A Baseball Repack + Trade Bait

So after a bunch of trades, my baseball cards for trade box is getting kind of bare so I am going to try to buy more baseball cards in the coming months because I love trading with you guys and gals!! (BTW the USPS is raising its rates in April 17th so get your package out either today or tomorrow.)

It starts with this baseball repack that guarantees one game used card (hey we got to start somewhere).

I am going to cut to the chase. I got one pack of 2007 Upper Deck, a pack of 2007 Topps Series 2 and a rack pack of 2007 Topps (the one with the gum) and here are the best of the best.

Upper Deck usually has excellent photography but the Ken Griffey Jr photo they chose kind of sucks IMO. I mean you can’t even see his face! Anyways, I actually needed the Bruce Chen card for my PC and maybe I can send the Pat Neshek card for another TTM auto.

Now for the main event aka the hits aka the trade bait

I kind of remember JD Durbin pitching against the Mets once or twice but nothing really else comes in mine. The National Pride/ Team USA design is kind of cool though. How can you not like the red, white and blue? Oh I also pulled a hit in the 2007 Topps pack and it is a sweet bat card of Frank Thomas!!

So if I ever get the time, I am going to try to organize my cards and put up a new trade bait page. My For Trade page hasn’t been updated in like a year. So a new page could be up a next week from now, a month from now or even a year from now but look out for that!

Update: Traded the JD Durbin card!!



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5 responses to “A Baseball Repack + Trade Bait

  1. Tom

    Is the Pat Neshek 2007 topps for trade?

  2. teoh

    why do you get all the luck with your pulls??!

  3. lonestarr

    Sweet Big Hurt! I will have to find something for you for that.

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