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WWE Wrestling Figures & Cards Mystery Box

In addition to the three point basketball cards repack, I also got this WWE wrestling figures and cards mystery box. According to the box, it has 15 wrestling figures, 3 wrestling figure lockers, 2 wrestling card packs, 1 bench and 1 chair. This of course makes no sense so I had to buy it.

WWE Mystery Box

In the box there was 6 packs of Teenymates WWE Superstars series 2, a Teenymates locker room set and 2 packs of 2004 Topps Road to Wrestlemania.

2014 Road to Wrestlemania

First off the cards. Road to Wrestlemania is still not one of my favorite wrestling sets. The cards are ugly and super random. For example do we really need a card on Brodus Clay turning on Tensai? All these cards are basically just bulk.

WWE Teenymates

So now I have a bunch of Teenymates WWE figures. I pulled two rare figures though Sgt. Slaughter 1:32 and a glow in the dark Finn Balor 1:56. One figure that drew my attention was Sasha Banks because the art style Teenymates goes for does not work for her. I don’t really have room to display the Teenymates even with the locker room setup but I wonder if I can design a little game around these figures. They could make interesting minis…


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Three Point Basketball Repack Break

It is hard to be excited about basketball when the team you root for is the New York Knicks… I am kind of stats guy and I think a lot of the time I find the NBA draft and offseason more entertaining than the actual NBA season. And this offseason was crazy to say the least. Of course the Knicks didn’t do anything of note but the Warriors keep getting stronger and the Lakers are either going to be very good or they are going to be really dysfunctional. Anyways with that in mind, I was getting the itch to open some packs again and I picked up this three point basketball repack. It has one guaranteed autograph, one memorabilia card and four packs (one of them being a hobby pack.)

The four packs were 2015-16 Donruss Basketball, 2016-17 Donruss Basketball, 2016- 17 Panini Complete Basketball and Upper Deck Kansas Basketball hobby pack. Here are all the interesting cards including the hits I got from the repack.

Three Point Basketball Repack

I usually have low expectations for repacks but even then these pulls are pretty bad. My autograph is of Brooks Thompson who I actually had to look up on wikipedia and my memorabilia cards is of Demetrius Jackson who I also had to look up. At least Brooks Thompson played for the Knicks for 17 games. His autograph is numbered out of 7,750 cards. I can’t imagine signing that many cards! One cool thing about this particular card is it is 2,222/ 7,750. The best card of the bunch is probably the most eye catching one, the Richard Jefferson prism parallel of some sort. The last thing I want to add is that the Upper Deck Kansas cards are really, really ugly. That blue fabric background and the giant KANSAS text does not work. I think most would agree that Upper Deck during the last few years have really been phoning it in.


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Some Rookie Cards from a Baseball Card Repack That I Like

Is it just me? I kind of like buying those baseball cards repacks with a ton of bulk cards just because I like sorting cards. I would go through the cards a couple of times and put them in various piles. Perhaps there is one pile of cards to just throw away, one pile of cards to keep for futures trades and one pile of cards that piqued my interest (probably less than 1% of the cards). You just never you what you can find and I have found some quirky cards in the past that I wouldn’t have otherwise come across. Here are some interesting rookies cards and inserts I found in my most recent repack.

Random Baseball Cards

I like how Livan Hernandez’s rookie card is so blue and I like how Roy Oswalt looks pretty much the same in his rookie card compared to ones from further down his career. One card that immediately drew my attention was the Andrew Jones SPX card. Upper Deck used to make some really nice looking cards. I also pulled a Junichi Tazawa card I needed for my collection and I am too lazy to pull that card out.

If you are curious here are the rest of the cards which I deemed as bulk. To be honest I am very picky with what I keep. I recently cleared out my bulk cards and I don’t want it to pile up again.

Bulk Baseball Cards

There really is a wide range of cards in repacks and they usually don’t cost that much. Sure you never going to pulling anything really valuable but you just can’t get this kind of diversity in a regular pack of cards.

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Checking Out the Superhero Collector Box Repacks

I went to the new Target in Herald Square and I found these superhero collector box repacks. I haven’t seen these before and there is only one way to find out what is in it. The box is a bit bigger than the usual repacks. It costs $9.99 and it has 12 superhero items with over $30 in value. You can also win a graded comic book signed by Stan Lee.

Superhero Collector Box

Here are the items I got in my superhero collector box repack.

Marvel Captain America Heroclix
Marvel Age of Ultron Dice Masters
DC War of Light Dice Masters
Marvel Civil War Dice Masters
Suicide Squad Original Minis
DC Comics Original Minis
Marvel Hubsnaps x2
Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Dog Tags
Suicide Squad Dog Tags
Batman vs Superman Magnetic Metal Card
Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Magnets

This is really a random assortment of packs. At first glance, only the Heroclix and Dice Masters packs interest me and the Hubsnaps packs intrigue me. Anyways, here are my pulls.

Superhero Collectibles

The original minis are not the best quality collectible figurines I have seen. Also I don’t get what hubsnaps are all about. They just look like metal coins. The magnetic metal card was very cheaply made. Finally does anyone collect dog tags? I have zero interest in them but I am quickly getting way too many of them lying around the room.

Heroclix and Dice Masters

And here are the good stuff. I don’t really need a Ant- Man figure but this is my first one of him in my Heroclix collection (I think). You never know when you need to build an Avengers team. As for the Dice Masters stuff, I don’t really play anymore but I will never say no to more dice in case I do play again!

All in all, not bad for $10. I have done a lot worst with repacks but with that being said I don’t feel like I need to get another superhero collector box in the future. There is just too much stuff I have no idea what to do with.

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Barnes & Noble Mystery Box Break

Today I got a Barnes & Noble exclusive mystery box! I got for 75% off (only $7.50) and it has pop dolls, pocket pop keychains and random mystery minis. So in my box, I got…

Barnes & Noble Mystery Box

Killer Croc Pop! Heroes (A Barnes & Noble Exclusive)
Oscar the Grouch Pop! Sesame Street
Hulk Avengers Pocket Pop! Keychain
Olaf Pokemon Pop! Keychain
Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Mystery Minis Box

Wow that was a lot better than I was expecting. I don’t really collect pop dolls but I love the Oscar the Grouch one.

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Some Interesting Cards I Pulled from Repacks

Most cards you pull from repacks aren’t even worth a second look but from time to time you can can pull some interesting cards that you probably wouldn’t come across elsewhere. So here are a bunch of interesting cards I pulled from repacks in recent weeks. I guess this can show you the wide range of cards you can get.

Repack Pulls

Repack Pulls 2

And yes you can pull some hits from repacks from time to time and here are two I got.

Relic Cards

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Spring Fever Baseball Cards Repack Break

I had some luck with repacks in the past so I gave it another shot. This Spring Fever baseball cards repack has 10 packs and 1 “special” bonus card.

The special cards included in these repacks seems to be of Beckett Baseball covers. It is two sided and the one I pulled has the Cubs winning the World Series on one side and the Indians on the other. It is numbered 1739 of 1908 and it also miscut.

Beckett Baseball Card

The packs in this box are:
2006 Topps Baseball Series 2 Hobby Edition
Leaf Babe Ruth Collection
Panini Triple Play
2x 2015 Topps Opening Day
2006 Fleer Ultra Hobby
1989 Score Major League Baseball
2013 Panini Golden Age
2x 2010 Topps Baseball Update Series Hobby

Random Baseball Cards

More Random Baseball Cards

My favorite pack of the bunch has to be Panini Golden Age. It is Panini’s take on Allen & Ginter and any time I pull a Three Stooges card out of pack it is a win. Finally do you remember the Topps Million Card Giveaway?

Topps Million Card Giveaway

That was a lot of fun and I got some interesting cards out of that.

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