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Random Box Break: Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box

It honestly has been a weird last couple of months and it was kind of hard to find time and energy to blog about anything. Anyways the card store closest to me finally reopen and I wanted to support them. This card store unfortunately doesn’t sell baseball, basketball, wrestling etc trading cards but has a lot of trading card games. One thing I got back to is Pokemon TCG Online so the Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box caught my eye.

Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box

Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box Contents

It comes with a card box, sleeves, dice, damage counters (which are a lot nicer the ones that come with the theme decks), a player guide, a couple other extras and most importantly 8 Rebel Clash packs. I played with the cards online and Rebel Clash seems to be a powerful and impactful set. Here are my pulls.

Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box Pulls

I pulled one V card, Copperajah V, few foil rares and a couple cards I see play in the format. Honestly didn’t get the cards I really wanted but do have the codes for packs to trade online to build my decks there.

The two decks I have been playing around with on Pokemon TCG online is a Rillaboom/ Snorlax Vmax deck and a fun Falinks deck. Pokemon TCG online is a lot of fun and free-ish. You can play in the theme deck format without dropping a dime but if you want to play the other formats you will need to trade for cards.

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Pokemon TCG: Toxtricity V Box Break

I probably paid a little too much for this but I was looking for something fun to do. All the non essential shops are still closed in New York City and there are still a ton of delays getting anything shipped. But I did find this Pokemon TCG: Toxtricity V box at a neighborhood discount store and I couldn’t resist. It has 1 foil promo of Toxtricity V, 1 oversized version of the promo, 4 Pokemon TCG packs and a code card.

Pokemon TCG Toxtricity V Box

The packs I got were 2 packs of Sword & Shield, 1 Cosmic Eclipse and 1 Evolutions. The Evolutions pack is kind of bummer. It is a much older set and I don’t think it is even Standard legal. I see the Evolutions packs a lot in bundles so there must be a ton of these packs lying around.

Pokemon TCG Toxtricity V Box Pulls

Anyways I love the art of Toxtricity V. He looks so over it and Toxtricity is probably my favorite new pokemon from Sword & Shield. I didn’t pull any other EXs, GXs or Vs and the best card of the bunch is the Charizard foil from the Evolutions pack. It is a remake of the classic Charizard card from the base set. I looked it up and it worth a lot more than I was expecting!

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Random Pack Break: Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield Promo Packs

Wow a lot has changed since my last blog post. I hope everyone is safe and doing well. It has been a crazy last couple of weeks and I only just got the time to do some organizing. I “found” these Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield promo packs in my bag that my friends got me from Pax East. I have 11 packs total and they have 3 cards each.

Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield

Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield Cards

I am excited to pull Stonjourner V and it is going straight to my shiny cards binder. I also got a Snorlax and a few other cards to improve my Rillaboom theme deck. I used to play Pokemon TCG a lot but haven’t really played in years. I have been getting back to Pokemon (mostly due to Pokemon Go) and I will have a lot of free time so I guess now is good time to relearn the game.

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My Pokemon Day Haul

2/27 was Pokemon Day! I spent most of the day catching pokemon on Pokemon Go. I got a bunch of new pokemon for my pokedex including an armored Mewtwo! Also I decided to stop by the Nintendo store to seeing if they are doing anything special. There was a photo opportunity with pikachu and there was also a little freebie if you purchase any of their pokemon products.

So I got a Pokemon TCG tin the shape of ultra ball. It has three packs (Sun & Moon Burning Shadows, Sun & Moon Lost Thunder and Evolutions). The freebies I got was a pin and a postcard.

Pokemon Day Haul

Didn’t really pull anything special from the packs but I love the pin!

Finally Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution debuted on Netflix on Pokemon Day and I highly recommend it! After all these years, I still think the Mewtwo saga is still the best pokemon story ever told. I remember watching the original Mewtwo movie with my friends in the theater when I was young. Story wise I think this is even a better movie than Detective Pikachu and I love that movie. My only complaint is the new animation style. I didn’t really like at first but I grown to be OK with it. I still think the human characters are little stiff and robotic. But the pokemon look awesome.

Next year is the 25th anniversary of pokemon and I can’t wait to see what’s in store then.

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Pokemon TCG Detective Pikachu On the Case Figure Collection

I have put it in the back burner lately but I am still trying to complete the Detective Pikachu Pokemon TCG set. I should probably just buy the singles that I am missing but it is more fun to find the cards in packs. Plus the Pokemon TCG Detective Pikachu On the Case Figure Collection was on sale in Target. It has 4 foil promo cards, 1 Dectective Pikachu figure, 3 Detective Pikachu packs, 2 other Pokemon TCG packs (Sun & Moon and Sun & Moon Burning Shadows) and a code card.

Pokemon TCG Detective Pikachu

The Good:
I really wanted the 4 Detective Pikachu promos cards of Pikachu, Snubbull, Psyduck and Bulbasaur. I was always on the fence on getting this when it first came it, full priced.
I also pulled a Charizard GX and foil Pikachu card for my collection from one the Sun & Moon packs.
The figure is kind of cute.

The Bad & Ugly:
I didn’t get a single card I needed to complete my Pokemon TCG Detective Pikachu set! I am still missing #5, 12 and 17. Ugh. I should probably just buy the singles I need…

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Thrift Store Hauls: Pokemon Destiny Deoxys DVD + Promo Card

As I mentioned before on this blog, I finding thrifting a lot fun! You just never know what you may find in a thrift store. Some of my big successes lately have been board games: Puerto Rico ($5), Five Tribes ($5), a brand new copy of Catan ($5), Surf’s Up Dude ($2) and Coup ($1). But at the moment I am probably most excited about this DVD of Pokemon Destiny Deoxys.

Pokemon Destiny Deoxys DVD

So I needed to find one more DVD because DVDs were buy 4, get 1 free. I pretty much randomly picked up this Pokemon DVD because I couldn’t find anything else better. To my surprise the DVD case still had the Deoxys promo card and also to my surprise this promos card is worth about $6. I got this in a way for free!

I don’t play the Pokemon TCG anymore but I do still collect it. I have a huge binder of shiny Pokemon cards and this card will fit right in. On a side note, wow the Pokemon TCG has quite the power creep. This Deoxys would be a horrible if it was printed right now since it only has 70 HP and a 40 damage attack for two energy and a really bad drawback.

As for the movie itself, the movie started kind of a slow but it turned out to be a fun watch. It would have been a lot better if it was like 20 or 30 minutes shorter. The plot is also kind of weak. Rayquaza was overreacting quite a bit and Rayquaza and Deoxys ended their blood feud quite suddenly. Also the twist that Deoxys was the good guy didn’t quite make much sense to me.

All that being said, this is fun trip down memory lane. Pokemon was probably my favorite show growing up and this DVD is just prove you can’t predict what you can find in the most random places.

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Pokemon TCG Repack: 2 Packs and EX Card

I got this Pokemon TCG repack that has 2 packs and 1 EX card for $10. Like so many TCG/ CCGs I played (Keyforge, Magic, Star Wars: Destiny, Game of Thrones LCG etc, etc), it is hard to find someone to play with. I have a couple of decks but I also have a binder of super shiny cards and the one thing Pokemon TCG does extremely well is super shiny cards!

Black Kyurem Ex and Chesnaught Break

The repack had one pack of Breakthrough and one pack of Sun & Moon. The guaranteed EX card is Black Kyurem EX. I also pulled a Chesnaught Break and a foil Octillery which I think saw some play when it was Standard legal.

Overall not bad for a $10 repack and I added two cards to my shiny cards binder.

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Detective Pikachu Mewtwo-GX Case File Pokemon TCG Box

So I watched Detective Pikachu last weekend and it was awesome! There were so many Easter eggs throughout the movie so I can wait to watch it again when it comes out on whatever steaming platform is it going to be released on. Of course I had to get the Detective Pikachu promo card that you get when you watch the movie. (Although I had to ask and look around the theater for the pack.)

Detective Pikachu Promo

As I said in a previous blog post, I wanted to complete the 18 card set so I picked up a Detective Pikachu Mewtwo-GX Case File Pokemon TCG box. It has 4 Detective Pikachu packs and a promo Mewtwo GX card.

Detective Pikachu Mewtwo GX

I am now only missing five cards to complete the set. # 5, 10, 11, 12 and 17. I am probably going to pick up another Case File Pokemon TCG Box or just buy the singles I need.

Oh and the box also came with a Sun & Moon and a Sun & Moon Burning Shadows pack.

Alolan Muk GX and Solgaleo GX

I got super lucky at pulled two GX Pokemon cards, Solgaleo GX and Alolan Muk GX. The muk card is a secret rare variant too. Nice!

I am also deciding on whether I should collect all the Detective Pikachu promos too. I think I am missing 5 promo cards if I want to do that.

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Detective Pikachu Pokemon TCG Packs

I am super excited about Detective Pikachu. It is so weird in the best ways possible. Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu? Say no more!

Anyways I picked up this Detective Pikachu Special Case File pack. It has a Detective Pikachu promo card, 2 Detective Pikachu packs and 1 Pokemon Sun and Moon Crimson Invasion pack.

Dectective Pikachu Case File 2

Here are the cards from the Detective Pikachu packs.

Detective Pikachu Cards

There are only 4 cards per Detective Pikachu pack so I am kind of sad that I pulled two Snubbulls. I still kind of want to build the set though (here are only 18 cards in the set plus random promos). At the very least, I am definitely going to get the Detective Pikachu promo that you get when you watch the movie!

Oh and I didn’t pull anything of note in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Crimson Invasion pack.

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Fake Pokemon TCG Cards

I was at a dollar store and I saw “Pokemon TCG” packs for only a dollar! But I know what you are thinking and yep I knew these cards were fake aka knockoffs aka bootlegs but curiosity got the best of me and it was only a dollar! So I have this sketchy Breakpoint pack.

Fake Pokemon Cards Pack

Of all the bootleg cards (baseball cards, Magic cards etc), Pokemon TCG ones are probably the most readily available. I remember you can get fake Pokemon TCG cards when it first came out in 1998-99 and they were being sold all over Chinatown. But these first generation bootleg cards were horrible. They were super faded and paper thin. The sure shot way to see if you have fake card back in the day is if you can see light through the card aka the light test.

I also found it weird when fake Pokemon cards had different fonts, weird translations, different card designs or even different artwork. Kind of like this bootleg I had in my collection.

Fake Pokemon Cards Pikachu

I wonder why they can’t just get a scan or photocopies of the actual cards.

Anyways, these fakes are a bit better.

Fake Pokemon Cards

The box it came in was spot on. The text had the right font and it wasn’t faded like you would expect. I wonder if they just “recycled” the box from real Pokemon TCG packs and replaced it with these bootleg packs. The wrapper is a little more sketch. The pictures are too dark but you really have to look carefully to find anything else off about the wrapper. It is when you look at the actually cards you can easily tell these cards aren’t real. They don’t have the right gloss and feel different when you handle them. The collation is also really weird and the foil process is different. The picture and text also aren’t as sharp the real cards especially on the back. The cards though are a bit thicker than the ones I remember as a kid and it passed the light test.

So all in all, you can still easily spot the fake cards but they are getting a lot better.

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