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Haven’t Open Any Baseball Cards Packs Lately So I Picked Up a Random Repack

For me, buying trading cards whether baseball, basketball, wrestling or non- sport is kind of spontaneous thing. I go to the shop and see what catches my eye. Unfortunately every shop near me that sold trading cards went out of business the last couple of years. Buying online is not the same. There are still a few comic book and card shops but they mostly sell trading card games like Magic, Pokemon and Yugioh so that is what I have been buying. But I missed opening baseball cards so I picked up a repack while picking up groceries. This repack has 100 random cards, 1 pack and 1 in 4 chance I get a hit. You can find these repacks everywhere.

Rookies Cards from a Repack

My pack was a 2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball. I didn’t get lucky and pull any hits but I did pull a couple of cards for my personal collection. I pulled a fairly obscure Kazuhito Tadano card, a Michael Conforto insert , a Gavin Cecchini Bowman rookie card (I remember seeing him play with the Brooklyn Cyclones) and a Walker Buehler prospects card. There were a few interesting inserts and rookie cards sprinkled in but nothing too exciting.

Fingers crossed for some sort of baseball season this year…

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Hot Corner Baseball Card Repack | 4 Packs + 2 Hits

Since my local card shop went out of business, the closest place to get trading cards, baseball cards, basketball cards etc is actually Target. So you may have noticed that I have been buying A LOT of repacks. This time around I got a Hot Corner baseball card repack. It has 4 packs and 2 hits. One of the packs is a hobby pack.

Hot Corner Box Baseball Card Repack

Here is what in the box.

Hot Corner Box Baseball Card Repack 2

My packs are 2013 Panini Pinnacle Hobby, 2017 Topps Baseball Series 2, 2018 Topps Fire and a 2018 Topps Big League. My hits are an autograph of Zeke DeVoss (who I had to look up and he never made it to the majors) and an autographed relic card Carlos Hernandez who had a brief career with the Astros. As you can see the Carlos Hernandez autograph is fading a bit.

Hot Corner Box Baseball Card Repack Pulls

I got super lucky and pull a Carson Kelly autograph 47/50 in the Fire pack.

I didn’t pull any big names in this repack but it is still three autographs for only $15. As usual, I honestly was expecting a lot worst.

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Random Pack Break: Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack

I got this Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions movie pack from a repack the other day. I never watched the movie so I don’t quite know what to expect. I am guessing there will be some of the iconic monsters from Kaiba and Yugi’s decks judging from the pack. It has 5 cards per pack.

Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack

I also got a Yu-Gi-Oh Battle Pack 3 Monster League from the same repack.

Yu-Gi-Oh Battle Pack 3 Monster League

I am pretty sure I didn’t pull anything too crazy. Took a quick look and I think Card Advance (a common) is actually my most valuable card of the bunch. But the Dark Magician Girl card with what I think is an alternate art is a pretty cool pull.

I wonder if the movie is worth watching.

Anyways New York Comic Con is tomorrow! Honestly… I am cautiously excited. There are a lot of red flags this year and I am kind of worried it will be super disorganized. The website and the app are terrible and NYCC totally messed up the lottery system for panels. Hoping for the best.

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Pokemon TCG Repack: 2 Packs and EX Card

I got this Pokemon TCG repack that has 2 packs and 1 EX card for $10. Like so many TCG/ CCGs I played (Keyforge, Magic, Star Wars: Destiny, Game of Thrones LCG etc, etc), it is hard to find someone to play with. I have a couple of decks but I also have a binder of super shiny cards and the one thing Pokemon TCG does extremely well is super shiny cards!

Black Kyurem Ex and Chesnaught Break

The repack had one pack of Breakthrough and one pack of Sun & Moon. The guaranteed EX card is Black Kyurem EX. I also pulled a Chesnaught Break and a foil Octillery which I think saw some play when it was Standard legal.

Overall not bad for a $10 repack and I added two cards to my shiny cards binder.

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Another Baseball Collector’s Storage Cube Repack

Some repacks show a bit of what’s inside so you at the very minimum you know what you will get. I saw this baseball collector’s storage cube repack with a Rod Carew card #110/299 and I picked it up. These repacks promises a bunch of stuff. 100 total cards, 2 packs, 4 star cards, 1 hall of fame card, 5 cards (1 from each of the past 5 decades) and a storage cube.

The two packs are a 2018 Topps Baseball Series One and 1988 Donruss Baseball.

As you may expect from baseball card repacks there are A LOT of junky 80’s and 90’s cards. But here are some of the cards I found interesting.

Storage Cube Baseball Card Repack Pulls

I did get an Ichiro for my PC and a Michael Conforto rookie card that has a slightly bent corner. These repacks are $5 so you can’t expect much from it. Honestly 2 baseball packs and the storage cube is probably worth $5 alone.

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What’s in the 6+ Collectibles Mystery Box?

This mystery box guarantees 6+ collectibles valued at over $20. It is another one of those Fairfield repack concoctions.

I got it because it is so cheap, $5.99 (plus I got a little discount) and it could have anything! So what’s actually in the Collectibles Mystery Box?

My box has:
A mini Pokemon binder
Secret Life of Pets slap band
Flipazoo toy
Nickelodeon Light Ups
LOL Surprise Light Ups
Frozen collectible dog tag
Minions collectible dog tag

Six Collectibles Mystery Box

So I got a bonus item! Here’s my question. Does anyone collect dog tags? I get way too many of these mystery boxes and I always see a ton of these dog tags. I always assume they don’t sell well but Bullsitoy keeps coming out with new sets for practically every popular TV show or movie. I also find the Flipazoo toys weird and the LOL Surprise character creepy.

I think I am probably only going to keep the Arnold light up keychain and the Pokemon binder (even though putting cards in these binders kind of damages them) and throw the rest of the stuff in my components box for my next board game design workshop. These random collectibles/ toys are great for inspiration. The more random the better I say! (If you are in the NYC area, the next board game workshop is August 5th in Bryant Park, 5-7 PM. Everyone is welcomed!)

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What’s Inside the Baseball Collector’s Storage Cube Repack?

I saw a new type of baseball cards repack the other day. It is the baseball collector’s storage cube repack and it has a storage cube for cards, 2 packs, 1 rookie card, 1 hall of fame card and 1 card from of past 5 decades and a total of 100 cards.

Baseball Collectors Storage Cube Repack

Without opening the cube, I can see a 2017 Topps Opening Day pack, a Donruss pack from the 80’s, a Rafael Palmeiro card from the Mother’s Cookies set and a stack of junky 80’s and 90’s cards. It was only $5 so I am not expecting much.

Collectors Storage Cube Baseball Cards

I pulled a Tino Martinez rookie card (1990 Leaf), Javy Lopez rookie card (1992 Upper Deck), a Tommy John miscut card and a Miguel Tejada insert. Just out of curiosity I organized the loose cards by decade. 1970’s – 1, 1980’s – 61, 1990’s – 33 and 2010’s – 6. So it is actually missing a card from the 2000’s… Oh and a bunch of the cards curled a bit.

I got some sort of foil variant of Jon Gray from the Opening Day pack and a Tommy John Diamond Kings from the 1988 Donruss pack.

So overall this is about what I expected from this repack and honestly I needed the storage cube.


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One More 3 Point Basketball Repack Break

I have gotten pretty lucky with these 3 Point basketball card repacks before and given that they cost only $15, I can’t resist picking them up every time I visit a Target. They are guaranteed 4 packs (one of them is a hobby pack), one memorabilia card and one autograph.

Jermaine Taylor Autograph and Gordan Giricek Relic Card

My autograph is an awesome card of a player few even heard of. It is a Rookie Recruits autograph of Jermaine Taylor from the 2009-10 Panini Timeless Treasure set, #3/25. I googled Jermaine Taylor and apparently he is playing the in the Big 3 now so I guess I will keep an eye on him. My relic is of Gordan Giricek. I actually heard of the name only because I played a lot of basketball video games back then. I also googled him and fun fact he was once choked out by Shaq.

I have a similar bunch of packs as the other repacks.
2010-11 Panini Season Update Hobby
2015-16 Panini Threads
2015-16 Donruss Basketball
2016-17 Panin Complete Basketball

Panini Basketball Cards Repack

I got a bit more lucky with the packs this time around. I especially like the Ben Simmons Rookie Kings card. The Kristaps Porzingis card with the word HOME in huge letters really made think of what could have been. Given the Porzingis trade and using the stretch provision on Jokaim Noah makes the Knicks all in on this year’s offseason. Given all the rumors going around I don’t have high hopes for the Knicks at all.

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Another 3 Point Basketball Repack Break

The NBA draft is right around the corner! I am always obsessed with the NBA offseason so I find the draft a lot of fun! Anyways I needed to go back to Target the other day and I picked up another 3 Point Basketball repack. It is guaranteed 1 autograph card, 1 memorabilia card, 1 hobby pack and 3 other basketball packs.

My guaranteed autograph is a Hilton Armstrong signed jersey card #4/249 and my memorabilia card is a Chris Paul jersey card #34/149. The Chris Paul card is actually not a bad pull! I am actually kind of surprised.

Chris Paul Jersey Card and Hilton Armstrong Autograph

My packs are:
2013-14 Panini Basketball Hobby
1991- 92 Skybox Basketball (Meh)
2016-17 Panini Complete Basketball
2017 Panini Contenders Draft Picks

Victor Oladipo Rookie Card

I didn’t get as lucky from the packs. I just got a Victor Oladipo rookie Knight School insert. Everything else is going straight to the bulk box.

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3 Point Basketball Repack Break

I have been looking for these 3 point basketball repacks so I was happy to see them back in stock. It is probably best to keep your expectations low with repacks but this repack is guaranteed 1 autograph card, 1 memorabilia card, 1 hobby pack and 3 other basketball packs for $15.

My packs are:
2010-11 Panini Season Update Hobby
2016-17 Panini Threads
2016-17 Panini Complete
2016-17 Donruss Basketball

Justin Anderson Autograph and Vin Baker Jersey Card

My hits are a Vin Baker jersey card and an autograph of Justin Anderson so definitely not the most exciting cards. At least Vin Baker was a Knicks at some point of his career (if I remember right) and Justin Anderson is still in the NBA.

My most exciting pull from the packs has to be a Klay Thompson foil parallel #16/99. The only other cards of note are a few rookie cards and inserts of random players.

Repack Basketball Card Pulls

Overall not the worst repack I opened. Justin Anderson can still be a good player in NBA.


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