Random Dungeons & Dragons and RPG Stuff That I Like

Here is a super random list of Dungeons and Dragons and Role Playing Games (RPG) stuff that I like. This include one-shots, world building, minis, etc.

I buy Itch.io bundles every now and then and they often have a ton of RPG materials. One that I really like is Toe Beans. Toe Beans is sort of like a magical Starbucks and this package has NPCs, monster stats, adventure hooks, ideas for encounters, magical items, etc. Also included is a lot of cute touches like a coffee shop style menu and loyalty cards that you can print out. You can still get the bundle which has Toe Beans and 33 other items.

I just bought this bundle (also still available). I am still going through it but Explorers of the Lost looks interesting and the Puzzle Dungeon: The Seers Sanctum looks like the perfect one shot to run this Halloween season.

Even though finding anything can be a pain at pain, it is fun to search Itch.io for hidden gems. I came across a 5E one shot called What Child Is This. Basically the hook is you have to deliver a mysterious, powerful baby and all sort of obstacles stand in the way (some are really weird). What I love about this is it super easy to run without much prep but still give you are ton of interesting ideas to improv off of.

Something’s Cooking is probably one of the weirdest adventure that Wizards officially ever published. It is super short and it features a Calzone Golem. Enough said. I am going to run it in 5E.

I love, love the Big Bad Bundle from Hitpoint Press. It gives you fun villains to based short campaigns or one shots around. I ran a short series of one shots around Gollythank, a elf who makes dangerous toys and it was a ton of fun. I am prepping another series of one shots but this time around with King Blrrk. He is a gelatinous cube who is very smart due to eating a magical gem and he just so happens to be a king of a thieves guild. He would fit right in my quirky homebrew.

I wanted to pick up a gelatinous cube mini (King Blrrk) from my local gaming store. Unfortunately it is one of the few minis that were sold out so instead of leaving empty handed I picked up a Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms: Guildmaster Guide to Ravnica pack. It is my favorite set of minis from Wizkids. I pulled a Firefist, Mind Drinker Vampire, Gruul Ogre and Jarad, Golgari Guildmaster. These are all minis I can definitely use one way or another. I am going to run a Tomb of Horrors (heavy modified by Youtuber XP to Level 3 along with some of my own changes) on Halloween and Jarad is perfect as a fake Acererak.

Finally I am also planning to run another dungeon from XP to Level 3, The Doorngeon. It is basically a dungeon voted on by his viewers so it is very trolly and memey. I made a bunch of changes just have a more coherent story and better pacing but it looks like a ton of fun. I am probably going to run just before Tomb of Horrors as sort of a warmup.

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