Got Another Ultimate Superhero Blind Bag

Mystery bags/ boxes always intrigue me so I was so tempted to get a Lootcrate subscription when that was a thing. But maybe about 2 years back, Lootcrate hit a rough patch and I don’t even know if they are still in business now. Anyways a lot their “exclusive” items can be found in blind bags that you can find in many big box stores like Target and Best Buy. The Ultimate Superhero Blind Bag is one of them. The packaging claims $25 worth of superhero themed toys and collectibles for only $9.99. I bought a Superhero Blind Bag awhile back and against by better judgment I got another one now.

From my experience with these blind bags and from a few Youtube videos I watched, there are usually 4 items and it seems a lot of times 2 of those items are pins. In my Superhero Blind Bag, I got Wonder Woman socks, a Gundam bottle opener, a Doctor Doom pin and some sort of gaming pin. Honestly a lot of the fun is opening these bags and I don’t find too much of a use for the actual items. But I think the socks and the bottle opener should make for some good Secret Santa type gifts this year. The Doctor Doom pin is probably my favorite item in the blind bag so it is probably going to be the only item I keep.

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