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My Haul from My Local Board Game Store’s Ding and Dent Sale

My local board game store has an annual ding and dent sale where you can get some great deals. Everything is from 50% to 90% off! I got there early so there were a lot of tempting games. I had to talk myself out of so many games but here were what I was most excited about.

All that in the picture above only costed me about $40. I have been getting back into Dungeons & Dragons and have some new players who never played before so I was very happy to find the Starter Set for 80%. They also had a couple of DnD books and I got the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount solely because it had the best discount (70%). My friend got a ton of DnD/ RPG minis and I was able to only find one blind pack. But it is from a set I really wanted and I pulled the Death Tyrant which is probably the mini I wanted most from the set.

I also found a board game, Ricochet Robots that a friend really wanted for some time now and I also got more escape room type games including the Star Wars themed Unlock games which I was always kind of interested in.

Overall I am very happy with what I got!

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Thrift Store Hauls: Star Wars RPG, Beyblade and More!

I check the thrift stores near me maybe once or twice a week and I have gotten quite lucky the last couple of weeks.

First up I found this Star Wars RPG: The Force Awakens Beginner Game from Fantasy Flight for $10 sealed. I actually ran a months long campaign in the Star Wars universe but I used the Fate system. I have finally gotten back to meeting in person for RPGs and I am definitely looking forward to check out the official Star Wars RPG system.

One thing I have always kept an eye out for in thrift stores but couldn’t find until now was Beyblade stuff. I got this arena, two Beyblades, one broken knockoff top (that I threw away) and two launchers for only $5. It is probably one of the best deals yet! I thought I was only going to get one or two Beyblades when I first started just to check it out and now I have quite the growing collection.

Finally I also always take a look at the books section and in the past, I have gotten a lot of random books. One of my favorite finds lately has been the 5th and 6th book of the Enola Holmes series. I wasn’t expecting much but I really enjoyed it and read both books in one day. I hope to find the rest of the series in thrift stores or used bookstores some time soon.

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Contest: Win a Jenna Jameson Autograph, Bruce Buffer Autograph & More!!

I entered a little partnership (maybe that isn’t the right word) with the clothing company Sultans & Kings (Save $10 with code RCB2) across all my blogs so I have a little contest mostly through Twitter. All you have to do is tweet or retweet the following message.

Sultans & Kings 2010 Clothing Line Save $10 /w code RCB2 http://bit.ly/amZLkb | RT to enter contest for Jenna Jameson Auto & More

The keyword I would be tracking is the link http://bit.ly/amZLkb so at the very least make sure you have that in your tweet.

More details:
If someone retweets your tweet, that would count as another entry for you. So say if two people retweet your tweet you get three entries (one for tweeting the original message & two for other people retweeting you). A little hint try to keep the tweet short to fit in as many @’s and perhaps tweeting several times in the next two months.

The prize is a Jenna Jameson signed lithograph from Virgin Comics. I used to work for Virgin Comics and I got the lithograph signed in New York Comic Con. Plus if enough people buy from the site with the code (say 15 hoodies sold) I will add a Bruce Buffer Autograph (or another autograph of the sport of your choice see below) and if there are more hoodies sold than that for every 10 more than 15 I will add to the prize pool. In addition you can choose one of the autograph(s) below including the Bruce Buffer auto and the more hoodies are sold (say for every 10 sold) you can choose more from the pool. Don’t forget you save $10 with the code. (There is good chance I add even more to the prize pool as time passes so stay tuned!)

Sorry for blurry pic. My digital camera broke and had to use my phone.

If you your not a MMA fan here is the choice of autographs you can choose from,
MMA Bruce Buffer
Football DeAngelo Williams
Basketball Nick Young, Spencer Hawes & Branden Wright Autos from Topps Basketball Signatures Lot
Baseball TBA
Extreme Sports Tony Hawk Memorabilia card (this one is not signed)
So basically there is something for everyone well except for hockey and I guess soccer.

I will pick a winner around the end of June so let’s say June 25th for now. I will use Random.org from all the entries.

Good Luck!

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