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MTG Brewer: Brewing with Goblins in Standard

Everyone is probably excited about the dragons from the upcoming set, Dragons of Tarkir but I am more excited about the goblins! More specifically I think Dragon Fodder is the missing piece to make a Goblin deck work in Standard.

4 Foundry Street Denizen
4 Frenzied Goblin
4 Dragon Fodder
4 Mardu Scout
4 Goblin Rabblmaster
4 Hordeling Outburst
1 Goblin Heelcutter

4 Lightning Strike
4 Stoke the Flames

3 Obelisk of Urd
2 Hall of Triumph

22 Mountains

Goblins in  Standard

This is a mono red aggro deck that goes wide. There are three solid Goblin token generators in Standard, Dragon Fodder, Hordeling Outburst and Goblin Rabblemaster. I filled out the curve with Foundry Street Denizens (a no brainer), Frenzied Goblin and 5 dash goblins. I wasn’t too crazy about Mardu Scout and Goblin Heelcutter at first. They were only in the deck because they were goblins but in testing they are exactly what the deck needs. It gives you some insurance against sweepers and gives you a mana sink late game. Finally the anthem effects are so important in this deck so I went from 4 to 5. Cards like Dragon Fodder isn’t too threatening by itself but with an anthem effect or two every card is a must answer.

Another option for this deck is to go bigger. You can cut cards like Frenzied Goblin and the dash goblins and add lands, Purphoros, God of the Forge and Outpost Seige. I am currently using these cards in my sideboard to sort of transform the deck Game 2.

Krenko is my commander in my EDH deck this deck is right in my wheelhouse and so far it has been a ton of fun.

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MTG Brewer: Young Pyromancer Tempo in Standard

If you are anything like me, you are looking for fun new decks in Standard to mix things up a bit. There is only so much black devotion and U/W control decks you can play week after week. I went deep in the tank to brew something new for FNM and I came up with an interesting Young Pyromancer tempo deck. It could use some fine tuning but it is a blast to play and it uses a bunch of weird cards that I haven’t gotten to try out before.

The Threats:
4x Judge’s Familiar
2x Dakra Mystic
4x Vaporkin
4x Young Pyromancer
3x Hour of Need

One ideal draw is Judge’s Familiar into Young Pyromancer. Hour of Need helps you speed up your clock and it can win the game for you out of nowhere. There is no good cantrips in Standard so Dakra Mystic is there to help you make sure you don’t gas out too soon. I am playing with Vaporkin and I avoided playing with the one mana/ two power red creatures like Radkos Cackler because Sylvan Caryatid is a problem. But Firedrinker Satyr is interesting because it can beat a Sylvan Caryatid but I can’t see myself ever tapping to pump it.

The Tempo Cards:
4x Dissolve
4x Izzet Charm
4x Syncopate
4x Lightning Strike
1x Magma Jet
4x Voyage’s End

Young Pyromancer Tempo

The two best counterspells in Standard are Dissolve and Syncopate. There are five burn spells in the form of Lightning Strikes and a single Magma Jet. Izzet Charm can be both. You really don’t want to use the draw 2 and discard 2 mode in Izzet Charm unless you really have to since it is card disadvantage. Voyage’s End is there to help you win races. Speaking of which, as I was saying there isn’t a good cheap card draw spell in Standard but there is Scrying and there is a bunch of them to help you dig for the cards you need.

The Lands:
9x Island
7x Mountain
4x Steam Vents
2x Temple of Epiphany

I am not sure I want to play with 4 temples since I really can’t afford to have a land to come in play tapped.

So basically this deck has to play a threat on turn 1 and/ or turn 2 and then you almost never tap out on your turn to leave your mana open to protect your threats and to disrupt your opponent. It is the basic formula for a tempo deck. If they don’t do anything, you can always upgrade your threats with Hour of Need at the end of their turn.

Some of the cards in the deck are a bit underpowered but one of the best thing about playing this deck is your opponent has no idea what to expect and I love that!

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MTG Brewer: B/W Heroic Auras

Here is another all in deck that I have been tinkering with.

B/W Heroic Auras
4x Favored Hoplite
4x Hopeful Eidolon
4x Phalanx Leader
3x Fencing Ace

4x Ethereal Armor
4x Deviant Glee
3x Scourgemark
3x Dark Favor
3x Gift of Orzhova
2x Ajani, Caller of the Pride

4x Boon of Erebos
2x Gods Willing

4x Godless Shrine
4x Temple of Silence
2x Sacred Foundry
8x Plains
2x Swamp

BW Heroic Aura

Funny story. This deck actually started with me trying to brew up a way to break Archangel of Thune. After throwing all sorts of different cards around with all sorts of different lists I ended up with something totally different and a deck without Archangel of Thunes. So as the story goes, one list I brew up with Archangel of Thune is a G/W auras list. But the problem is green is lacking in cheap auras. Unflinching Courage is very good but Trollhide, Alpha Authority and the Ordeals are lackluster. I am not going to play with Forced Adaptation. Looking at the Gatherer, I see that black has the best cheap auras after white and Gift of Orzhova is good enough to replace Unflinching Courage. That is the beauty of brewing. If you do it right and keep your mind open, you never know where you end up.

So this list is pretty brutal but it has its flaws. I have tinkered with the creature base. I started off with the hard hitters like Fabled Hero and Fiendslayer Paladin but I decided to lower the curve and focused on cheap heroics creatures. This deck ends games quickly but I needed way to protect my creatures since they don’t have hexproof. I started with Brave the Elements since all the creatures are white and later went with Gods Willing since it targets. Unfortunately black removal spells are rampant in the current Standard format and if you give your creatures pro black, the black auras will fall off. Not good but they aren’t a lot of good options. One is Boon of Erebos which regenerates creatures. It started as a 4 Brave the Elements/ Gods Willing to 2 Boon of Erebos split but after testing I flip the numbers around.

One advantage you have is your opponent will be kept guessing. Like really, who plays Boon of Erebos? So you can set up blowouts with the right sequencing. You can also play into your opponents greed, with them hoping for a 2 or 3 for 1. Everyone knows no one plays a fair deck with Fencing Ace. The correct play is to kill it right away but if you have a Boon of Erebos and if the Fencing Ace is tapped and attacking it may already be too late.

Finally I have thought about a Boros aura deck with Dragon Mantle, Mad Cap Skills, Boros Charm and maybe Lightning Strike over Deviant Glee, Scourgemark, Dark Favor and Boon of Erebos but I feel it makes the deck less explosive.

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MTG Brewer: The New Fastest Deck in Standard – Red Deck Wins

This isn’t so much a brew but a deck the runs like a well oiled machine (I am still brewing FYI and I am working on a sweet take on the Omnidoor Thragfire deck). My version of Red Deck Wins aka Dirty Red is arguable the fastest deck in Standard right now, it is surprisingly quite resilient and it is somewhat a budget deck too. I have won three straight Friday Night Magic with this and of all the brews I made, it is probably the only deck to win me more than I invested into it.

Red Deck Wins:
4 Rakdos Cackler
3 Reckless Waif
2 Stromkirk Noble
4 Ash Zealot
3 Lightning Mauler
3 Gore- House Chainwalker
4 Pyreheart Wolf
4 Hellrider
4 Searing Spear
4 Brimstone Volley
2 Pillar of Flame
20 Mountains
3 Hellion Crucible

2 Pillar of Flame
2 Flames of Firebrand
2 Thunderbolt
1 Mizzium Mortars
3 Traitorous Blood
2 Nightbird’s Clutches
2 Thundermaw Hellkite
1 Mountain

Red Deck Wins

All you need to know about this deck is to play a lot of creatures, attack and use burn to clear the way or finish them off. One thing that is different about this list compared to a standard Red Deck Wins is the Reckless Waif. It punishes decks that durdle the first few turns or play a little too many shock lands. There are quite a few of them in my local metagame but going 4 Cacklers 4 Nobles and 1 Stonewright may be right in the Standard metagame as a whole. I do also find Reckless Waifs some times throw people off their game and they make mistakes.

The easiest cards to side out are 2 Pillar of Flames, 4 Brimstone Volleys, 1 Reckless Waif/ Stromkirk Noble, 1 Lightning Mauler and 1 Gore- House Chainwalker. The pillars are for zombies and the flames are great against mana dorks and aggro mirror matches. Thunderbolt is mostly for Restoration Angel and Olivias. 3 Traitorous Bloods, 2 Nightbird’s Clutches and maybe 1 Mizzium Mortars are my anti Thragtusk, Smiters and Centaur Healers packages. Two Thundermaw Hellkites and a mountain lets you go over the top but I don’t want to many Hellkites because going to 25 lands doesn’t seem ideal.

This Red Deck Wins has a good to great matchup against most of the popular decks and (hate to say it) unpolished brews. It can even beat a Thragtusk or two, a Smiter or two, a Restoration Angel or two and a Centaur Healer or two but when your opponent starts to get any combination of three or more of those cards out, things start to get dicey. You just have to race them and hope you can burn the Thragtusk in response to the Angel trigger. One thing though that is on your side, if you are lucky to avoid the Bant matchup in the first round, they more often than not draw so they won’t be on the same side of the bracket as you.

I would say this is a good budget deck to play but the Hellriders and Hellkites have jumped up in price recently but if you have those cards already everything else would cost maybe $20 to assemble.

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