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My Haul from New York Comic Con 2019

New York Comic Con was super crowded as expected and I find I have a much more positive experience with NYCC by changing my priorities and taking it easy a lot more. I don’t go to the autograph signings, the big panels outside of Javits Center or try to get the hard to get exclusives anymore. Those lines can get crazy and it wears you down. Instead I have been checking out areas I haven’t really pay much attention to years before like the publishing/ books and the indie comics section. As you can see below I have a ton of reading materials for months (maybe years) to come. Anyways here is my haul from New York Comic Con 2019.

My big purchase was a mystery box for board games. In it, there was Sentient, Flick Em Up and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Deck-Building Game. This is probably my best mystery box/ bag yet. I have heard nothing but good things about Sentient and Flick Em Up and I am always a fan of deck building games.

Sentient and Flick Em Up

Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game

I got two Yu-Gi-Oh Battle Pack 3: Monster League sets mostly because it was cheap, it came with a playmat and I might try out the Yu-Gi-Oh sealed format. There was also Yu-Gi-Oh art exhibit nearby and I got a nice pin there too.

Yu Gi Oh Battle Pack and Pin

One of my favorite booths is Del Rey Books. They have something called the Book Wizard. You just fill out a quick survey of what you want to read at the moment and you get a free book! I got Inspection by Josh Malerman (best known for Bird Box). It was probably the freebie I am most excited about.

New York Comic Con Freebies

Geek Geek Revolution is a panel I go to every year. It is a geeky trivia show with writers as the contestants. You can submit questions and if you stump the panel you win some swag! Guess what, I won! Here is my question that stump the panel: What was the name of the alien musician in Jabba’s palace that looks like a blue elephant?

Geek Geek Revolution Swag Bag

I am going to Disney World soon to check out Galaxy’s Edge so I was looking out for some Disney and Star Wars stuff. I got a Star Wars choose you adventure style book which came with a tote bag and a Minnie and Mickey Tsum Tsum. I also added two Disney pins to my collection. I really love the Figment one. There was also a Marvel in Disney Parks panel. It just sucks that all the other Disney parks are getting so much cool Marvel stuff and Disney World in Florida is just getting a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster.

Stars Wars Choose Your Adventure and Disney Pins

Here is what I picked up on the last day. I find you can get the best deals and freebies on Sunday.

New York Comic Con Sunday Haul

All in all, New York Comic Con was not perfect (the lotteries were totally messed up, the panels were kind of meh, too many choke points on the show floor, the Anime Festival was a joke, etc) but I had fun. I think I got more things than ever before and I don’t think I spent that much money… but I can be wrong.

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A Review for The Women’s War, An Epic Fantasy

At New York Comic Con, I was given the chance to review The Women’s War by Jenna Glass. I don’t know much about it going in but it was described as an epic fantasy with a feminist twist. Well I just finished the book and here is my review!

The Womens War Book

Note: I try to avoid as much spoilers here as possible.

The Women’s War was a fun, thrilling and fast paced read and I love how it keeps building momentum to the big finish. It has main characters I come to care about and ones that are easy to root for. It also has villains that I hate and ones that I can’t wait to see karma come back to bite them. I also enjoy how the magic works in this world. It is interesting and I fully admit I am going to steal some of these ideas for my RPG!

But with that being said, I felt the ending was a little rushed. For example, the first battle at the Women’s Well, Tamzin and Delnamal problems were solved a little too quickly, a little too conveniently. I guess it is a good sign from a story that I wanted more. I really wanted to know how the magic in this world works in combat. Also it kind of sucks that there was such a shock and sad ending to the book…

In the end, I like how the novel was easy to read while still having the complexity and side plots you come to expect from an epic fantasy. Too often I find in epic fantasies I constantly have to refer back to a map, family tree or glossary. What a pain. I also hate when a novel has too many side plots that drags on when you really just care about the main plot progressing. The Women’s War has none of those problems so if you ever come across it, this book is worth a read. I might be even interested a sequel.

I received free books from Penguin Random House in exchange for this review.

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New York Comic Con 2018: My Haul & My Thoughts

New York Comic Con has changed for me which of course is both a good thing and bad thing. First off some of my favorite vendors are no longer there. For example you don’t see many TCG/ CCG or trading cards (baseball cards, basketball cards etc) stands anymore. They seem to move on to Funko pops. I just hope the board game stands don’t go. Mystery bags/ boxes seem to be more prevalent year after year (which I love but I have gotten burned way too many times). This year’s NYCC also seem to experiment with more VIP experiences like paid panels etc which is a slippy slope. Most of all, autographs are SOOOO expensive these days. I remember a time not too long ago where most autographs were $20 and $50 for some of the bigger stars. Now $50 is the minimum and autograph can cost $100, $150 and probably more if I looked.

All this means is I have to do new things and have new expectations! For one, I still love going to panels. I never try to go to the super popular panels that are outside the convention center. It is such a time commitment. My favorite panel was back, Twisted Toonz and they did one of my favorite movies, Clue. It just sucks that there was a small fire and it had to end early. I recently been getting into role playing games (RPG) and there is slowly a bigger and bigger presence of RPGs (mostly Dungeons & Dragons) in NYCC. For example, there were a few Critical Role events, two Pat Rothfuss panels and an art of D&D panel. Plus you know D&D is in when you have this.

Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragon Comics

Yes it is a Rick & Morty and Dungeons & Dragons crossover comic. I got the character sheets covers because I would love to run a campaign with the Rick & Morty characters. The black character sheet cover is a NYCC exclusive!

NYCC is still a great time to try new comics and pick up some comics and graphic novels for real cheap. I always come back with a stack (that takes me way too long to read) and this year is no different. One of the most interesting in this bunch is a comic from Steve Aoki.

Comics from NYCC

I am addicted to mystery bags/ boxes and I picked up two board game mystery boxes and I got

Enders Game Grifters Open Sesame

Dragon's Gold Love Letter RandR

Grifters, Open Sesame and Ender’s Game Battle School in one and Dragon’s Gold, Love Letter Big Game Night Edition and Regality & Religion in the other. Of the three from the first box I am really excited to get Grifters. It is a game I wanted for some time but was never motivated enough to pick it up. Open Sesame seems like an OK game but the memory aspect scares me and I am not sure what to think about Ender’s Game board game at the moment. As for box 2, the Game Night Edition of Love Letter is a nice version with oversized cards. Regality & Religion is another micro game from the designer of Love Letter and Dragon’s Gold was a game a friend wanted for awhile now.

Now here is a big confession from me. I haven’t watch Stranger Things yet. I know, right. But one of the coolest free swag from NYCC is a Stranger Things bundle.

Free Swag from NYCC

There is a Stranger Things theme library card, library date card, print and sample of the book.

I can’t believe I have some much stuff from NYCC. I have no where to put it all.. Anyways overall I had a great time and my feet are still killing me.

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My Haul from New York Comic Con 2017 | Tons of Board Games!

This year, I can’t say New York Comic Con was a lot less crowded but I can say it was noticeably less crowded which is a good thing. Anyways, I went in looking for good deals for board games and I have a huge stack of games sitting right next to me.

I love mystery boxes and a booth was selling one with board games and card games. I couldn’t resist.

Evil Genius Save the Cupcake

I got Evil Genius Deathray along with an expansion and a tiny card game called Save the Cupcake in it. Evil Genius Deathray does not look like a good game. It feels like a bad Munchkin and I hate Munchkin. Save the Cupcake on the hand looks like a good quick 2 player card game. It is actually quite fun and interestingly enough it hasn’t had a retail release yet.

Innovation Red 7

You know how I said I couldn’t resist a good mystery box well… I bought another one on the last day of comic con. This one was a Carl Chudyk themed box. It had Innovation, Innovation: Artifacts of History expansion and Red 7. I don’t know much about these games but at first glance they both have elements of Fluxx. These games have a good rating on Board Game Geek so I am interested in trying these out.

Dancing Dice Le Boomb

Betrayal at Baldurs Gate


I got this push your luck dice game, Dancing Dice for $3 and Le Boomb for free. It was bundled with Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate (with promos) and Tuchulcha which my brother bought. Dancing Dice is high on my to try list. I like push your luck, Yahtzee like dice games and this seems like a nice twist to the usual formula. Le Boomb is barely a game but it could be an interesting way to determine who goes first in a game. Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is the new hotness in the board gaming world. It is a D&D reskinning of Betrayal at the House on the Hill, one of my favorite games. Finally Tuchulcha has really, really boring box. Looked it up and it is a fancy Parcheesi like game. Not really my thing.

Tak Signed

Finally I got this copy of Tak, signed by Pat Rothfuss. This is probably the coolest item I got in New York Comic Con this year. Tak is 2 player abstract game that is quick to teach and a lifetime to master. I usually avoid abstract games but I played this game a couple of times and I loved it. Throw Pat Rothfuss (my favorite author at the moment) in the mix and it was a no brainer.

I also bought a bunch of comics but wow that is a lot of games!

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My New York Comic Con 2016 Haul!

New York Comic Con is easily one of my favorite times of year. I go every year and I am always looking for fun and interesting things to add to my collection…

One of my first purchases was a mini painting of BB-8 by Brendan Shaw. I love it and I have a place for it right next to my computer.

BB 8 Mini Painting

Also got this convention exclusive Batman with Bomb Heroclix figure. The bomb is a like a game of hot potato so this seems like a fun figure to play with. I am going to try it out the next time I get to play Heroclix.

Batman with Bomb Heroclix

I also got Carcassonne: Gold Rush. Carcasonne is one of my favorite board games of all time but I played it a ton this summer so I was looking for something a little different. There were actually a bunch of board games I kind of wanted but I am running out of room on my shelf so I have to be more picky.

Carcassonne Gold Rush

Every year I pick up a mystery box and this year I picked up one centered around comics. This mystery box has a pack of 10 random comics, a graphic novel and two random items which can be Pop dolls, toys, valuable comics, trading cards etc. They claimed the items are valued at $60- $100.

Comics Mystery Box

I got a couple of interesting comics in my bundle (Doctor Who, Shadow of the Bat, Marvel Tales Starring Spider-Man, X-Factor, Fear Itself & more) and a Buffy graphic novel. My two random items are World of Krypton #1 (which has a $12 price tag) and a Batman metal business card holder which I now use to hold a game of Love Letter.

Another awesome comic I got was this Lucha Underground one I got from their panel.

Lucha Underground Comic

One of my favorite vendors in New York Comic Con sells sealed boxes of trading cards and I think I buy something from them every year too. This year I got a box of 2016 Leaf Signature Series Wrestling. I couldn’t resist eight autographs for $99.

Wrestling Autographs
Wrestling Autographs

And I got a great box! The eight autographs are of Lita, Al Snow, X- Pac, Chris Masters 3/50, Nick Bockwinkel, Nikita Koloff, Kama/Tatanka 4/15 and Ric Flair.


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Cards, Comics and Collectibles from New York Comic Con 2014

Since New York Comic Con tickets were sold out so fast this year, I was only able to get Thursday and Friday tickets. I was still able walk the whole show floor and artist alley, found time to see some panels and pick up some sweet collectibles!

First off, I bought a few new board games for board game night. The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense (40% off!) , Ogre (which I couldn’t resist for only $2.95), Munchkin Panic (which just came out) and Heroes of Graxia (a deck building game which I got for free with my purchase of Munchkin Panic). I also got some good deals on a few Magic cards like Jeskai Ascendancy, Nykthos Shrine to Nyx, Sinkhole and Hornet Queen to give you an idea on a few decks I’m brewing. Also picked up a ton of new Heroclix figures from blind repacks. Here are some other notables.

I couldn’t resist and had to picked up this signed Arnold Palmer baseball last minute.

Arnold Palmer Signed Baseball

I love sketches from Artist Alley and this year I picked up these mini paintings from Katie Cook. I love them especially The Black Knight one.

Katie Cook Mini Paintings

Finally I got this box of 2014 Leaf Pop Century which is something I don’t see for sale in my local hobby shop.

2014 Leaf Pop Century

I want to save this box break for another post but I have to say I pull two sick autographs…


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New York Comic Con 2013 – Day 4

Comics 3 for $1? Trades selling for only $5? Heroclix packs for $1 a pop? Yes, please! I bought all sort of goodies but I am kind of too tired to sort them out at the moment. But here are some things that stand out.

I found this in a bargain bin and it was too cool to pass up. It quite the blast from the past.

Magic Advanced Strategy Guide

Lines for autographs were still incredibly long today so I made the tough choice to skip all of them this year. Instead I wanted to pick up something to open for the blog and I picked up this box of Tristar TNA Impact TENacious. I will have this writeup later in the week.

Tristar TNA Impact Wrestling TENacious

Also going to New York Comic Con I wanted to give a shot to a independent, creator- owned comic. I think I picked up a trade that should be a lot fun so look out for a little writeup and review on this blog maybe next week.

Another year, another comic con. My legs are killing me but it goes without saying I had a ton of fun.

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