I am a huge New York Mets/ Knicks fan and an avid collector of baseball/ basketball cards and comics. When it comes to cards, I tend to buy a little of everything and that is reflected on my blog. I have also been really getting into MMA as of late and I have a nice growing collection of memorabilia I like to add to.

Ongoing Segments on Shot Not Taken:
Cards No One Wants– These posts are on cards no one should want. However, if I am proven wrong, these cards are available free to the first person who leaves a comment on why they want the card and emails me their address.
Card of the Game (CotG)– I am a huge Mets fan. So as a way to curb my card addiction, I made a pact with myself. I would only open packs of cards if the Mets win that day and I would keep one card of the pack in a special binder as a way to remember that win. Hopefully by the end season I would have a nice collection to remember this Mets season.
Stand Out Autos– This is a segment that would highlight those who go the extra mile to make their autograph a little more special.
MTG Brewer– All the crazy Magic the Gathering brews I come up with.

I have a lot for trade. Below is my want list and a small sample of what I have for trade is in the For Trade page. Email me at park_dweller at yahoo.com to trade or twitter me (ShotNotTaken) for whatever.

Current Want List:
2010 Leaf MMA
Topps UFC Round 2
Topps UFC Title Shot
Donruss Americana II
2009 Donruss Americana
Monsterwax Urban Legends
Asian Athletes (baseball, basketball, football, MMA, wrestling, etc)
Sketch Cards

I am also looking for Doctor Who autographs and memorabilia especially from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor.


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  1. Your CotG idea is great, and I’d probably copy it next year except, as a fellow Mets fan, and broke college student, I won’t have the funds to buy 105 packs.

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