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Interesting 1990’s Baseball Card Gimmicks

The 1990’s was sort of boom for baseball cards and there were are all sorts of companies trying to stand out from the rest which mean some interesting gimmicks. I was sorting through some of my bulk baseball cards that I have gotten from various sources (but a lot from repacks) and I came across some of these interesting 1990’s baseball card gimmicks.

The first gimmick comes from 1992 Leaf Triple Play.

Leaf Triple Astro vs Dodgers

It is a little mini game where you scratch out little blocks to see the result of an at bat. It is probably a lot of fun and I wouldn’t mind if they brought back this gimmick today. The problem of course is that you can only play this once which brings us to 1995 Topps Bazooka.

Topps Bazooka Baseball Card

1995 Topps Bazooka cards look normal in the front but had another little baseball game in the back. Each pack came with a piece of Bazooka gum, rules for the game and a spinner. As you can probably guess you put the spinner on the back of the baseball card and spin it to see the result of the at bat. You can even play this game with your friend to see who get the gum. I am going to be 100% honest. I don’t have the full rules of the game but it is very intriguing to me. I am so tempted to buy a box of these cards to explore this further.

Finally the internet was a huge thing in the 90’s which led to 1998 Pacific Online baseball card set.

Pacific Online Baseball Card

Why try and fit all the stats on the back of the baseball card when you can just share the URL of the baseball players profile page and you can have all the stats you can ever hope for! Unfortunately the URL is just sort of display across the top of the baseball card in probably the most unflattering way possible. But if I read it correctly 1998 Pacific Online as had web cards with codes for the Pacific website which gave you a chance to win prizes. I am not sure if they were first to do something like this but they were still way ahead of their time as Topps does this all the time nowadays.


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A Pure Impulse Buy: A Repack with 100 Baseball Cards + 1 Pack

This is a pure impulse buy. It is a repack with 100 baseball cards and 1 pack. I haven’t opened much baseball (or basketball) cards lately and I pretty much got it with just my reward points…

First the pack, a 2012 Panini Triple Play.

panini triple play

I like the art style and there is a bit of trivia, puzzles and a sticker in the pack. Here is a trivia question from one of the cards: Which pitchers had 200 K’s each year from 2008-11? Panini definitely did a great job hiding the fact they can’t use team logos and I get to add the Ichiro puzzle piece to my collection. I never heard of Triple Play before this but I give it a thumbs up as it is a fun pack of cards to open.

As expected the 100 baseball cards in the repack is mostly bulk. But there is a few cards that peaked my interest.

dan seals card

First off country music star Dan Seals sneaked his way in the repack.

bobby valentine mothers cookies

This a Bobby Valentine card from the Mother’s Cookies set.

triple play astros versus dodgers

This is my favorite card. It is some sort of Astros versus Dodgers scratch off game. I wish Topps and Panini could do more stuff like this.

Here are a bunch of other interesting cards offered without comment.

odd baseball cards

It is just me or are there a lot less repacks out there nowadays? I wonder if the supply of bulk cards and bulk packs are finally drying up.


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The Weirdest Thing Out of A Pack of Cards

This has to be one of the weirdest things out of a pack of cards. It is a Cards Against Humanity Retail Product (retail as in the cards are about retail stores). It is a Target exclusive and from the front of the pack, it has a $1 instant rebate…

cards against humanity retail pack

cards against humanity retail pack

It comes with 20 Cards Against Humanity cards and a crisp one dollar bill??? I don’t know if this is the weirdest thing I ever pulled out of a pack of cards or if the dirt from the Lewis and Clark Trail is.

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Are Miscut Baseball Cards Worth Anything?

This miscut 1987 Topps Devon White rookie card that was pulled from a repack caught my eye the other day.

Devon White Miscut

I know miscut Magic cards can be worth a pretty penny (though admittedly only to a niche group of collectors.) Miscut Magic cards where you can see two cards are especially of note. I was wondering how rare is this and if miscut baseball cards are worth anything. Maybe this normally $0.05 card is worth $2.00?

Either way I think this card is quite interesting and unique and I am considering maybe starting a little miscut/ misprint card collection. The more miscut the better!


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My First 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Box Break

It is almost a sure thing that I will pick up at least a box of Allen & Ginter every year. I just love the weird and eclectic mix of characters in the set and I probably have more fun breaking these boxes any any other products in the past. First the box topper.

2014 Topps A&G Jose Canseco Box Topper

Jose Canseco is popping up in more and more products lately and I always seem to be pulling his cards, autographs, etc…

The Base Set:

2014 Topps A&G Base Cards

2014 Topps A&G Base Cards Oddball


2014 Topps A&G Inserts


2014 Topps A&G Minis

There aren’t many products that have both Snoop Lion and The Iron Sheik in it and the cat mini subset is really out there. One thing I did noticed though is a lot of the minis are mis-cut. They are all slightly different sizes. Like in years past, there is so many parallels and inserts and I really have to look them up to see if I pulled any super rare ones. Speaking of which is this Desmond Jennings base cards and Yogi Berra mini no number parallels? I am assuming the Yogi Berra is a short print and the Desmond Jenning cards is an error. Here are the backs with a card to compare.

2014 Topps A&G No Number Parallels

My first two hits I pulled are kind of meh.

2014 Topps A&G Ryan Zimmerman Adrian Beltre Relic Cards

They are game used memorabilia cards of Ryan Zimmerman and Adrian Beltre. The last hit in the box is a lot more interesting though.

2014 Topps A&G Anthony Robles Event Used Signed Card

It is a event used card of wrestler Anthony Robles. I wikied his name and his story seems familiar. He is a wrestler with one leg who overcame great odds in his sport. What makes this card interesting though is the piece of fabric on the card is actually signed. It is the ANT of Anthony. As a collector, I thought is shame that this autograph is cut up to probably at least four pieces. I kind of wish they kept item as a whole or at the very least kept the autograph in one piece on a card with a larger window. As is, the card is still the most exciting pull in an admittedly a rather lackluster box.


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100 Baseball Cards Repack with Vintage Cards

I had a lot of time to kill (we all have friends that are always late…) so as I was picking up a drink at Rite Aid, I also picked up one of those 100 baseball cards repack. According to the packaging, this one has 3 vintage cards inside and I have 1 in 8 chance for a memorabilia card.

I think these are the vintage cards in my pack.

Vintage Baseball cards

The Fritz Ackley & Don Buford 1964 Topps Rookie Stars are the oldest cards in the pack and honestly there aren’t too many products out there where you can pulled random cards from the 60’s. After I finished scanning all the cards, if your definition of vintage baseball cards is anything before 1980 I also found a Mike Hargrove 1977 Topps in the bunch.

Here are some of the other more interesting cards.

Baseball Cards from Repack

My brother collects Donruss Kings from all years and he actually didn’t have Rich Dotson so that is going to his PC. These repacks really have quite the eclectic mix of cards. Sure most of the cards are from the 80’s and 90’s but the cards range from 1964 Topps to 2007 Topps with Donruss, Bowman Chrome, Pacific and everything in between. They don’t cost a lot and they make for fun break in my opinion.


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My Box Break of 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter

Year after year Allen & Ginter is my favorite release by far. As most of you already know, it is not just another baseball card set. It is so much more. You never know who you can pull and the inserts are often random and yet educational in a way. It is like Reddit in a collectible form. It is a sure bet that I will pick up at least a box of Allen & Ginter every year. Unfortunately I haven’t really pulled anything good in years past but I hope that changes this year. Either way I know it is going to be a fun box break.

2013 Allen & Ginter

First off my box topper

2013 Allen & Ginter Box Topper

You are going to see a ton of A&G cards all over the blogosphere so I decided to just highlight some of the quirky base cards:

2013 Allen & Ginter Base

Some inserts and minis:

2013 Allen & Ginter Inserts

2013 Allen & Ginter minis

There are almost too many cool cards to scan. Artie Lange? That guy from Man vs Food? Freddie Roach? I love it.

Allen & Ginter has three hits this year and they are:

2013 Allen & Ginter Rip Card and Game Used

OMG! OMG! OMG! I finally pulled a rip card!!!! I am not sure what to do with it but I am probably going to rip it. I just want to think this through because knowing my luck I probably will never pull another one. Expect another blog post in the very near future to find out what’s inside. The Trevor Bauer rip card BTW is 7/50 and the other hits are a game used jersey of John Axford and of Elvis Andrus.

I also wanted to add, I know some people are upset about the hidden 1/1’s in the Allen and Ginter boxes but love it. Sure some probably would have missed out but I guarantee you from now on the hunt of Allen & Ginter will transcend the cards themselves (and it kind of does already with the A&G code etc in previous years). Collectors would scour all over the box and who knows what else in the future to see what mysteries it may or may not hold. A&G is all about the hunt and Topps have done a good job of keeping the hunt fresh.

Update: Check out what I pulled from my rip card here.


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