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Disney Movie Rewards Mystery DVD

I am running a Star Wars RPG campaign (using Fate Accelerated system) and I had to get some Star Wars DVDs for “research”. Anyways I just happen to get enough Disney movie reward points for a mystery DVD. It could be anything!

Million Dollar Arm DVD

And my DVD is Million Dollar Arm. Honestly I never heard of the movie but I remember seeing the story that inspired it on SportsCenter (cricket players being scouted for baseball). I always find the business side of sports fascinating so it should be right in my wheelhouse…

The movie is meh. It is kind of slow paced and super predictable. Every good underdog sports movie needs a good rival and the rival in this movie is kind of abstract (coming to America or maybe time?). Also it is kind of hard to care about the main character. He not big enough of jerk to hate him and he is not interesting enough of a character to root for. The real life story that inspired this movie is really not interesting enough for a whole movie. This movie could have easily been a made for TV movie or an ESPN special.

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What’s Inside a Flying Tiger Copenhagen Surprise Bag

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a quirky store that is kind of hard to describe. They sell a bit of everything including games, office stuff, kitchen stuff, party stuff etc. They sell these surprise bags for $4 and you know I just can’t resist a good mystery bag or box. So what’s inside a Flying Tiger Copenhagen surprise bag?

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Surprise Bag

What's Inside a Flying Tiger Copenhagen Surprise Bag

I got a 1st place medal which I can definitely give away in my next Catan tournament at Bryant Park, a tentacle finger thing, a way to strap your smartphone to your arm and THE ugliest phone case for an iPhone case.

So it is a bunch of things you don’t need… but are definitely conversation starters which honestly describes almost everything for sale at Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

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