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Awesomely Awesome Comics: Did You Know Jeremy Lin was a Marvel Comics Superhero?

The Totally Awesome Hulk #13 & #14.



Oh and Brook Lopez makes a cameo appearance too!


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Some Weird Comics That I Came Across

A few weird comics made my way to my collection recently.

First I came across a familiar name in the comic book store.

Drax 1

This is the first time I was aware of the fact that CM Punk is a writer for Marvel Comics. I googled it and apparently he wrote a few comics for Marvel already but Drax is his first ongoing title. I bought the first issue but I haven’t got the chance to read it yet.

One comic I did read is Scooby Apocalypse #1.

Scooby Apocalypse

DC Comics have been hyping this comics for months and… I don’t like it. I love, love Scooby Doo but this comic was to much of a departure of the characters I grown to love. First and foremost the comics are too dark. Velma is part of an organization looking to end the world??? Fred and Daphne are wash up reporters looking for their big break?? Shaggy is a dog trainer and Scooby is a experiment gone wrong?? This is only a Scooby Doo comic in name only as DC Comics could have easily told the story with brand new characters.

Finally I stumbled upon a tragic X-Men character, ForgetMeNot.

X Force 10

ForgetMeNot’s mutant power is like the Silence in Doctor Who. As soon as anyone looks away from him, they instantly forget about his existence. X-Men: Legacy #300 and X-Force #10 are both excellent comics that I can’t recommend enough. His story arc in X-Force #13- 15 wasn’t as good.

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Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD Heroclix Pack Break

I usually stick to DC Comics but with all the Marvel movies and TV shows, especially the Agents of SHIELD series, they got me interested in the SHIELD storylines. In fact, the latest SHIELD comic book series is one of the few the monthly comics book I look forward to. So with all that being said, I was pretty excited reading all the previews of the latest heroclix set Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD. It finally was released and I picked up four boosters packs. Here are some of my favorite figures.

Nick Fury Agent of Shield Heroclix

Simply put in my opinion this the best Heroclix set in awhile. For the record, I really just collect the Heroclix figures as I rarely get the chance to play it (Heroclix unfortunately has a high barrier of entry and it is very hard to find someone to play with) so I usually don’t care about the gameplay or dial. But the checklist is strong with a ton of interesting characters (and I love go to wikipedia to read about some of the more obscure ones) and there are a ton of characters that never had a Heroclix figure before. The sculpts in this set are also amazing. Just look at the Namor one. Wow! I probably won’t get to complete it but another neat idea in this set is the build a clix concept. In four booster packs, I pulled two legs of the Hulkbuster MK II.

Two thumbs up for me.

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Random Packs from Japan: Chozoukei Damashii Spider-Man 3, AniMYCLONE & Marvel Heroes

I have these random packs from Japan from a mystery bag I got at Atlantic City Boardwalk Con. It should be a fun break.

Random Packs from Japan

First up the Chozoukei Damashii Spider-Man 3 pack. There are 7 figures in the set and 1 secret figure.

Venom Figure

And I pulled a Venom. Looking at the box, I was kind of hoping for a Sandman figure. Anyways, the AniMYCLONE pack is so weird. Each pack has an mini figure of an animal (of all things).

AniMYCLONE Secret Figure

Whoa… I pulled the secret figure in this set, the Clone Jaguar Turbo- Dribuyzer. So instead of pulling a zebra or deer I pulled a robot jaguar with a drill for a head. So weird… The last pack is Marvel Heroes and I don’t think it can top this.

Marvel Heroes

So in this pack, there is a giant piece of gum and a card of Carnage vs Venom.

I am not the biggest Venom fan in the world but these packs are certainly something a little different.

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Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD Box Break

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is one of my favorite TV shows on the air right now. It started off very strong got slow but I have been hooked since then. So this box of Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD is a no brainer.

Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD

Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD Base Cards

Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD Inserts

The base cards are pretty much what you would expect from non- sports cards. The gold parallel is SOOOO easy to miss. In fact, I sorted it in with base cards cards until I read about a one per box gold parallel. I then had to go through all the base cards again to find it. The insert cards are also what to come to expect from non- sport or comics cards. Although I thought the SHIELD ID inserts are a neat idea.

Each box comes with a costume card and an autograph. My relic card is of

Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD Agent Jasper Sitwell Relic Card

Agent Jasper Sitwell, 140/350. I honestly forgot who he was in the show. And my autograph is of

Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Agents of SHIELD Patton Oswalt Autograph

Patton Oswalt!!! He is one of the autographs I was looking to pull in the box.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Heroclix Pack Break

Today I have a Heroclix pack of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I honestly don’t really follow the Marvel Comics storylines especially the space themed ones (I hated the Infinity Gauntlet story arc and never cared since) but I did watch the movie…

Guardians of the Galaxy Heroclix

I pulled Korath the Pursuer, Crystal, Brother Royal, Raptor and Lockjaw figures. I have no idea who Brother Royal or Raptor is. The new Lockjaw figure is such an improvement from the old one and with Korath the Pursuer and Crystal I am planning on building a little Ronan the Accuser themed team to face my Guardians of the Galaxy themed team.

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Awesomely Bad Comics – The Amazing Spider-Man #559

Spider-Man Brand New Day and its lead up, One More Day will go down as one of Marvel Comics greatest misses. It is a textbook example of changing the status quo of an iconic character too much. It really is quite the feat to create Spider-Man comics that are almost universally hated. The kicker? Many of the individual storylines were actually not that bad but when taken as a whole that is where the problem starts…

Staying positive first (because there is a lot of negativity about One More Day and Brand New Day already), one bright side of Brand New Day is that Marvel experimented with several new villains in the Spidey universe. The Amazing Spider-Man 559 introduces two new villains Screwball and Paper Doll.

Spider-Man Screwball

Spider-Man Paper Doll

Screwball is a thrill seeker and parkour specialist who wants to toy around with Spider-Man so she can get hits in her webshow. Paper Doll is a supervillian who is obsessed with celebrity Bobby Carr and she can become paper thin and blend in with her surroundings. I find both very interesting (Paper Doll probably more so) and I definitely would like to read more about them. But you probably won’t see either much in action anymore. They certainly won’t be in the next Spider-Man movie.

Now for the bad. As part of the Brand New Day storyline in this issue, the Daily Bugle is bought out and become a tabloid newspaper and Peter Parker is hired as a paparazzi. This is all quite cringe worthy like many of the random sweeping changes Brand New Day brings. It is only interesting in that you get curious just to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Spider-Man Paparazzi

All the cool villains to come from these issues may (or may not) be overshadowed by all the negativity to One More Day and Brand New Day and it is a shame. I wished they was a “director cut” of all the Brand New Day issues which cuts out all the dumb storylines.

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