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My Board Games from Pax Unplugged 2019

I had a lot of fun this year at Pax Unplugged. It is of course the biggest board game convention in the Northeast (I think?). I got to try a lot of new games and I came back with a ton of games.

Board Games from Pax Unplugged

First off, my pick for the board game of the convention is the Valley of the Vikings. It won the Kinderspiel des Jahres Children’s Game of the Year and it is so much fun. I love light games that I can teach in less than 5 minutes. It combines a dexterity game with a simple take that strategy game. The dexterity element comes from knocking down the right color pieces with a ball and the strategy comes from positioning yourself to maximize the amount of gold you get while trying to knock one or more players off the track. It is actually a lot easier to learn if you watch a video.

I got a bunch of Pack O Game for little stocking stuffers for my friends and got a couple of games in trades or random giveaways. I probably even have a few game buried in a bag I haven’t gotten to yet.

Random Cards from Pax Unplugged

Here are a bunch of card games, promo cards and giveaways that I also got. I am honestly finding random cards everywhere in my bag (hiding in pockets, books, accidentally bent underneath a game…).

Mystery Box Pax Unplugged

Finally you know I can’t resist mystery boxes and I got a mystery box of board games for $50. I got BattleCon Fates of the Indines, Current Number of the Beast, Captain Carcass (aka Dead Man’s Draw) + two playmats and Gameception. I am pretty happy with my box and probably bringing Current Number of the Beast and Captain Carcass to my next board game meetup since they are very easy to learn games. I also love playmats (I just can’t get enough). The only game that I am probably giving away is Gameception. It is just not my thing.

I actually got a little group from across the country that meets once a year at Pax Unplugged and we play a bunch of games throughout the weekend. It is something I look forward to every year!

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Random Pack Break: Star Wars Destiny Convergence

I remember not too long ago Star Wars Destiny was super popular and it was impossible to find packs anywhere. Now you can find a ton of these packs in the discount bins. It is crazy how quick trading card games can burn out. Anyways I still like the game a lot (even though I can’t remember that last time I played) so I bought a couple of Star Wars Destiny Convergence packs for real cheap.

Star Wars Destiny Convergence

I didn’t pull anything too exciting. I did pull a couple of cards that can form a start of a Dengar deck. Could be fun.

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Pokemon TCG Repack: 2 Packs and EX Card

I got this Pokemon TCG repack that has 2 packs and 1 EX card for $10. Like so many TCG/ CCGs I played (Keyforge, Magic, Star Wars: Destiny, Game of Thrones LCG etc, etc), it is hard to find someone to play with. I have a couple of decks but I also have a binder of super shiny cards and the one thing Pokemon TCG does extremely well is super shiny cards!

Black Kyurem Ex and Chesnaught Break

The repack had one pack of Breakthrough and one pack of Sun & Moon. The guaranteed EX card is Black Kyurem EX. I also pulled a Chesnaught Break and a foil Octillery which I think saw some play when it was Standard legal.

Overall not bad for a $10 repack and I added two cards to my shiny cards binder.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Repack: 2 Packs, 15 Cards, 1 Foil Card and 1 Rare Card

I have been rewatching a lot of the old Yu-Gi-Oh anime. I haven’t watched it since I was back in high school (which seems like such a long time ago) and I remember everyone in my group playing the game. Anyways I saw this Yu-Gi-Oh repack and since it was so cheap, $6 it piqued my interest. It has 2 packs, 15 cards, 1 foil card and 1 rare card.

My packs are:
Duelist Pack Dimensional Guardians
Extreme Force

YuGiOh Cards

It seems that I got lucky and got 2 rare cards, Karate Man and Performapal U Go Golem and 2 foil cards Fire Formation – Yoko and Planckton from the loose cards. I got an Altergeist Hexstia, Spiral Flame Strike, Ritual Beast Ulti- Kimunfalcos and Red Resonator as my pulls from the packs.

I haven’t played Yu-Gi-Oh in years so I don’t which cards are powerful or valuable so I looked it up. It seems like just the Spiral Flame Strike ultra rare is worth anything. Everything else is bulk. But it was still a fun repack to open. A lot of the cards are kind of foreign to me like link and pendulum monsters.

I am on a dangerous path of learning how to play again…

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Random Pack Break: YuGiOh Dark Neostorm Special Edition

I won this YuGiOh Dark Neostorm special edition pack at a raffle. I don’t really play YuGiOh but I have to admit I am definitely interested it all the changes in the game since I last played. Anyways, this special edition has 3 Dark Neostorm pack and 2 super rare variant cards/ promos.

YuGiOh Dark Neostorm Special Edition

I looked it up and Mekk- Knight Crusadia Avramax is a secret rare and worth $14. World Legacy Monstrosity is a ultra rare worth $4. Nice!

I have been watching a lot YuGiOh Youtube videos to see what has changed and is this really a kid’s card game anymore (the packaging markets the game as 6+)? There is a ton of reading involved and there are a lot of complex mechanics. I play a ton of card and board games and even then some of the rules and mechanics confuse me.

(I actually won two YuGiOh Dark Neostorm special edition packs and I decided to just open the other one too. I pulled a Dingirsu, The Orcust of the Evening Star, worth about $25 making it one of the most valuable cards in the set. So I got super lucky.)

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Detective Pikachu Mewtwo-GX Case File Pokemon TCG Box

So I watched Detective Pikachu last weekend and it was awesome! There were so many Easter eggs throughout the movie so I can wait to watch it again when it comes out on whatever steaming platform is it going to be released on. Of course I had to get the Detective Pikachu promo card that you get when you watch the movie. (Although I had to ask and look around the theater for the pack.)

Detective Pikachu Promo

As I said in a previous blog post, I wanted to complete the 18 card set so I picked up a Detective Pikachu Mewtwo-GX Case File Pokemon TCG box. It has 4 Detective Pikachu packs and a promo Mewtwo GX card.

Detective Pikachu Mewtwo GX

I am now only missing five cards to complete the set. # 5, 10, 11, 12 and 17. I am probably going to pick up another Case File Pokemon TCG Box or just buy the singles I need.

Oh and the box also came with a Sun & Moon and a Sun & Moon Burning Shadows pack.

Alolan Muk GX and Solgaleo GX

I got super lucky at pulled two GX Pokemon cards, Solgaleo GX and Alolan Muk GX. The muk card is a secret rare variant too. Nice!

I am also deciding on whether I should collect all the Detective Pikachu promos too. I think I am missing 5 promo cards if I want to do that.

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Detective Pikachu Pokemon TCG Packs

I am super excited about Detective Pikachu. It is so weird in the best ways possible. Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu? Say no more!

Anyways I picked up this Detective Pikachu Special Case File pack. It has a Detective Pikachu promo card, 2 Detective Pikachu packs and 1 Pokemon Sun and Moon Crimson Invasion pack.

Dectective Pikachu Case File 2

Here are the cards from the Detective Pikachu packs.

Detective Pikachu Cards

There are only 4 cards per Detective Pikachu pack so I am kind of sad that I pulled two Snubbulls. I still kind of want to build the set though (here are only 18 cards in the set plus random promos). At the very least, I am definitely going to get the Detective Pikachu promo that you get when you watch the movie!

Oh and I didn’t pull anything of note in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Crimson Invasion pack.

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