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3 Point Cube Basketball Repack

I have today a 3 Point Cube basketball repack from the The Fairfield Company. It has 1 basketball pack, 1 rookie card and 1 game used card.

My pack is 2008 Press Pass Basketball and I got

2008 Press Pass Basketball

My rookie card is Jared Dudley from the 2007-08 Press Pass Collectors Series.

Jared Dudley Rookie Card

Finally my game used card is of Zydrunas Ilgauskas aka Big Z from 2006-07 Upper Deck Hardcourt Basketball.

Big Z Game Used

These aren’t the most exciting cards in the world. Candace Parker is probably the most intereting card of the bunch. But with that being said, this repack only rang up for $3 in Target so I really can’t complain. That is less than an average pack of cards nowadays and as the packaging points out you can pull Derrick Rose rookie card. Plus the repack came in a cube which I actually needed for my new Commander deck. Value!

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One More Time… Authentic Jersey/ Baseball Card Frames Repack Break

One of the reasons I have opened a bunch of these authentic jersey/ baseball card frames repacks is I know you can pull a Mickey Mantle. Plus I can usually find these repacks discounted and they are often fun breaks.

So for the hits this time I got

Sammy Sosa Jersey Card Frame

a Sammy Sosa… meh. (Update: Apparently Sammy Sosa is a vampire now…) The other is a

Darryl Strawberry Jersey Card Frame

Darryl Strawberry. Now that is a lot more exciting and it is going to my Mets PC.

The repack has 10 packs and they are:
1988 Donruss Baseball
2007 Topps Baseball Series 2 x2
2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces
2008 Upper Deck Baseball First Edition
2008 Topps Baseball Series 1
2008 Upper Deck Artifacts
2008 Topps Stadium Club
2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects
2008 Upper Deck Baseball Series One

It is an interesting mix a packs and honestly they are better than the usual mix of packs in repacks. Here are a bunch of my favorite cards.

Random Baseball Cards

There were a lot of Yankee inserts during those years and I have some of those cards already. Oh and I pull an autograph!

Evan MacLane Autograph

It is Evan MacLane (not Evan MaClane like on the card) Bowman Signs of the Future. What are the odds of that!

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Random Blaster Break: Gems of the Game Baseball Repack Series 3

I was perusing through the discount blasters at K-mart the other day and I picked up this Gems of the Game Baseball Repack Series 3. It is guaranteed 8 baseball packs and 1 graded card. There are some pretty sweet cards advertised on the box but if you opened enough repacks (like I have), you will know those cards are just a pipe dream.

Gems of the Game Baseball

The baseball packs are:
2007 Topps Chrome
2007 Topps Baseball Series 2
2x 2007 Upper Deck Baseball Series One
2007 Fleer Baseball Retail
2006 Fleer Baseball
2008 Topps Opening Day
2008 Topps Baseball Series 1

Here are some of more notable cards.

Games of the Games Baseball Cards

Wow the rookie sensations design sure was ugly. So for the graded card in the box…

Pristine Alex Rodriguez WBC Card

I got a Alex Rodriguez card. Booooooo…. Alex Rodriguez is just about the most hated man in baseball right now especially now that Ryan Braun has been laying low. The card more specifically is from the 2009 Topps World Baseball Classic set and it is graded a perfect 10 by Global Authority. This set has a Yu Darvish card, right? Why couldn’t I get something sweet like that?


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Another Go at a Fairfield Basketball Repack

I decided to have another go with one of these repacks.

Fairfield Basketball repack

It has one guaranteed memorabilia card and three packs. For my three packs I got a 2008 Press Pass Basketball, 2007-08 Topps Basketball and Skybox Inaugural Edition.

My Press Pass Pack:

2008 Press Pass

An interesting pack with Kevin Love’s card standing out. The DeVon Hardin card is a reflectors parallel. The other two packs are honestly not worth mentioning or scanning. I have so many 2007-08 Topps Basketball packs that I pulled most of the cards several times over and the Skybox pack is one of the defining sets of the junk era.

For my memorabilia card…

Carmelo Anthony Mem Card

I actually pulled a pretty sweet one. Carmelo Anthony. I own a Carmelo Anthony autograph but I actually never own a Carmelo Anthony memorabilia card. Plus it is from one of my favorite sets 09-10 Panini Court Kings. Sure it is a memorabilia card of Melo as a Nugget but I’ll take it.

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Basketball Repack Break: 5 Packs, Loose Cards and One Game Used Card

The Knicks are having a historical season. The team is firing on all cylinders (OK maybe they had a few setbacks) and I am 100% they can go all the way! Honestly it has been awhile since I have been excited about any of the New York teams.

Anyways, I haven’t been able to swing by my local card store in awhile so I have been picking up a bunch of repacks lately. As always it is hit or miss but in general they are fun breaks. I picked up another repack the other day, this time I figure to get some basketball cards. At the very worst I got a new box to store some of my cards in.

Basketball Repack

This repack makes a bunch of promises. Packs, over 20 loose cards with 1 of the loose cards guaranteed to be of a star player (Wade, Melo, Kobe, Garnett, Duncan or LeBron) and one game used card. For $10, why not?

Here are a couple of the loose cards

Some Basketball cards

A lot of the loose cards are rookies of bench players, cards from college sets like Sage, a few cards from Michael Jordan sets and random base cards of stars and starters. There was also one one 1979 Topps cards. It was actually a lot better than I was expected. But this is the card that draw my attention.

Charles O Bannon  Edge Energy

It is a Charles O’ Bannon Edge Energy insert. It comes from 1997/98 Collector’s Edge Impulse Basketball, which must be a very obscure set because I have never seen or heard of it. It kind of like a cheap Sportflics card and I just love oddball cards. It is going to be an interesting addition to my collection.

The game used card is of Caron Butler.

Caron Butler Game Used

The packs:
2006 Press Pass Basketball
2005-06 Upper Deck Basketball
2006-07 Upper Deck Basketball Fat Pack
2006-07 Upper Deck Reserve
2007-08 Upper Deck First Edition

Some of cards worth mentioning from the packs.

A Couple More basketball cards

One of the Kyle Lowery cards is 261/500. I also pulled a college rookie cards of Raymond Felton. Other than that I didn’t really pull much which is to be expect from those packs.

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Repack Break with 10 Baseball Packs + 2 Authentic Jersey/ Card Frames

First off the Mets are off to a lot better start than I thought they would have. It is just two games but the team looks good (the eye test) and pieces seem to fit. With that being said I hope I didn’t jinx them with the Mets going on some sort of losing streak.

Anyways, it has become like weekly thing for me (for awhile now) but I was looking for something fun to break after work. I ended up picking up this repack with 10 baseball packs and 2 authentic jersey/ card frames from K- mart for $11.99. Let’s see…

for the first hit, I got

Darin Erstad Jersey Card Frame

Darin Erstad which is kind of meh. The second hit I got is

Derek Jeter Jersey Card Frame

Deter Jeter. Now this is a lot more interesting. I know a bunch of collectors who are Yankees fans so I probably can spin this into something Mets related.

For the packs I got
2007 Topps Turkey Red
2008 Topps Chrome
2007 Upper Deck Baseball Series 1
2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes
2007 Fleer Ultra Baseball
2007 Topps Baseball Series 2
2007 Topps Baseball Updates & Highlights
2008 Topps Opening Day
1990 Fleer Baseball
1994 Fleer Ultra

David Wright Parallel Brian McCann Xfractor

I expected to pull a bunch of junk but I pull a Brian McCann Xfractor and David Wright parallel 428/499. The David Wright cards is definitely go straight to my collection. The other cards are cards that I find remotely interesting. (Any Doug Davis collectors out there?) I also have to double check if I have some of the Japanese baseball players’ cards I also pulled already in my PC.

Everyone is not expecting much out the Mets this year but I have my fingers crossed.

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Random Repack Break: 20 Wrestling Packs for $20!

K-Mart just restocked the card aisle and I left with this repack with 20 wrestling packs. I just realize I have been buying a lot of wrestling cards as of late. I guess there really isn’t anything that excites me so far when it comes to baseball or basketball cards. 2013 Topps Baseball just came out though so that is probably my next break in some form or another.

Here are the packs:
5 Topps WWE Platinum
5 2010 Topps WWE
4 Fleer WWF Wrestlemania
3 Fleer WWF All Access
1 Fleer WWE Wrestlemania XX
1 Tristar TNA Impact
1 Topps WCW/ NWO

Wrestling Repack 1

wrestling repack 2

wrestling repack 3

I just love wrestling cards from the 90’s and early 00’s. Baseball and basketball cards tend to have flashy and over the top designs during this era and they work so much better for wrestling cards. It was kind a walk on memory lane as I rooted for many of these wrestlers when I was a kid.

Oh I kind of pulled a hit…

Stacy Keibler Redemption Card

and it is a redemption. A redemption that expired 10 years ago from a company that is no longer in business. This is why I just hate redemptions. The Stacy Keibler event used card would have been a sweet hit and all I have is this proxy.


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