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MTG Brewer: Red Deck Wins Post Rotation

Theros spoilers are only a few days away which means the rotation is very close now. I have been playtesting decks with the cards that we know will survive rotation and I think mono- red, G/W midrange and a U/W maybe U/W/x control deck will be the pillars of the new Standard meta. (Of course all that can change with one or two splashy cards from Theros.)

Aggro decks are always a good place to be right after a rotation. It is easier to be proactive than reactive in a brand new format. Mono red decks in particular are easy to build and easy to play. Here was my first draft, a blitz-y version of mono red.

Mono Red Blitz:
4x Foundry Street Denizen
4x Rakdos Cackler
4x Burning-Tree Emissary
4x Young Pyromancer
4x Firefist Striker
4x Chandra’s Phoenix
4x Rubblebelt Maaka

4x Shock
3x Mugging
1x Mizzium Mortars
2x Act of Treason
2x Flames of the Firebrand

20x Mountain

The problem with this deck is that is didn’t feel strong, fast or resilient. Also in playtesting there were way too many bad opening hands. So back to the drawing board.

Red Deck Wins (Most of the Time):
4x Ash Zealot
4x Young Pyromancer
2x Firefist Striker
4x Chandra’s Phoenix
3x Boros Reckoner
4x Ogre Battledriver

4x Shock
4x Mizzium Mortars
4x Flames of the Firebrand
4x Annihilating Fire

21x Mountain
2x Mutavault

Red Deck Wins Curve

Now this deck can pack a punch. It goes up the curve with no one drops. It relies heavily on synergy and should have a good matchup against other aggro decks with so many burn spells. This deck has far fewer unplayable opening hands. I tried 2 of the new Chandras but I was drawing a bit too many three and four drops so I am trying Firefist Striker in her place. The bottom line this deck by far has perform the best of all the decks I have tested and it is a ton of fun to play.

We know Theros will encourage more mono color decks with mechanics like devotion. I am not really a fan of Ogre Battledriver. It is insane when you to get build around it but it isn’t always good like Hellrider. So a good four drop (ideally with haste or a insane comes into play ability) would be welcomed. Also Annihilating Fire isn’t a great burn spell. Pillar of Flame will rotate and Annihilating deals with Voice of Resurgence but I don’t really want so many 3 mana burn spells so any good burn spell in Theros (ideally able to target a player too) will also slot nicely in the deck.

Update: With the new Theros cards I like +4 Magma Jet +4 Lightning Strike +1 Purphoros, God of the Forge and -4 Shocks -4 Annihilating Fire -1 Ogre Battledriver. The red god is really good but it is so bad to draw multiples of but I still suspect it may be a 2 Purphoros 2 Ogre Battledriver split after more testing.

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MTG Brewer: The New Fastest Deck in Standard – Red Deck Wins

This isn’t so much a brew but a deck the runs like a well oiled machine (I am still brewing FYI and I am working on a sweet take on the Omnidoor Thragfire deck). My version of Red Deck Wins aka Dirty Red is arguable the fastest deck in Standard right now, it is surprisingly quite resilient and it is somewhat a budget deck too. I have won three straight Friday Night Magic with this and of all the brews I made, it is probably the only deck to win me more than I invested into it.

Red Deck Wins:
4 Rakdos Cackler
3 Reckless Waif
2 Stromkirk Noble
4 Ash Zealot
3 Lightning Mauler
3 Gore- House Chainwalker
4 Pyreheart Wolf
4 Hellrider
4 Searing Spear
4 Brimstone Volley
2 Pillar of Flame
20 Mountains
3 Hellion Crucible

2 Pillar of Flame
2 Flames of Firebrand
2 Thunderbolt
1 Mizzium Mortars
3 Traitorous Blood
2 Nightbird’s Clutches
2 Thundermaw Hellkite
1 Mountain

Red Deck Wins

All you need to know about this deck is to play a lot of creatures, attack and use burn to clear the way or finish them off. One thing that is different about this list compared to a standard Red Deck Wins is the Reckless Waif. It punishes decks that durdle the first few turns or play a little too many shock lands. There are quite a few of them in my local metagame but going 4 Cacklers 4 Nobles and 1 Stonewright may be right in the Standard metagame as a whole. I do also find Reckless Waifs some times throw people off their game and they make mistakes.

The easiest cards to side out are 2 Pillar of Flames, 4 Brimstone Volleys, 1 Reckless Waif/ Stromkirk Noble, 1 Lightning Mauler and 1 Gore- House Chainwalker. The pillars are for zombies and the flames are great against mana dorks and aggro mirror matches. Thunderbolt is mostly for Restoration Angel and Olivias. 3 Traitorous Bloods, 2 Nightbird’s Clutches and maybe 1 Mizzium Mortars are my anti Thragtusk, Smiters and Centaur Healers packages. Two Thundermaw Hellkites and a mountain lets you go over the top but I don’t want to many Hellkites because going to 25 lands doesn’t seem ideal.

This Red Deck Wins has a good to great matchup against most of the popular decks and (hate to say it) unpolished brews. It can even beat a Thragtusk or two, a Smiter or two, a Restoration Angel or two and a Centaur Healer or two but when your opponent starts to get any combination of three or more of those cards out, things start to get dicey. You just have to race them and hope you can burn the Thragtusk in response to the Angel trigger. One thing though that is on your side, if you are lucky to avoid the Bant matchup in the first round, they more often than not draw so they won’t be on the same side of the bracket as you.

I would say this is a good budget deck to play but the Hellriders and Hellkites have jumped up in price recently but if you have those cards already everything else would cost maybe $20 to assemble.

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