazis.

For the sideboard, I definitely wanted some more life gain in addition to the Glimmerpost for aggro and burn decks. As an old school player, Stream of Life first came to mind but I went on the Gatherer so see if there are any commons better. I think Grazing Gladehart gives the most value. Sure it is weak to removal but with cards like Ranger’s Path I can gain six life a turn. I don’t know what else to expect in the format so I just threw in a bunch of utility spells like some more land destruction, spot removal and Naturalize just in case.

Update: I have been playing around with Wall of Roots and Overgrown Battlement instead of Arbor Elf and Ranger’s Path to see if that is better. The deck would ramp slower but it would be safer to a wider range of decks. I also cut the Krosan Drovers for 1 Vine Trellis and 3 Krosan Tusker because I needed more threats in the deck.

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