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Comics and More from the Five Points Festival

There is a new comic con within walking distance from me and I had to check it out. It is actually a festival for comics, designer toys, street art and food! It was a lot of fun and I picked up a few things.

Five Points Festival Haul

Of course I had to pick up a bunch of comics but I have to admit I haven’t even read the comics I got from last year’s New York Comic Con. I also got a mystery box and there was a bunch of interesting prints and postcards. The one thing I am most excited about is a custom pop doll of stormtrooper. I am not sure whether I should keep in its packaging or take it out and display it on my shelf.

Overall I am glad I went and I’ll keep an eye for it next year.


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Awesomely Awesome Comics: Did You Know Jeremy Lin was a Marvel Comics Superhero?

The Totally Awesome Hulk #13 & #14.



Oh and Brook Lopez makes a cameo appearance too!

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My New York Comic Con 2016 Haul!

New York Comic Con is easily one of my favorite times of year. I go every year and I am always looking for fun and interesting things to add to my collection…

One of my first purchases was a mini painting of BB-8 by Brendan Shaw. I love it and I have a place for it right next to my computer.

BB 8 Mini Painting

Also got this convention exclusive Batman with Bomb Heroclix figure. The bomb is a like a game of hot potato so this seems like a fun figure to play with. I am going to try it out the next time I get to play Heroclix.

Batman with Bomb Heroclix

I also got Carcassonne: Gold Rush. Carcasonne is one of my favorite board games of all time but I played it a ton this summer so I was looking for something a little different. There were actually a bunch of board games I kind of wanted but I am running out of room on my shelf so I have to be more picky.

Carcassonne Gold Rush

Every year I pick up a mystery box and this year I picked up one centered around comics. This mystery box has a pack of 10 random comics, a graphic novel and two random items which can be Pop dolls, toys, valuable comics, trading cards etc. They claimed the items are valued at $60- $100.

Comics Mystery Box

I got a couple of interesting comics in my bundle (Doctor Who, Shadow of the Bat, Marvel Tales Starring Spider-Man, X-Factor, Fear Itself & more) and a Buffy graphic novel. My two random items are World of Krypton #1 (which has a $12 price tag) and a Batman metal business card holder which I now use to hold a game of Love Letter.

Another awesome comic I got was this Lucha Underground one I got from their panel.

Lucha Underground Comic

One of my favorite vendors in New York Comic Con sells sealed boxes of trading cards and I think I buy something from them every year too. This year I got a box of 2016 Leaf Signature Series Wrestling. I couldn’t resist eight autographs for $99.

Wrestling Autographs
Wrestling Autographs

And I got a great box! The eight autographs are of Lita, Al Snow, X- Pac, Chris Masters 3/50, Nick Bockwinkel, Nikita Koloff, Kama/Tatanka 4/15 and Ric Flair.


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Magical Collectibles from Walt Disney World

I made my annual trip to Walt Disney World and this time around I kept an eye out for some cool and interesting collectibles.

First off, I am a huge fan of Figment and I picked up two comics.

figment comics

I hope I can get these signed in New York Comic Con which is next week! I also got this awesome sketch.

figment sketch

I found this equally awesome sketch of Baymax on my last day and I had to get it too!

baymax sketch

Finally I read about Disney’s trading card game Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom and I got a bunch of cards.

sorcerers of magic kingdom

The best way to play the game is through interactive portals spread throughout Magic Kingdom but I also bought the board to play it away from the park.

Disney depression is a real thing and I am already planning my next trip!

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Some Weird Comics That I Came Across

A few weird comics made my way to my collection recently.

First I came across a familiar name in the comic book store.

Drax 1

This is the first time I was aware of the fact that CM Punk is a writer for Marvel Comics. I googled it and apparently he wrote a few comics for Marvel already but Drax is his first ongoing title. I bought the first issue but I haven’t got the chance to read it yet.

One comic I did read is Scooby Apocalypse #1.

Scooby Apocalypse

DC Comics have been hyping this comics for months and… I don’t like it. I love, love Scooby Doo but this comic was to much of a departure of the characters I grown to love. First and foremost the comics are too dark. Velma is part of an organization looking to end the world??? Fred and Daphne are wash up reporters looking for their big break?? Shaggy is a dog trainer and Scooby is a experiment gone wrong?? This is only a Scooby Doo comic in name only as DC Comics could have easily told the story with brand new characters.

Finally I stumbled upon a tragic X-Men character, ForgetMeNot.

X Force 10

ForgetMeNot’s mutant power is like the Silence in Doctor Who. As soon as anyone looks away from him, they instantly forget about his existence. X-Men: Legacy #300 and X-Force #10 are both excellent comics that I can’t recommend enough. His story arc in X-Force #13- 15 wasn’t as good.

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Comics, Cards, Collectibles and More from Atlantic City Boardwalk Con 2016

I made my way to Atlantic City this weekend for the 2nd annual Atlantic City Boardwalk Con and I picked up a few things along the way.

First I got a stack of comics and graphic novels. Most notable in the stack are a Charmed trade paperback signed by the writer and an indie comic signed by the writer and oddly enough Gary Sohmers from Antique Roadshow.

Comics from ACBC

I am most excited about picking up this booster box of The X-Files CCG. I played a quick game with two starter decks not too long ago and I was looking to pick up more booster packs. Best of all, this booster box was only $5!

The XFiles CCG Booster Box

Finally I love mystery boxes and this is what I got out of mines. I love the Doctor Who bag and the Fallout bobblehead.

Mystery Box from ACBC

There is also an awesome beef jerky store in Atlantic City and I have a whole stash to last me throughout the summer!

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My Haul from Atlantic City Boardwalk Con

I managed to clear my schedule to make my way to Atlantic City for Atlantic City Boardwalk Con last weekend. Atlantic City Boardwalk Con is a new comic con (this is their first year) and it is sort of like New York Comic Con lite. New York Comic Con is still the go to event in East Coast (I got my tickets already!) but there is something nice about able to comfortably shop and to be able to actually move around the aisles. Anyways, I picked up a bunch of stuff.

First, I picked a sweet Doctor Who theme box for my Commander deck and I picked up this Agent Coulson Heroclix figure I needed for the team I wanted to build (based on the TV show Agents of SHIELD).

Agent Coulson Heroclix

I also got this Adventure Time comics signed by Travis J Hill and this watercolor of Snoopy and Woodstock as Batman and Robin by Jeff Shultz.

Adventure Time Comic Signed

Jeff Schultz Peanuts Sketch

You know have to open some packs and I picked up this Donruss Americana II blaster. It is one of my favorite non- sport sets ever. I especially love the Ring Kings inserts. It is one of the first MMA cards in the market and I have been trying to get my hands on as many of these cards as I can. Lucky for me I pulled a Ring Kings card I don’t have yet. Nice!

Houston Alexander Ring Kings

It seems that I can’t resist mystery grab bags and I got some weird Japanese action figures and a good pack for a future blog post in mines. Finally, the Zenescope board game Wonderland has been on my radar for some time now and it was only $10 at their booth so I thought to give it a shot.

All in all, Atlantic City Boardwalk Con is a lot of fun and I look forward to making my way there again next year!

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