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Random Pack Break: Funko Disney Moana Mystery Minis

I have been trying to save money for New York Comic Con and Pax Unplugged. But I saw a single pack of Funko’s Disney Moana Mystery Minis for sale and I just could not resist a good deal.

Moana Mystery Minis

Coconut Pirate Moana Mystery Minis

And I pulled one of the coconut pirate guys. Moana, by the way, is probably my second favorite Disney movie at the moment. (Wreck It Ralph is still my favorite). Moana was just incredible. The music, the top notch animation and the fun characters (Moana, Maui, Tamatoa, even the ocean) are all part of the package. It also introduced a vast world, ripe for adventure. I can’t wait for the inevitable sequel and I can’t recommend checking out this movie enough if you haven’t already.


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Barnes & Noble Mystery Box Break

Today I got a Barnes & Noble exclusive mystery box! I got for 75% off (only $7.50) and it has pop dolls, pocket pop keychains and random mystery minis. So in my box, I got…

Barnes & Noble Mystery Box

Killer Croc Pop! Heroes (A Barnes & Noble Exclusive)
Oscar the Grouch Pop! Sesame Street
Hulk Avengers Pocket Pop! Keychain
Olaf Pokemon Pop! Keychain
Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Mystery Minis Box

Wow that was a lot better than I was expecting. I don’t really collect pop dolls but I love the Oscar the Grouch one.

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Random Pack Break: Funko Despicable Me Mystery Minis

Just FYI, the Barnes & Noble Red Dot sale has reached 75% off! So most items with a red dot are 75% off (except for books at the moment). This is a seasonal sale and you just never know what you may find here. In the past, I have gotten board games, card games, playmats, binders for Magic cards, t-shirts, etc. Here is my haul. All this for $8!


I remember picking up these Funko Despicable Me Mystery Minis packs for full price and I got two packs today. I would have gotten more since they were only $1.49 but I have too many collectible minis already…


And I pulled Gru and El Macho! There were no chase figures in this set so if I had to pick two characters these were the two I would want. Nice!

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Random Pack Break: 2015 Topps WWE & Run’A Bot Biz Saiyuki Figure

I was cleaning my closet the other day and I found a value pack of 2015 Topps WWE and weird sealed box of Run’A Bot Biz Saiyuki figures among other random things. I have no idea where I got them from but I suspect they were part of those mystery boxes with random goodies that you find in comic cons and monthly subscription boxes.

First off the 2015 Topps WWE pack… and I got a bunch of doubles. Even the NXT card in the pack was a double. But I did get this

Virgil Parallel

It is a black parallel of WWE legend Virgil. Yea this pack is not too exciting.

The other pack is a bit more interesting. I couldn’t find much about it but it is a random collectible mini figure from the anime Saiyuki. If I got it right, Run’A Bot Biz is the company that makes these figures.

Bronze figure of Lirin

I think it is a bronze parallel of the character Lirin. I don’t know a thing about Saiyuki so I have no idea who this is or even if this figure is worth anything.

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Random Pack Break: Minions Mystery Minis & Minions Challenge Card Game

Today I have a Minions themed blog post! I have one pack of Minions Mystery Minis and one pack of Minions Challenge Card Game.

Minions Packs

And here are my pulls.

Minions Figures

The karate minion figure is pretty awesome and I have a spot for him right next to my computer. The Minions Challenge card game just seems like a game of War but I will next a closer look at it when I get the time.

Can’t wait until the Minions movie comes out!


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Random Packs from Japan: Chozoukei Damashii Spider-Man 3, AniMYCLONE & Marvel Heroes

I have these random packs from Japan from a mystery bag I got at Atlantic City Boardwalk Con. It should be a fun break.

Random Packs from Japan

First up the Chozoukei Damashii Spider-Man 3 pack. There are 7 figures in the set and 1 secret figure.

Venom Figure

And I pulled a Venom. Looking at the box, I was kind of hoping for a Sandman figure. Anyways, the AniMYCLONE pack is so weird. Each pack has an mini figure of an animal (of all things).

AniMYCLONE Secret Figure

Whoa… I pulled the secret figure in this set, the Clone Jaguar Turbo- Dribuyzer. So instead of pulling a zebra or deer I pulled a robot jaguar with a drill for a head. So weird… The last pack is Marvel Heroes and I don’t think it can top this.

Marvel Heroes

So in this pack, there is a giant piece of gum and a card of Carnage vs Venom.

I am not the biggest Venom fan in the world but these packs are certainly something a little different.

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Domos and Vinylmation Collectible Figures from Orlando

I picked a really, really good week to go to Orlando, missing Winter Storm Juno (even though the snowfall in New York City turned out a lot less than expected). The weather was just perfect down in Florida.

I haven’t been to either Universal Studios or Disney World in like 10+ years. Of all the parks, Epcot was always my favorite but Universal Studios has really stepped up their game especially in the Harry Potter sections. The attention to small details had me in awe a number of times.

Anyways, every time I travel somewhere I like to open some packs. I couldn’t find any sports cards in Orlando but I did picked up a couple packs of collectible figures. As you may know, I collect Domos and picked up a pack of Domo Qee Series 5. I also got a Vinylmation Park #13, Vinylmation Urban Redux #2 and a Vinylmation from the Star Wars line.

Domos and Vinylmation

The wood grain Domo is one of the rarer figures from this series, coming at 1/30. The Vinylmation figures though are the common ones in the sets. Goofy as Darth Vader is a limited edition Vinylmation. I wanted to take a look at the Vinylmation figures and all in all, I probably will stick with Domos.

Finally, there has been a debate between the turkey drumsticks from Disney vs the ones from Universal Studios and my vote is definitely for the mammoth drumsticks from Disney.

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