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What’s Inside the Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Toolkit?

Since I can’t meet up in person for board games anymore I have been doing a lot of gaming online. Board Game Arena has been an invaluable resource and I highly recommend it. But I have been also playing a lot of Pokemon TCG online and Yugioh Duel Links. One product I have been eyeing to help with my Pokemon TCG decks both online and with physical cards is the Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Toolkit.

Pokemon TCG Trainers Toolkit

Pokemon TCG Trainers Toolkit Contents

The Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Toolkit comes with x2 of most staple cards in the Standard format. The biggest inclusions include Dedenne-GX and Boss’s Orders. Basically every deck plays them. It also has a nice box for decks, counters, dice, sleeves, some alternate art cards, 4 packs and a code to have all this stuff on Pokemon TCG Online.

Pokemon TCG Trainer Toolkit Cards

Here is what I pulled from the packs.

Pokemon TCG Pack Pulls

I didn’t pull anything too exciting. I did get two Ninetales and I can now build the gimmicky deck that plays Burning Scarf, Arcanine and Ninetales. But it definitely not a strong deck but it could be fun.

All in all, I play a bunch of different TCGs and I have never seen a product that includes so much for playing competitively!

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What’s Inside the Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin?

I picked up this Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin along with my groceries the other day. Yamper and Boltund are among my favorite pokemons in the newest generation. Here is what is inside the tin.

Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin

What's Inside Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin

It comes with a coin, an art card of the Yamper and Morpeko and two Pokemon packs, Sword and Shield and Evolutions. The art card is a little bent at the corner since the tin has rounded corners and if you collect all five Galar pal tins you can complete the big picture.

Pokemon TCG Galar Pal Yamper & Morpeko Mini Tin Pulls

Here are my pulls. I am pretty happy with the Torkoal V and I pulled a couple of useful cards to build decks with. As for the tin, I wouldn’t use it for Pokemon cards (because I can worried the rounded corner can damage the cards) but it may be useful to repackage a smaller card game like say No Thanks.

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Random Box Break: Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box

It honestly has been a weird last couple of months and it was kind of hard to find time and energy to blog about anything. Anyways the card store closest to me finally reopen and I wanted to support them. This card store unfortunately doesn’t sell baseball, basketball, wrestling etc trading cards but has a lot of trading card games. One thing I got back to is Pokemon TCG Online so the Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box caught my eye.

Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box

Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box Contents

It comes with a card box, sleeves, dice, damage counters (which are a lot nicer the ones that come with the theme decks), a player guide, a couple other extras and most importantly 8 Rebel Clash packs. I played with the cards online and Rebel Clash seems to be a powerful and impactful set. Here are my pulls.

Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box Pulls

I pulled one V card, Copperajah V, few foil rares and a couple cards I see play in the format. Honestly didn’t get the cards I really wanted but do have the codes for packs to trade online to build my decks there.

The two decks I have been playing around with on Pokemon TCG online is a Rillaboom/ Snorlax Vmax deck and a fun Falinks deck. Pokemon TCG online is a lot of fun and free-ish. You can play in the theme deck format without dropping a dime but if you want to play the other formats you will need to trade for cards.

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Pokemon TCG: Toxtricity V Box Break

I probably paid a little too much for this but I was looking for something fun to do. All the non essential shops are still closed in New York City and there are still a ton of delays getting anything shipped. But I did find this Pokemon TCG: Toxtricity V box at a neighborhood discount store and I couldn’t resist. It has 1 foil promo of Toxtricity V, 1 oversized version of the promo, 4 Pokemon TCG packs and a code card.

Pokemon TCG Toxtricity V Box

The packs I got were 2 packs of Sword & Shield, 1 Cosmic Eclipse and 1 Evolutions. The Evolutions pack is kind of bummer. It is a much older set and I don’t think it is even Standard legal. I see the Evolutions packs a lot in bundles so there must be a ton of these packs lying around.

Pokemon TCG Toxtricity V Box Pulls

Anyways I love the art of Toxtricity V. He looks so over it and Toxtricity is probably my favorite new pokemon from Sword & Shield. I didn’t pull any other EXs, GXs or Vs and the best card of the bunch is the Charizard foil from the Evolutions pack. It is a remake of the classic Charizard card from the base set. I looked it up and it worth a lot more than I was expecting!

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Random Pack Break: Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield Promo Packs

Wow a lot has changed since my last blog post. I hope everyone is safe and doing well. It has been a crazy last couple of weeks and I only just got the time to do some organizing. I “found” these Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield promo packs in my bag that my friends got me from Pax East. I have 11 packs total and they have 3 cards each.

Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield

Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield Cards

I am excited to pull Stonjourner V and it is going straight to my shiny cards binder. I also got a Snorlax and a few other cards to improve my Rillaboom theme deck. I used to play Pokemon TCG a lot but haven’t really played in years. I have been getting back to Pokemon (mostly due to Pokemon Go) and I will have a lot of free time so I guess now is good time to relearn the game.

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My Pokemon Day Haul

2/27 was Pokemon Day! I spent most of the day catching pokemon on Pokemon Go. I got a bunch of new pokemon for my pokedex including an armored Mewtwo! Also I decided to stop by the Nintendo store to seeing if they are doing anything special. There was a photo opportunity with pikachu and there was also a little freebie if you purchase any of their pokemon products.

So I got a Pokemon TCG tin the shape of ultra ball. It has three packs (Sun & Moon Burning Shadows, Sun & Moon Lost Thunder and Evolutions). The freebies I got was a pin and a postcard.

Pokemon Day Haul

Didn’t really pull anything special from the packs but I love the pin!

Finally Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution debuted on Netflix on Pokemon Day and I highly recommend it! After all these years, I still think the Mewtwo saga is still the best pokemon story ever told. I remember watching the original Mewtwo movie with my friends in the theater when I was young. Story wise I think this is even a better movie than Detective Pikachu and I love that movie. My only complaint is the new animation style. I didn’t really like at first but I grown to be OK with it. I still think the human characters are little stiff and robotic. But the pokemon look awesome.

Next year is the 25th anniversary of pokemon and I can’t wait to see what’s in store then.

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Pokemon TCG Detective Pikachu On the Case Figure Collection

I have put it in the back burner lately but I am still trying to complete the Detective Pikachu Pokemon TCG set. I should probably just buy the singles that I am missing but it is more fun to find the cards in packs. Plus the Pokemon TCG Detective Pikachu On the Case Figure Collection was on sale in Target. It has 4 foil promo cards, 1 Dectective Pikachu figure, 3 Detective Pikachu packs, 2 other Pokemon TCG packs (Sun & Moon and Sun & Moon Burning Shadows) and a code card.

Pokemon TCG Detective Pikachu

The Good:
I really wanted the 4 Detective Pikachu promos cards of Pikachu, Snubbull, Psyduck and Bulbasaur. I was always on the fence on getting this when it first came it, full priced.
I also pulled a Charizard GX and foil Pikachu card for my collection from one the Sun & Moon packs.
The figure is kind of cute.

The Bad & Ugly:
I didn’t get a single card I needed to complete my Pokemon TCG Detective Pikachu set! I am still missing #5, 12 and 17. Ugh. I should probably just buy the singles I need…

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My Board Games from Pax Unplugged 2019

I had a lot of fun this year at Pax Unplugged. It is of course the biggest board game convention in the Northeast (I think?). I got to try a lot of new games and I came back with a ton of games.

Board Games from Pax Unplugged

First off, my pick for the board game of the convention is the Valley of the Vikings. It won the Kinderspiel des Jahres Children’s Game of the Year and it is so much fun. I love light games that I can teach in less than 5 minutes. It combines a dexterity game with a simple take that strategy game. The dexterity element comes from knocking down the right color pieces with a ball and the strategy comes from positioning yourself to maximize the amount of gold you get while trying to knock one or more players off the track. It is actually a lot easier to learn if you watch a video.

I got a bunch of Pack O Game for little stocking stuffers for my friends and got a couple of games in trades or random giveaways. I probably even have a few game buried in a bag I haven’t gotten to yet.

Random Cards from Pax Unplugged

Here are a bunch of card games, promo cards and giveaways that I also got. I am honestly finding random cards everywhere in my bag (hiding in pockets, books, accidentally bent underneath a game…).

Mystery Box Pax Unplugged

Finally you know I can’t resist mystery boxes and I got a mystery box of board games for $50. I got BattleCon Fates of the Indines, Current Number of the Beast, Captain Carcass (aka Dead Man’s Draw) + two playmats and Gameception. I am pretty happy with my box and probably bringing Current Number of the Beast and Captain Carcass to my next board game meetup since they are very easy to learn games. I also love playmats (I just can’t get enough). The only game that I am probably giving away is Gameception. It is just not my thing.

I actually got a little group from across the country that meets once a year at Pax Unplugged and we play a bunch of games throughout the weekend. It is something I look forward to every year!

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Random Pack Break: Star Wars Destiny Convergence

I remember not too long ago Star Wars Destiny was super popular and it was impossible to find packs anywhere. Now you can find a ton of these packs in the discount bins. It is crazy how quick trading card games can burn out. Anyways I still like the game a lot (even though I can’t remember that last time I played) so I bought a couple of Star Wars Destiny Convergence packs for real cheap.

Star Wars Destiny Convergence

I didn’t pull anything too exciting. I did pull a couple of cards that can form a start of a Dengar deck. Could be fun.

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Pokemon TCG Repack: 2 Packs and EX Card

I got this Pokemon TCG repack that has 2 packs and 1 EX card for $10. Like so many TCG/ CCGs I played (Keyforge, Magic, Star Wars: Destiny, Game of Thrones LCG etc, etc), it is hard to find someone to play with. I have a couple of decks but I also have a binder of super shiny cards and the one thing Pokemon TCG does extremely well is super shiny cards!

Black Kyurem Ex and Chesnaught Break

The repack had one pack of Breakthrough and one pack of Sun & Moon. The guaranteed EX card is Black Kyurem EX. I also pulled a Chesnaught Break and a foil Octillery which I think saw some play when it was Standard legal.

Overall not bad for a $10 repack and I added two cards to my shiny cards binder.

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