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Random Pack Break: Star Wars Destiny

It is no secret that anything Star Wars is sure to be a huge money maker. Star Wars: Destiny is a collectible card and dice game from Fantasy Flight. Awakenings is their first set and it must be selling like hotcakes because it is sold out everywhere. I have been curious about the game and I have been looking for it all over New York City. I couldn’t find a starter set but I did find 3 booster packs which is better than zero.

star wars destiny packs

star wars destiny pulls

Each pack has 5 cards and 1 premium die. It seems like Boba Fett’s Jetpack is a good pull, worth about $15. I can’t say much about the game play until I get a couple of games in.

I wouldn’t pay the inflated prices you see at Amazon, eBay and the like right now. Fantasy Flight is sure to make another huge print run. I am waiting to pick up a Starter deck that I need to play then.

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2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Box Break

So I saw the latest Star Wars movie and I know it has mixed reviews but I thought it was awesome! I also saw boxes of 2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens on sale for $80 in my local hobby stores so it was a no brainer that this should be my first box break of 2016!

I should have enough cards in one box to complete the base set. I need to find the time to organize it. There were also a ton of parallels and inserts but a bunch of the inserts were doubles and even triples. For example, I pulled 3 of the Flametrooper foil insert cards. Anyways here are the pulls and the hits.

2015 Topps Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens

I got a numbered foil parallel /150 of Yoda and autographs of Bai Ling (didn’t know she was in Star Wars) and of Nika Futterman.

Not bad. Can’t complain about pulling two autographs in a box. I was sure after pulling the first autograph that the other hit was going to be a manufactured patch card.

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Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG Tactics Game Pack

Today I have something a little different. I have a pack of Star Wars Pocketmodel Trading Card Game (TCG). It seems to be similar to the Pirates Constructible Strategy Game where you can construct ships and battle with them. The Pirates Constructible Strategy Game had a good gimmick and the ships look awesome but the game itself was rather lackluster. Basically the gameplay was quite repetitive. I wonder if the Star Wars game is any better. Here is what came in the pack.

Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG Tactics Game Pack

Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG Tactics  Ships

Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG Tactics Cards

I was going to build the ship and take a picture of it but it looks pretty complicated…


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Topps Star Wars Jedi Legacy Box Break

I got jury duty tomorrow and I haven’t had a hobby box break in awhile so I was looking around for something interesting to break. I took a look at Topps Star Wars Jedi Legacy and it has some sick hits so I decided to roll the dice one more time.

Topps Star Wars Jedi Legacy

The Base Cards:
Anakin Skywalker

Topp Star Wars Jedi Legacy Anakin

Luke Skywalker

Topp Star Wars Jedi Legacy Luke

Honestly the base cards are pretty much what you expect from non- sports cards and they are kind of boring. The set tells the story of two jedis, Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker. One innovation though is there is sort of two base sets, one for Anakin and one for Luke.

Parallels and Inserts:

Topp Star Wars Jedi Legacy Parallels

Topp Star Wars Jedi Legacy Inserts

The Connections and Influences inserts are really easy to overlook. I know I did. They are there I guess just to break up the monotony of Anakin and Luke cards. Parallels with a slight difference of colors just are meh to me.

That was the meh, now time for the good stuff.

Topp Star Wars Jedi Legacy The Circle is Complete

One insert set that stands out is called the Circle is Now Complete (I think). It is shape like a slice so if you complete the set you complete the circle. I thought that is neat but storing them as a complete circle can be a hassle. They also have a code for the center piece when you collect all twelve cards.

Time for the main event, the hits.

Topp Star Wars Jedi Legacy Film Cell

I don’t really see how film cells are collectable and I am not 100% how it works. Topps just take a copy of the film and break it down to individual film cells for the cards, right? And they are all supposed to be unique, right? I can see how they can be pretty cool.

Each box is guaranteed two hits, one of them is the film cell card. The other is a wild card. It can be an autograph (a pretty strong autograph checklist), a relic card (the first time for a Star Wars set), a printing plate or in the worst case scenario (IMO) a double or triple film cell card.

Topp Star Wars Jedi Legacy Ewok Relic Card

I pulled a Ewok relic card and I love it! This may be the only set where I wanted to pull a relic card over most of the autographs on the checklist.

All in all it is a fun break. I did organize the cards and I do have a complete base set. I am a huge Star Wars fan so most of the cards above are unfortunately not for trade.


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Awesomely Awesome Comics: Star Wars Tales #19

I did a couple of awesomely bad comics posts so it is time to do an awesomely awesome comic. Like so many comics that I want to collect, this comic was quite difficult to find. I suspect Star Wars Tales #19 had a low print run. The trade it was reprinted in was also quite hard to find. But it just all adds to the thrill of the hunt.

Star Wars Tales 19

So what makes this an awesomely awesome comic book? From the cover, it is billed with the Han Solo story you thought you’d never see and it has somewhat become a comic urban legend. The Han Solo story, Into the Great Unknown is sort of a (non- cannon) Indiana Jones/ Star Wars crossover.

Crossovers are usually kind of cheesey and formulaic but this crossover is in my opinion, ingenious. So the story starts with Han Solo and Chewbacca in the Millenium Falcon is quite a hairy situation and they were forced to go into hyperspace blind. They ended up time traveling back and crashing into Earth only to be attacked by American Indians. Han Solo dies in the attack but Chewbacca lives and became the Sasquatch aka Bigfoot.

Star Wars Into the Great Unknown

126 years later, Indiana Jones is tracking down this monster, only to stumble upon the crash landing of the Millenium Falcon and the body of Han Solo.

Star Wars Into the Great Unknown 2

This would have been a way better story than the last Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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Mystery Grab Bags, Magic Cards and More from New York Comic Con – Day 3

All good things must come to an end and today was the last day of New York Comic Con. I did pretty much everything I wanted to the last two days so I was basically going to random panels and looking for bargains.

First off congrats to DongRaeGu for winning the IEM New York Starcraft 2 tournament. He got a scare from FruitDealer who went up 2 games in a best of five series but in the end the best player in the tournament won.

Of all the things for sale in NYCC, I probably spent the most money on Magic cards. I upgraded my Burn, Reanimator and Belcher decks and I admit it wasn’t cheap. I also did a weird little draft between friends. Almost all the stands selling Magic cards had these mystery boxes, treasure boxes etc that packaged a ton of random cards. They sell for about $15- $20 and it is basically quantity over quality. Sure there may be a few gems and maybe a couple of good cards but most of them of rather mediocre.

The challenge for this draft is to build a deck with just these cards. I knew everyone would be playing creature/ curve based decks and I am a combo player so this is what I came up with.

Treasure’s Edge
4 Treasure Hunt
1 Land’s Edge
30 Mountains
25 Islands

It is a weird deck, which you need to mulligan for a Treasure Hunt. It draws a ton of land and either chains to another Treasure Hunt or fetches out the Land’s Edge, the kill card.

Anyways, I am just a sucker for mystery grab bags. I think it is the thrill of the chase collectors are always looking for. Anyways this mystery grab bag which I also got last New York Comic Con has 4-8 random items ranging from mini figurines, T- shirts, animes etc with what they say has $50 retail value. Last year’s was kind of lame (my brothers was 100% better, he got a Domo!) but this year’s isn’t bad. I got a Snaggletooth Star Wars Bust- Up, a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 t-shirt, Legend of the Mystical Ninja DVD and a little Mario game you get at vending machines which I gave away to a little kid.

Oh I bought another Inkworks box. This time it is The 4400 Season One, a show I actually watch. I think I should save this one for a future blog post…

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