Random Pack Break: Authentic Jersey/ Card Set Baseball

It is looking like the Mets aren’t going to win in a long time (thus no baseball packs opened) and it might be smarter for them to waive the white flag now. It is becoming way too dangerous to step on the field. I don’t even want to think about next year. The lack of talent in the minors, declining payroll and bad contracts means the Mets aren’t going to improve much. The rotation of Santana, Pelfrey, Maine, Perez, and Parnell just won’t cut it and there are a lot of holes in the lineup. But the optimistic part of me says that the Mets would improve just by being healthy. We’ll see.

This isn’t really a baseball pack (it is a jersey/ card set) so I’m going let this one slide past the CotG rules. I picked the strangest Mets season to do this. What rotten luck.

jerseycardframe pack

And the set is….

Barry Bonds!!!

Barry Bonds!!!

Four or five years ago this would have been a great hit. But Barry Bonds has fallen off the face of the Earth because of his steroid use I mean allegations. I never liked him as a player but he is still an important part of baseball (both good and bad). I like the Pinnacle card design and I’m picturing a lot more headshots like this in future Upper Deck products.

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