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Awesomely, Awesome TCGs: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Dragon Ball Super Card Game seemed like a lot fun so I scrapped two decks together just to check it out. One of my friends had two demo decks from past comic cons which can be combined to one full deck and I got a bunch of freebie packs from Game Trade Magazines. It is Jackie Chun vs Future Trunks.

What drew me to the game the most is its simplicity. You basically just want to have a higher power than your opponent to win battles. I also like that there are no dead cards in your hand since all cards can be used as energy and most cards can be used as additional attackers or combat boosts. So the real trick of this game is using your resources as efficiently as possible. Card advantage is really, really important in this game. This game also has an interesting catch up mechanic (for most characters) where if you take enough damage you get to use the more powerful version of the character, gaining more attack and better abilities. Also this game sort of has prizes like Pokemon TCG (you set aside 8 cards in the beginning of the game to track how much life you have) but when your opponent wins a battle against your leader and deals damage, you get the card(s) and not him or her. When I think about it, I like this mechanic way better.

All in all, this game is easy to learn, plays fast (about 15 minutes a game) and has a great theme. I highly recommend it.

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Random Pack Break: Dragon Ball Super Card Game Miraculous Revival

Game Trade Magazine is a magazine for board games and card games. I get it every month and it usually has some sort of freebie or promo. In this month’s GTM (GTM #241), I am pleasantly surprised to find a pack of Dragon Ball Super Card Game Miraculous Revival.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Miraculous Revival

I am always cautious in getting into another Collectible Card Game/ Trading Card Game. They are a huge money sink. The back of the pack even says “due to the nature of the product, multiples of one card may appear or it may be difficult to assemble a full set”. Also I almost never find time for 2 player games. But I love the Dragon Ball universe and I always considered checking out the Dragon Ball CCG. I honestly don’t know much about the game but just reading the cards, there seems to be a lot going on.

I actually recently rewatched the Majin Buu saga and it moved SOOOO slow. It is so repetitive and like 80% of the show feels like filler. I have no idea how I watched this series in 30 minute increments every week. I definitely don’t have the patience for it now.

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Oddball Pack Break: Dragon Ball GT Collectible Card Game

I recently came across this pack of Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon Ball GT Pack

From what I can get from the packaging, it is a card game made by Tesla Distribuzione in 1998 and it is not in English. I am not 100% sure what language it is in (Italian?) but I can make out that you can pull 1 metal card or 2 rares. Interesting. The pack is something you don’t see every day so it really piqued my interests.

Dragon Ball GT Cards

Dragon Ball GT Metal Card

So I pulled a metal card and the cards in general are wicked cool. The game came out in the late 90’s which is basically when everyone was making CCGs aka TCGs and it really felt like a new one was coming out like every week. The CCGs business model was flaw though. In a nutshell, you really need a large passionate fanbase for the game to be fun (and profitable for the company) but CCGs can be a huge commitment, so many aren’t willing to make the commitment unless they are sure they can play with at least a core gaming group. Spending hundreds of dollars on a game that no one plays is no fun. So there is a bit of catch-22. I know companies tried everything back in the day like ambassador programs, tournaments etc but most are short lived. Everyone thought they can be the next Magic: The Gathering. This is unfortunate because there are lot of CCGs out there that are actually solid games but are largely forgotten nowadays.

Anyways, I was thinking it can be fun to try to find some of the more obscure CCGs and blog about it…

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