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Awesomely Awesome Board Games: Dropmix

Dropmix is a music mixing game that has always piqued my interests but it was always too expensive. Well I had the opportunity to pick up the base game for 70% off, $30 and 4 expansions packs for 60% off, $6 each at the Toys R’ Us going out of business sales and I had to have it.

Dropmix Board and Cards

Wow, this game is amazing! First it is just amazing how seamless the technology works. Each card has a chip that the board reads and it sends that information to the app. So to make you own music mashups, you just have to lay out the cards you want on the board and let it do everything else. It is also amazing how well all the music samples go well with each other.

From the reviews I read, many aren’t as impressed with the actual game modes but I actually love the clash mode. At first glance, it seems like the clash mode is all luck but I find there is actually a lot of strategy in the order of your actions and what cards you play and where. I find the better player usually winning. I don’t want to go to much into the details of the game but you basically build decks and play 1 v 1 or 2 v 2. You get points for each card you play (and there are some limitations on where you can play a card) and you get bonus points for something like playing a bass card when the song is lacking it. You can also hit the dropmix button to try to discard some of your opponents cards to clear room for your cards which also lowers their score. There are wild cards which have a lot of flexibility and white power cards which gives you special abilities. The first player or team to 21 points wins.

The party mode on the other hand gets old fast. It is basically a timed coop game where the app asks for a particular card and we need to find someone who has that card as fast as possible. I almost never play this mode.

All in all, there is no game like Dropmix. It definitely has the wow factor. The only downside is that it is very, very expensive and it is quite addictive. Not a good mix. But if you can find it for a good price, I can’t recommend that game enough.

Finally I want to talk a little about Toys R Us. As I was shopping in Toys R Us during it last days, it was hard not to feel sad. I can’t imagine a world without toy stores and without Toys R Us that is becoming a reality. I even notice there are less and less video game and board games stores nowadays too. It is not the same to just have a toy section in a big box store or to shop online. You don’t know how much you will miss something until it is gone…


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Random Pack Break: Star Wars Destiny Legacies

Star Wars Destiny is a game I really enjoy playing but I am having a hard time finding people to play it with. Also I think if I played it competitively or in a tournament it wouldn’t be as fun. AND it cost a ton to play. Despite all that, the new set Star Wars Destiny Legacies has a lot of interesting characters, characters I want to collect. So I bought a couple of packs to see what I can pull before I buy any singles.

Star Wars Destiny Legacies

The most interesting pull is the only character I pulled, Wedge Antilles. Wedge seems like a fun card to build around especially since I have a lot of spare vehicle dice lying around. Also force throw and pirate speeder tank are legendary cards & dice but I don’t really have a deck in mind for either of them yet.

Overall not a bad couple of packs but unfortunately because the way the game is designed you can never have enough cards and dice you so have to keep buying more and more packs. Ugh.

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Fake Pokemon TCG Cards

I was at a dollar store and I saw “Pokemon TCG” packs for only a dollar! But I know what you are thinking and yep I knew these cards were fake aka knockoffs aka bootlegs but curiosity got the best of me and it was only a dollar! So I have this sketchy Breakpoint pack.

Fake Pokemon Cards Pack

Of all the bootleg cards (baseball cards, Magic cards etc), Pokemon TCG ones are probably the most readily available. I remember you can get fake Pokemon TCG cards when it first came out in 1998-99 and they were being sold all over Chinatown. But these first generation bootleg cards were horrible. They were super faded and paper thin. The sure shot way to see if you have fake card back in the day is if you can see light through the card aka the light test.

I also found it weird when fake Pokemon cards had different fonts, weird translations, different card designs or even different artwork. Kind of like this bootleg I had in my collection.

Fake Pokemon Cards Pikachu

I wonder why they can’t just get a scan or photocopies of the actual cards.

Anyways, these fakes are a bit better.

Fake Pokemon Cards

The box it came in was spot on. The text had the right font and it wasn’t faded like you would expect. I wonder if they just “recycled” the box from real Pokemon TCG packs and replaced it with these bootleg packs. The wrapper is a little more sketch. The pictures are too dark but you really have to look carefully to find anything else off about the wrapper. It is when you look at the actually cards you can easily tell these cards aren’t real. They don’t have the right gloss and feel different when you handle them. The collation is also really weird and the foil process is different. The picture and text also aren’t as sharp the real cards especially on the back. The cards though are a bit thicker than the ones I remember as a kid and it passed the light test.

So all in all, you can still easily spot the fake cards but they are getting a lot better.

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Pokemon EX Figure Cube Repack Break

I wanted to get the Pokemon TCG repack with 5 random packs that had a small chance of having a vintage pack because they are getting quite popular. But K-Mart was selling them for $29.99 which is $6 a pack! Even if I did get a vintage pack, it just wasn’t worth it. Instead I went to Target and got this Pokemon EX figure cube repack. I can see it comes with a Machamp EX, a Roaring Skies pack and a Evolutions pack. This repack also has a foil card, a figure and 2 coins.

Pokemon TCG EX Figure Cube

Nice I pulled a Slowbro EX from the Evolutions pack. It is not the strongest EX but it is always nice to add another EX to my collection. As for the other pack, I opened so many Roaring Skies packs and I haven’t pulled a Shaymin EX card, which is probably the most sort after card in the game. Still this repack was totally worth it.

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Magical Collectibles from Walt Disney World

I made my annual trip to Walt Disney World and this time around I kept an eye out for some cool and interesting collectibles.

First off, I am a huge fan of Figment and I picked up two comics.

figment comics

I hope I can get these signed in New York Comic Con which is next week! I also got this awesome sketch.

figment sketch

I found this equally awesome sketch of Baymax on my last day and I had to get it too!

baymax sketch

Finally I read about Disney’s trading card game Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom and I got a bunch of cards.

sorcerers of magic kingdom

The best way to play the game is through interactive portals spread throughout Magic Kingdom but I also bought the board to play it away from the park.

Disney depression is a real thing and I am already planning my next trip!

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Cryptozoic Adventure Time Card Wars

There is an episode of Adventure Time that featured a kind of parody of Magic: The Gathering, called Card Wars. The game was actually pretty epic but impossible to recreate in the “real” world. But you just know someone would try and I wanted to take a little peak at Cryptozoic take on Card Wars with a For the Glory! booster pack. There are 9 cards per pack.

Cryptozoic Adventure Time Card Wars

Cryptozoic is probably best know for their World of Warcraft TCG which is no longer in print. Unfortunately lately they have been in the news for all the wrong reasons as they are been suing by Wizards of the Coast for Cryptozoic’s latest push for a flagship title Hex being a bit to similar to Magic.

So what about Adventure Time Card Wars? I need a starter set to play but that is clearly label on the pack so I took a look at the rules. OK I skimmed the rules. Basically there are 4 lanes to fight and defend. The combat, damage and spells are all similar Hearthstone (or WoW TCG). The flooping is like Magic: The Gathering without summoning sickness. The mana system is very, very simple. You have two actions per turns and cards cost 0,1 or 2 actions.

As for the cards in this pack, there are a lot of weird characters in Adventure Time and I actually don’t remember any of the characters I pulled. There are 1 rare and 2 uncommons in a pack so I am guessing they are the foil cards.

So do I want to go out and buy the starters decks and play Card Wars? Yea… but probably because I want to say I floop the pig…

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A Budget Avacyn Restored Brew: Izzet Humans

I after a couple of box breaks and a number of drafts I have a ton of Avacyn Restored cards lying around. So I thought I challenged myself to build a deck using just Avacyn Restored commons and uncommons. As they say, restriction breeds creativity. Also if you know me, you would know I love complicated combo decks with intricate synergies which are much trickier to assemble without rares or mythics. It might need a tweak or two but this is what I came up with.

Izzet Humans:
4 Wing Crafter
4 Nephalia Smuggler
4 Alchemist’s Apprentice
4 Kessig Malcontents
3 Mist Raven

4 Mass Appeal
4 Amass the Components
4 Ghostly Flicker

1 Vigilante Justice
3 Pillar of Fire
1 Thunderbolt (Maybe 4 Pillar of Fires is a better choice.)

14 Islands
10 Mountains

So the gist of this deck is that you cast a bunch of cheap humans early to cast Mass Appeal for say about 3 or 4 so you can cast even more humans and eventually win by casting and flickering Kessig Malcontents. Board sweepers are going to be a problem but 8 draw cards spells and Alchemist’s Apprentice help somewhat. Curse of Death’s Hold and Elesh Norn are an instant losses. Against mid- rangey type decks, Nephalia Smuggler with Mist Raven can buy you a lot of time to assemble all your pieces. Finally super fast decks aggro decks are a poor matchup and there aren’t a lot of options for the sideboard if you limit it to only Avacyn Restored commons and uncommons. You might need to splash in white for life gain. With all that being said, you can be losing for most of the game only to squeak out a board state with a few humans casting one or two Kessig Malcontents and Ghostly Flickering them for the Hail Mary win. I have done 15 damage in one turn during playtesting.

If you want to spruce the deck, I definitely would go Red/ White in a Boros type shell. You would lose all the card drawing but you can curve out better with better humans like Champion of Parish, Gather the Townsfolk, Silverblade Paladin etc. Plus Restoration Angel and Cloudshift is way better than Nephalia Smuggler and Ghostly Flicker. The Kessig Malcontents can just be the nail of the coffin.


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