Useful Tabletop RPG Materials That I Found in Bundles

I recently went down the gaming rabbit hole which started when I got the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality (1,741 items), Bundle for Ukraine (995 items), TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas (500+ items when you count the extras) and TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights (291 items). That is a lot of games and I did enjoy going through it all and finding hidden gems ( helps a lot). I probably will have to do a separate post for all the video games that I found in separate postt but I also found a lot of useful tabletop RPGs materials too. I figure to highlight some of those gems I found.

(I actually just got the TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights bundle as I was writing this so I haven’t gone through that yet but I may write another blog post for that later too. It is also the only bundle that you can still get as I post this. At a quick glance some things that I am very excited for is the Big Bad Bundle 7-12, Campfire and the various map packs.)

Anyways I have been planning for a series of Dungeons & Dragons 5E one shots to hopefully play in person in New York City. Since I have so much RPG stuff, I challenged myself to use some of them during my planning. My elevator pitch for these series of loosely connected one shots in that our party are pizza delivery people for a small town in the edge of a cursed forest. This pizzeria guarantees delivery in under a hour so our party have to jumped to all sort of hurdles to get there ASAP and hopefully get a tip. If that sound interesting to you and you are in the New York City area, you can email me at I hoping to get a group together.

Here are some of the materials I used to plan this series of one- shots. Of course if you are thinking about playing, I suggest you avoid reading any of these PDFs so you don’t get spoiled. But definitely check them out afterwards

One Page Dungeons
Adventures on a Single Page
Big Bad Bundle 1-6
Barrow Keep: Den of Spies
What Crooked Roots
Dwarves of Renidar
1-6 Oozes in the Dark
1-6 Skeletons in the Stable
The Perpetual Broth
Lost To The Starlit Reptiles
Dragonmaw Cave

One Page Dungeons, Adventures on a Single Page, Big Bad Bundle, Barrow Keep, What Crooked Roots and Dwarves of Renidar are probably the most useful materials I got since they can make for foundations of a good story and/ or challenge without much effort to adapt. Everything else are all super short, ready to go one shots. I think I prefer getting these one shots in one page pamphlet format so it is easy to skim and I can get just enough to steer a story but I can add my own flair to it. Despite its brevity, you pretty much have everything you need to play including an interesting location, NPCs for players to talk to, sometimes stats for enemies, etc. I heavily modified all of them to fit a loose story tying them together.

There are so many more interesting things in the bundles but I haven’t gotten a good chance to go through yet. Here is a long of list of things that interest me: The Adventurer’s Collection Tabletop Soundtrack, Capture the Flag 5E, Dragons of Tirenia, The Harvest, Tenarlian: The Longest Night, World of Revilo 5E, Dragons and Owls and Bears, Oh My!, Beneath the Fairy Tree, Into The Wyrd and Wild, Sudden Death, Grinderbin’s Mobile Market of Ridiculous Magic Items, Traveler’s Trunk: Magical Emporium, Skin and Bone, Home A’Gnome, Monstrous Mimics (5E), The Curse of Dread Pirate Zarr, Gourmet Street, Atomic Robo, Deep Dark Wood, Lair of the Gobbler, Player Two is Unprepared, Big Rock Candy Hexcrawl, Fake Chess: Book of Champions, Black Heart, Rolling with Laugther, Baktos Terrifying Cuisine, Welcome to the Hereafter Hotel and The Wizards’ Co-op.

I am definitely open to recommendations for other games from these bundles or on in general. I know I have mostly stuck with things that are roughly D&D 5E related but there are so many other systems represented and I hope to try some of them some day.

In conclusion, I love the idea of all these creators coming to together for great causes and creating these awesome bundles in the process. There are so many interesting games in these bundles so that is why I wanted to highlight some of games that I liked and have used. Stay tuned for the video games and the games from the TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights bundle that I enjoyed too.

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