Repack Break with 10 Baseball Packs + 2 Authentic Jersey/ Card Frames

First off the Mets are off to a lot better start than I thought they would have. It is just two games but the team looks good (the eye test) and pieces seem to fit. With that being said I hope I didn’t jinx them with the Mets going on some sort of losing streak.

Anyways, it has become like weekly thing for me (for awhile now) but I was looking for something fun to break after work. I ended up picking up this repack with 10 baseball packs and 2 authentic jersey/ card frames from K- mart for $11.99. Let’s see…

for the first hit, I got

Darin Erstad Jersey Card Frame

Darin Erstad which is kind of meh. The second hit I got is

Derek Jeter Jersey Card Frame

Deter Jeter. Now this is a lot more interesting. I know a bunch of collectors who are Yankees fans so I probably can spin this into something Mets related.

For the packs I got
2007 Topps Turkey Red
2008 Topps Chrome
2007 Upper Deck Baseball Series 1
2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes
2007 Fleer Ultra Baseball
2007 Topps Baseball Series 2
2007 Topps Baseball Updates & Highlights
2008 Topps Opening Day
1990 Fleer Baseball
1994 Fleer Ultra

David Wright Parallel Brian McCann Xfractor

I expected to pull a bunch of junk but I pull a Brian McCann Xfractor and David Wright parallel 428/499. The David Wright cards is definitely go straight to my collection. The other cards are cards that I find remotely interesting. (Any Doug Davis collectors out there?) I also have to double check if I have some of the Japanese baseball players’ cards I also pulled already in my PC.

Everyone is not expecting much out the Mets this year but I have my fingers crossed.


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